Why do we love? Why do we love the Boys? – Gina

Forever, I

I’d move mountains to be by your side,

bare the worst of the weather,

just to look in your eyes,

I’d cross the largest oceans,

the stormiest seas,

a smile from you, makes me weak at the knees.

Source: http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/forever-i#ixzz3w5yZSrtl

What is love” was the most searched phrase on Google in 2012, according to the company. In an attempt to get to the bottom of the question once and for all, the Guardian has gathered writers from the fields of science, psychotherapy, literature, religion and philosophy to give their definition of the much-pondered word. http://www.theguardian.com › Opinion › Relationships

The physicist: ‘Love is chemistry’

The psychotherapist: ‘Love has many guises’

The philosopher: ‘Love is a passionate commitment’

The romantic novelist: ‘Love drives all great stories’

The nun: ‘Love is free yet binds us’

Why did I give my heart to Ignazio? I have no idea. The minute I saw him sing in 2009 I felt I would follow him, cheer him on and hope that people would not hurt him because he was a little “roly poly”.   SURPRISE! This young man came out of his cocoon and became a
beautiful heartthrob.

All of you ladies and gentlemen have a story why you have special feelings for one of the boys.
Maybe you would share with us! 


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  1. This will come as a surprise, but I too have special feelings for Ignazio. However I didn’t feel bad for him being roly-poly. I felt bad that I wasn’t 16 and living in Italy. It was the voice combined with those amazing dimples. You don’t see those dimples as much now that he has matured into the hunky-hunk he is today, but I know they are there and and I wait to see them show themselves now and then. I must confess though..I would happily cheat on him with one of the other two. Please don’t tell my dimpled Prince I said that.

  2. I have said this a few times but I’ll gladly say it again. The first time I saw these boys stomp down the walk way & start singing I said to my son WHO ARE THEY? they were so cute. The one who I focused on was Ignazio because he resembled my grandson right down to the hair style & he was always smiling even when he was singing. Then when he lost the weight he turned into an Adonis & I can’t focus on anyone else when they are singing or not only him. I do see the other guys as well but I only have eyes for Ignazio he’s my heartthrob & always will be.

    1. I love all three but since the beginning on their PBS special it’s been Ignazio who has been my #1. I said somewhere else that I love his sense of life. He is a like a chameleon,. Sometimes that young boy appears doing silly, funny things. Then in the next moment when he opens his mouth to sing he becomes the handsomest, most sensitive man. His voice is so beautiful he makes me cry. I love Gianluca and Piero too, but Ignazio has gotten my attention since day one.

  3. What a great post Gina! I just remember seeing them sing in the Detroit Opera House and being mesmerized. I’ve never been able to pick a favorite as I love all three the same, but for each one’s uniqueness. I will agree with the dimples on the Adonis…now that is pretty special, add on the voice and WOW! But then there’s Gianluca standing there with those beautiful curls in his hair and (as my 89 yr old mother put it, “those bedroom eyes”) , add on the voice and WOW again. And of course Piero who is a cross between an Italian and a Greek god, add the voice and you are knocked off the floor! I just can’t narrow it down to one. Luckily, my heart is big enough for all three. 🙂
    Thanks for starting the week out so beautifully with your post!

    1. I think that having known them from the start and instantly falling in love with those adorable boys–then watching t he changes occur has made them really seem like part of our families. I was first drawn to Piero–not even sure why….he has some magnetic attraction that is hard to explain–even as a 15 year old with spiky hair and as yet undeveloped grace and composure it was there. But I think I really fell in love with his voice first. It absolutely thrilled me, and still does. And who could resist that sweet, chubby cheeked dimpled Ignazio….Have to say that although he is a handsome hunk today, there was something about the “before” that I found totally endearing.
      And Gian, beautiful Gian–breath-takingly beautiful Gian. He was so adorably fresh and fragile at the beginning, and still so sweet and genuine today. Of course I love them all. It ‘s so amazing that they found each other and that we found them—“OUR BOYS!”

    2. Jane, I so agree with you about all three. However, Gianluca has always been the “IT” for me. His voice is so honey, silky smooth. Great for SERENADING. I remember as a child in the Philippines, when guys came to our windows to serenade my aunts, the low voices of the singers always intrigued me. How beautiful a sound. So romantic.

