Notte Magica! Brussels, Belgium April 26, 2017

With just one day of rest, the guys flew to Brussels for their next concert at Forest National.  There were a few pictures showing Michele and Piero on the plane, along with Gianluca.  I think it was rumored that Ignazio may have driven.

Once again, their sweet voices serenaded the crowd to the now familiar tunes we all know and love, from Granada to Grande Amore!

Below are a few links to a few songs from the magic night in Belgium, on You Tube.  Thank you to owners that uploaded for all of us to see!




Here are some nice photos, credit to Vanessa!


Ok, guys, you have about a week to rest up before the real tour begins!  It’s going to be grueling, some nights will be 2 in a row with only a day of rest in between.  Let’s hope you eat your Wheaties, stay strong, healthy, and take care of your voices!  We know you will…. and hurry back to us soon!

Again, the meet and greet was small, but joyful with about 35+ pictures.




11 thoughts on “Notte Magica! Brussels, Belgium April 26, 2017”

  1. I wish our M/G were smaller, we might have a chance to spend more than a minute,if that, with them. Ours are so rushed. M/G must be new to the European audience and a little expensive too.

  2. Thank you, Jana. I never get tired of hearing those songs. Plus seeing our boys as they sing and hearing the audience’s response to them is wonderful.

  3. My friend Helen and I went to the San Jose California performance of Notte Magica. This year the tickets were more expensive so we sat in the 10th row. I know the meet and greet is expensive and very short but the next time we go to an Il Volo performance I will try for 1st row and meet and greet. It’s worth the money. The performance was excellent, the vocals were excellent, Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio looked fabulous. Just wished I could talk to them. I’m sure hoping they will have 2018 concert.

    1. It does seem that the cost of concert and M&G is getting sadly more expensive. If they go up much more it will be totally out of my reach. It seems that the more successful that they become, the cost will be out of reach for many of us. Being on disability there for a fixed income, I didn’t even make it this year. I’m going to keep praying that God will provide as He knows how much the guys mean to me. My friend from school (we’ve been friends since 1st grade and we are now 50.), blessed me not once but twice to see them last year, plus I had money my sister left me when she passed away. Just gonna keep praying and trusting God will make a way for one concert and M& G. Sad to say Gerri, last word was that they were taking off next year to focus on a new CD!!!!! More time to save for 1st row tickets and M&G. Buon giorno!!!!!

      1. Hi Dee
        I think this year’s tickets were more expensive than usual for several reasons, one of them being they had to pay the orchestra musicians which they don’t normally have as an expense. I think in the past they were very sensitive to the cost of the tickets and booked their concerts in less expensive venues as much as possible to keep costs down. I hope they return to that policy next time!

      2. Owning THANK you for sharing that. You have really made my weekend as I now have renewed hope that in 2019 I can do concert and M&G!! I totally forgot they had to pay the orchestra. If I played an instrument and had the chance to not only travel around the world but to be able to share that experience with Il Volo, I would do it for free. Can you imagine how much it would cost to do that plus the experience of playing with them…….no brainer. Lol

      3. As far as I know, the orchestral musicians were local in every place–they didn’t travel with them. That probably would have been a logistic nightmare! And a LOT more expensive. Imagine the cost of hotels, transporting them and their instruments all over the place. I just marveled the whole tour how the musicians were able to carry it off with one or two rehearsals at the most. I guess that’s why they are professional musicians! And probably they had the music ahead of time and practiced it individually before they got together with the conductor.

  4. Thank you Jana for letting us listen to the guys singing those beautiful
    songs…….Each song is a treasure no matter how many times we have
    heard it.

  5. Thank you so much Jana for these beautiful videos. As always our boys look and sound amazing. They are perfection. I adore them.

  6. Thanks Jana and The Flight Crew team you continue to give us the wonderful sights and sounds of IL Volo’s magic. From city to city their class and endurance never waivers, as Margaret says “They are perfection ” It’s such a wonderful thing to travel along on this amazing tour. Thanks to you guys we have a Virtual front row seat to all these concerts and listen to the fantastic singing and the crowds cheering!

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