Il Volo Off Stage: Caption This…


Gian’s Instagram


Magnets?  I think a few…

It’s a home full of love and stories that covers a fridge like that… <3













Piero’s Instagram





Traffic makes me sick too, Piero!




Gian’s Instagram



“The beard gets longer.”

…but it still looks good…   😀












*singing*   “Isn’t he lovely?  Isn’t he wonderful?”  *singing*

What?  That’s not how it goes?  😉









Yeah…I got nothin’  <3

35 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Caption This…”

      1. Dearest, I’m sorry for you because they are all dreams, the reality is that the country of Boschetto already exists and is in Italy, very close to my home and Ignazio yesterday was right here.

      2. Rose Marie, Zanesville was THE Capitol of Ohio. So we would be the most fitting.

        Do you even believe what we are fighting about? 😆

  1. Kelly, but with all the cities where they have to go, where does the other magnets put it? Must buy another refrigerator.
    Of course, in the last photo, that look is really astonishing.

  2. what about mentioning Ignazio. I find that so many pictures & stories are told about Gian & Piero & Ignazio is left out of his share of comments. This usually happens with interviers. He is important also

    1. Loretta, he has a much more reserved character than others, but when he himself publishes some photos, we are all happy.
      This morning he published this good morning with Franz, he is very sweet.

      You clearly see a ring, it’s a faith, but it’s on your right hand, so it can be a pledge of love, if it’s marriage as some have said it would be to the left.
      Of course it’s just my thoughts.

      1. Thank you Daniela. Yes I have wondered what signifignace is that ring telling us. You living in Italy have more information than we do being so far away. Please keep up your comments

      2. Daniela, There is a picture of Ignazio which is posted on the il volo Mundial site showing a close-up of his hand . He is signing something? The ring appears to be on his left hand . It is the side where he is wearing his watch. Is it possible that he moved the ring to the right because many are questioning whether he is married or not?

      3. Of course Loretta, thanks.

        Annette, maybe you’re right, even the above video seems to be overturned, if you look at the jumper symbol and the zipper closure, the hand seems to be the left.
        For the watch is not so binding, my husband like so many others brings him to the right.

  3. At risk of getting into a bruhaha about Mr. DIMPLES, THERE IS A Groves , Texas just south east of Houston! We can easily add the Italian translation!! And Loretta, we never forget him, he’s just a little more illusive! <3 <3 <3

  4. Well Daniela I’ll run after him as fast as I can wabble for the rest of my natural life. Seeing as I don’t know how much longer I have. So far I haven’t caught up to him yet. He is running too fast. See I almost can’t spell right Darn Marie is going to catch him before I will. She is going to have a tugging match for him.

      1. Marie, you and I have been fighting over him for longer than 5years,you just did’nt know about it.
        If he is married why would’nt they tell us? There would be a loud sobbing around the world, but we would get over it someday would’nt we?
        Noooooooooooo 😢

  5. What a shame that when you get into the living of the discussion, it’s time for me to go to bed.
    Our Boschetto is definitely very reserved but I do not think he would have kept such news secret, however fans as we would be happy seeing his happiness, there is nothing more beautiful to see a couple of lovers crowning their dream .
    Of course later ……… ahahaah

  6. my dear Marie. Yes we have been arguing for years over Precious. But you haven’t realized all these years that him & I have been special friends for that same period. So where you thought he was yours you have been sadly mistaken. So you can continue to favour Piero & I’ll stay with my precious Ignazio & continue to dream pleasant dreams forever.

  7. Yep Daniela your right to back off. Marie & I have been arguing with this battle for years & I am still the winner. I go to sleep each night with pleasant dreams with my precious Ignazio & I still run to him after the concerts to get my special hug from him. SIGH, SIGH

  8. Now now Marie you can’t have all 3 of them. You will hurt Piero & Gian’s feelings. You know Ignazio & I are a much better fit. One of these days you will realize I am right. Have a super day. Next time I see him I will give him a super hug for you.

  9. You know, when you travel in a pirate ship such as my good saucy ship the Dragonmist, there be no traiffico! plus we all know how fond dear Piero is of the beautiful sea. Sooo me hearties I think I get Piero all to myself .

    Of course, just to be the very soul of thoughtfulness I will extend my invite to his godd mates Gianluca and Ignazio too.

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