  4. Gina, Now that you asked,I’ll tell you. Piero has been my favorite from the first time I saw him IN 2009. He was the image of my son steve. I lost Steve when her was 22 years old. Th e glasses, the stature and body build was the same. His voice lifts me to unimaginable hights. He is destined for greatness and I hope I can still be around to see it. When he huged me at the Fan Fair I almost died. Joanie G

    1. Dear Joani G.
      Most sad events in life,if the parents child died.Believe me that I have sompassion and feel with you !
      As a small caress I send you some pictures Piero and his beautiful eyes of which is sung in this song.
      Hopefully bring a little joy to all,who will love him.Z.

      1. I have always loved “Dark Eyes” and wish the boys would sing this song and include in their next recordings. Lovely Video.

  5. I am grateful to the boys for entering my life. Besides the music I developed a new interest in so many things by just following them all over the world.
    I have two grandsons and at times the ‘grandmother’ in me comes out and worries about their new found fame and the change in their lives.

      1. That’s why I think ALL of us old enough to belong to the Grandmother club should be called “Granny Groupies” LOL!

  6. Great, Gina!!! I found our precious trio on PBS , Il Volo Takes Flight!!! I was a bit late in finding them! No matter when each appeared on stage I singing Il Mondo I recognized greatness & lost my heart to all three!!! When I looked at Gianluca I also saw bedroom eyes & the curls! Ignazio wth the dimples & love of music & life just bursting from him!!! Piero with the red glasses, spiky hair, & the magnificent voice!!! Our adorable teenagers were sweet, empathetic , gracious, full of Italian charm!!! I have interacted more with Ignazio! Have been lucky enough to spend some time with Gianluca at CD signing in 2013! Was able to talk to Piero at Vegas Fan Faire! Love all three with all my heart!!!

  7. Gina, the same thing happened to me when I found the guys in 2009 and I immediately fell for Ignazio! Gianluca was already ridiculously handsome, Piero just oozed with confidence, BUT Ignazio had the smile that absolutely melted my heart! He seemed to joke at himself, which helped me love and respect his humility. I do love them all, and am extremely impressed and proud of the beautiful and talented young men they have grown into. I would go into battle to protect and defend any of them, but mostly “my” precious Ignazio! God Bless them all and keep them safe and healthy! <3

  8. First of all, Jane, I agree with your Mother (I’m 85)!!! I just happened upon their performance on PBS so I missed some things! When they sang Mama, I missed the fact tat Eleonora was given a rose…didn’t see her, saw Ignazio give Caterina her, and saw Piero give a teary woman, whom I assumed was his Mom, a rose! When I got my dvd some months later (and found out the Piero s mom couldn’t be there so a friend steppedin), but all that time I felt so sorry that Gianluca didn’t have anyone there….both parents were there! BUT the thing that really got me 1st was Ignazio, who looked like a twin to my grandson, Austin! Now they look nothing alike, except they are both tall, slender and drop dead gorgeous! Hope I never h a very to choose! I’ve given them the “Nonna Hug Test” and they all passed with flying colors!!

    1. Dorothy does not matter the age that we have but what we feel , therefore I think you ‘ve just 25 years !!
      As for PBS when they sang ” MAMMA ” I heard that Piero had them her mother and at that time they were staying with a lady to whom Piero has decided to pay homage to the rose devoted to his mother , and this lady who was very moved .

      1. I read somewhere that Piero’s mom is afraid of flying and that is why his dad always accompanies on the far away tours.
        I am also so happy to see that they have such strong support from their families.

  9. As I got to tell you, one of the reasons why I wanted to join this group it is precisely the continuous flow of love that I feel toward Ignatius, Piero and Gianluca. When I got to hear IL VOLO in Sanremo I liked right away all three and especially the voice of Piero. When I could see them at my first concert of Brescia have been impressed by the power of Ignatius, I did not realize how good he was. Mind you they are all three but I must say that I like the humorous way of Ignatius, has an impressive mastery of the stage, but he knows to go on ridiculous at times be quite serious. I also like his discretion in private life, also the depth with which the book “IL VOLO UN’AVVENTURA STRAORDINARIA” describes his childhood and the fact that he had to grow up quickly, has certainly awakened the famous maternal instinct or ” grandmother. ” In this regard, I just responded to a comment from an Italian woman who thinks he’s crazy because he always thinks of them as “a concerned grandmother” …. welcome to the club.

    1. Thank you Gina for creating this amazing post of our favorite Il Volo Angels. I wish I had discovered them in 2009, but I was introduced to their “magical aura” when a friend gave me their CD. They grabbed my heart in that split second and I’ve come to accept that my heart will be theirs forever. I can truly relate to all our members and fans when I say it was love at first sight and especially sound.
      They are charismatic to say the least Gianluca with that beautiful curly hair and expressive soul filled eyes, Piero with that beautiful physique and amazing voice but I have to stay that Ignazio is the one who from the beginning has tugged at my heartstrings. Those dimples, his gorgeous smile, his playfulness and then his focus and emotion when he starts singing. I am 65 years old and for Ignazio I wish I could turn back the hands of time and be his age; oh the possibilities! Oh and last but certainly not least when he lets his hair stay natural with the sexy curls and that earring – Mamma Mia!

  10. Margaret my sentiments exactly regarding Ignazio. You have no idea how over the years I have wished I could turn back the clock & be 21 years old again & marry Ignazio & so also does Marie. If we were all in our 20’s again we would have to make sure we were at the beginning of the line & his & our attitudes & likes & dislikes would have to coinside. His face & voice is the only one I see & listen to each day where I begin to smile. My poor family thinks I am a lost cause but I am in 7th heaven, I got a special hug from him last February in Buffalo

    1. Oh Loretta you made me laugh with your thoughts and feelings for Ignazio. I am in good company with you Marie and all our fellow Ignazio lovers. I too devour everything and anything about him and my family thinks I’m crazy also. Listening to him sing makes my heart feel happy each and every day and seeing him well that’s a whole other feeling!!! You are so lucky to have gotten an Ignazio hug; I wasn’t able to get a meet & greet ticket at Barclay Center concert but I will definitely make sure I get a M&G for the next concert and I will dream of my special hug from my special guy until then.

  11. First time I ever saw them was on the PBS special I had fallen in love with their voices before that time. I thought Gianluca to be devastatingly handsome, Ignazio was a chubby boy who had such confidence but then…there was Piero with his glasses and his SPIKEY hair and that fabulous voice. I have to confess, I really have a thing for men’s hair. I like it longish, blame it on my first loves, the Beatles He radiated confidence and a certain rascally air about him. I know this might sound odd but I think of Piero as being the most “Italiano” which is just plain silly. I love that he enjoys dancing and that he isn’t afraid to be a little naughty now and then. He’d make a good pirate!

  12. Margaret ask him for one of his special hugs & he gladly gives it & its not a short hug either. You will leave the theatre with a smile that will last until you get home or longer, he is a treasure.

    1. I will definitely do that Loretta. Looking forward to the day when I will approach him and get the courage to ask Ignazio for a special hug. I just hope I have the self control to let go!

  13. Two of the things that first attracted me to Piero were his voice and his looks. OK, maybe not in that order! When my Mom saw them on their 2nd appearance on the Talk in 2011, & she told me about them, I Googled them and found pictures & videos. There was a picture of Piero & Gianluca together that spoke to me. (I tried to paste it here, but I guess I don’t know how to do it correctly.) Piero looked a lot like a younger version of my 2nd ex-husband (the reason he is “ex” is because he had nothing inside to go with the good looks!) Then I heard the powerful voice to go with Piero’s good looks & I was hooked! As he has matured, he has only gotten better looking, and his voice has grown to be more powerful. Piero’s voice touches my heart & soul like no singer has ever done (not even my all-time favorite Paul McCartney)! I love all 3 members of IL VOLO, but my heart belongs to Piero.

  14. We all share in the same experience of loving Il Volo . Many share similar reasons for how their individual experience began. Love is awesome & powerful, isn’t it ! Yes; that was an Il Volo friend in Detroit : Piero gave a rose to Mrs. (Rita) Rugiero during their 1st PBS concert in the Detroit Opera House. (His Mamma is not keen on air travel). The Rugiero family own Italian restaurants in Detroit area . Rita even cooked for The Boys. If anyone might be interested, you can see their website at antoniosrestaurants.com. There are some photos of Il Volo there with the Rugiero family, etc. Enjoy!

  15. We really enjoy all the personal experiences here. The three Il Volo singers really have some major magnetism going on in a number of personal & powerful areas. It seems that their shared destiny & ‘mission’ required those particular attributes & talents. For anyone who might not know, during Il Volo’s 1st PBS concert in the Detroit Opera House, Piero gave his rose to Mrs. (Rita) Rugiero. (His mother is not keen for air travel). The Rugiero family own Italian restaurants in Detroit area & are Il Volo friends, Mrs. Rugiero even cooked for The Boys . If anyone is interested, you can see some photos of Il Volo with Anthony & Rita from 2011 & posted for 2012 on their website which is : antoniosrestaurants.com Enjoy!

    1. Brava Laura , I heard that too this nice lady who had cooked for them ( I thought they were hosted in his house ) , I did not know her name was Rita Rugiero . Thank you!!

      1. Daniela
        Piero in the song Mamma in 2011 gave a rose Mrs Rita Rugiero,who owns an Italian restaurant in Detroit along with his son Anthony /both are native Italians/.Mrs Rita prepares for boys Italian specialties during their visits to Detroit.The boy´s familyalso their close friends.
        Since the begining when Anthony Rugiero introduced IL VOLO to Detroit,the boys keep coming back for more.
        If you wanted some photos I can send,I do not occupy too much space here.

      2. Thank You, Daniela ! I believe you are right that Il Volo Boys stayed with the Rugiero’s during their times in Detroit. Here are three of several ways to find fun, little articles & photos with Il Volo from 2011 through 2014 on the Rugiero’s website, in case you haven’t found them all ! Just google : 2016 SAVE THE DATE – ANTONIO’s CUCHINA ITALIANA . Next, click on the top entry on that selection page . Then, scroll down to the bottom area of that page & you’ll see about three choices of dates ( 2012, 2013, 2014) with photos of Il Volo . Just click on those individual lines ( It will tell you where to click them on to see the images). Also, you can google : RUGIERO FAMILY WITH IL VOLO . There you will see a selection page with more images that you can see. Thirdly, you can google: antoniosresturants.com 2012 IL VOLO PHOTOS. There, you will see a fun article ( with their picture there) about their first concerts in Detroit at The Fox Theater & at The Detroit Opera House in 2011. ( Sorry for taking up so much space).

      3. Zdena thanks , I appreciate very much , I like to see those moments when I did not followed them .

      4. Thank you, Daniela ! Yes, I believe they did stay with the Rugiero family. I’m going to try to give you here a couple of places you can google to get to some more pictures of Il Volo with the Rugiero family. If you go to : 2016 SAVE THE DATE – ANTONIO’S CUCHINA ITALIANA , click on the top entry on that selection page , then scroll down to almost the bottom of the Rugiero’s website there & you will see : KEEP IN TOUCH WITH IL VOLO. Beneath that, you will see 3 lines with the dates of 2012, 2013, 2014 & at the end of each of those 3 lines, it will tell you to click there – to see photos of Il Volo during their times in Detroit area from those years. Also, you can find more photos by googling : antoniosrestaurants.com 2012 IL Volo Photos. Also,you can google : Rugiero family with Il Volo . ( For more photos there ! ). Sorry I took up more space !

  16. Il Volo has somehow become my ‘one and only’ musical interest since early 2012. These three adorable Italian guys with unbelievable beautiful voices had me traveling halfway across the world to personally meet them face to face! With sincere thanks to Marie, my ‘Travel Buddy’s’ help, I was able to attend 3 unforgettably wonderful live concerts and meet and greets in March this year.
    To me, the voice that stands out and that blows me away, is the baritone of this fantastic three! What a voice!!! I admire and appreciate the dedication with which Gianluca approaches each song that he sings and all that he has accomplished.
    Yes, Gianluca is ‘my kind of guy’, with those beautiful eyes, wonderful black curly hair and a lovely personality.

    1. Hi Ineke. I hope you are well. I will remember you from Las Vegas fan FAIRE and your beautiful necklace with gorgeous Gianluca’s image. That was so much fun meeting so many people from this site. Yes, Gianluca is also my guy. I will share him with you if you’ll do the same. Hahaha!

  17. Hello Flight Crew! So I have been religiously reading this blog for around two years, but never actually commented! So here goes! I’ve loved all of the boys since about 2013, probably. I’m not ashamed to say that I’m an obsessed Il Volover. Piero is the one I personally love the most. I’m drawn to his powerful voice and his kindness, his humor, and, of course, his good looks. I mean, that face! That hair! Okay, I’ll stop now. 🙂 But I truly love all the boys loads. I’ve always struggled with my body image. I’m 18 now, and since I’ve been around twelve, I’ve been overweight. I’ve dieted so much, and no matter what I tried, I couldn’t lose the weight. It finally got to the point last year that I was 90 pounds overweight. This was definitely my lowest time, and I felt ugly, unlovable, and worthless. One of the only things that would make me feel better was listening to the boys’ music. As I listened to it, my spirits would lift, and, for a short while, I would feel better. I really can’t explain it very well, but I felt beautiful, lovable, and worthy. As stupid as it may sound, Il Volo really helped lift me out of a dark place. I’m now much happier, much more confident, and I’ve finally found a diet that works! I’ve lost 30 pounds, and am below 200 pounds for the first time in about 3 years! I honestly don’t know how I would be feeling now if it weren’t for Il Volo. Whenever I’m stressed, anxious, or those old feelings of worthlessness come creeping back in, I just listen to them and feel so much better. I’ve never had the joy of meeting them or going to one of their concerts, but I dream of it and I would love to tell them just what they mean to me and how they’ve helped me. Anyway. I know that this is really long and ramble-y, but I just had so much to say. And I also just wanted to say that I’ve never seen a kinder group of fans than the ones on here. I know you don’t know me, but I feel that I know all of you. Thank you for all that you do here! Much love from this Il Volo loving girl! 🙂

    1. Sarah, thank you so much for sharing this story. Our guys are truly gifts to us everyday in so many ways. I often ask myself what I would be doing today if I had never run into those guys. I can’t even imagine any other thing I could do to be part of a group to promote comments like yours. I am proud. My life is so full of joy. Thank you Sarah, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

  18. “Love” is a very powerful word. It has many different meanings to just as many different people. It has many shades and provokes a world of intense feelings. Do I “Love” the guys? Yes I do. In several ways.

    Some of us on this site “love” the guys in a very personal, physical, romantic way (cough cough Marie cough cough)….. For me, there’s an “aspirational” love, as in wow, would I have loved to be any one of these three when I was 22 years old. At their current ages, I was taking accounting classes in college and working part-time as a supervisor in a department store. For comparison:

    Watch Gianluca singing “Anema e core” on the Pompeii video – when he sang that song at my concert in Connecticut all the women around me looked like they were going to dissolve into their seat cushions in ecstasy. This quintessential crooner and heartthrob is able to do this time after time, with such incredible ease and emotion – what man would not want to be in his shoes?

    Look at Ignazio kicking the ball on the soccer field or belting out the high notes at the piano while everyone in the audience is hanging on his every word in astonishment. A charmer supreme – sometimes goofy, sometimes “hunky”, always giving you the sensation that it just would be so much FUN to be hanging out with him – who would not want to be in his place?

    And then there’s Piero, the ultimate polished, sophisticated professional – an Italian James Bond with an operatic voice that keeps his fans in awe. Google “2016 Maserati GT”. Imagine him standing beside that car and announcing “I am Piero Barone and I drive a Maserati. You should too.” I would sell my house and run to nearest dealer because I too, would want to be just like Piero.

    We all share a deep “love” for their humanity. Their humility. Their love of family, friends, and fans. Their interactions with children and with those less fortunate than they are; it never seems staged for a photo-op; it just comes across as so genuine and meaningful because it truly is. Their desire to share their love for their unique style of music with the rest of us. Yes, they zip around the world from one exotic location to another, screaming fans in adoration, bringing people to tears with their songs – both tears of joy and of sentimental sadness. But it’s a lot of hard work. It’s tiring. They are at the mercy of their schedules, their deadlines, their tour promoters, and their desire for perfection. They are away from home for months at a time. It really is a sacrifice that most of us cannot even begin to comprehend. And we “love” them for it.

    And finally, we all “love” their talent. Their voices, their recordings, their concerts, their ability to make the words and notes just fly out of their mouths with such force and emotion that they leave us speechless. Time after time. Performance after performance. Year after year. They’ve shared their love with all of us; and for that, we have to love them back. Forever.

    1. Nice one John. In fact, it will be a post in a few days. Don’t want folks to miss it.
      Also, I forgive you John (cough, cough) only because it’s true.

    2. Beautiful comment John , you have expressed what we all think . It also understands how big your admiration for them . A hug from Italy.

  19. John, you truly have a special talent for Journalism! Excellent! It is always like a treat to have a male perspective, which you and Myron so splendidly offer to us. The articles, thoughts, poems and comments posted here are always wonderful to read from the feminine and masculine points of view. Thank You !

  20. Laura you are right , the point of view of a man assumes a different value.
    Thanks I followed your advice and I found on google photos of VOLO with Rugiero family. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you, too, Daniela. I’m so glad that you found those photos of the guys; it takes some sleuthing sometimes !! Please have a really nice evening!

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