The Charisma Kids – Penina

The dictionary defines charisma as:

1.  Compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others

2.  A divinely conferred power or talent

Synonyms for charisma are listed as: charming, presence, personality, force of personality, strength of character, magnetism, attractiveness, appeal and allure!

Every single one of those definitions and synonyms describe our talented trio!!!

They have it, in spades. And we love them for it. Here’s one of my favorite charisma videos:


17 thoughts on “The Charisma Kids – Penina”

    1. Thank you!!! I just watched this and I have chills!!! It’s over 90 degrees out and their voices gave me chills!!

  1. What a wonderful opening for the beginning of a day. To see & hear the BEST voices & see the most handsomest men on the planet has set my day to sour through my packing at top speed. Thank you Penina you couldn’t have picked a better video. Have a wonderful day yourselves Penina & Marie. There isn’t a singer in this world that is better than Il Volo. THEY ARE TOPS & this blog is the BEST one ever put together. Thanks Marie & Kelly

  2. And :Lydka you are the BEST gatherer of information,videos etc. & I’m sure glad you are with this bog. You know where to find everything & if you don’t know then your knack for finding information is amazing, Have a great day to all you girls & everyone on the blog

  3. None other can touch them. I have lived through them all and our boys are better than any I have ever seen or heard. Joanie G

  4. It ‘s true Penina , Piero , Ignazio and Gianluca have so much charisma that could give it to so many young boys today who are missing .
    Still excuse my voice in the video , but ” O surdato nnamurato ” was so exciting that it was impossible not to sing that evening in Florence .

    1. It’s okay–whenever I am at a concert I want to sing along! Even if I don’t know the words!

  5. Thank you, Penina. I could watch this video all day, except I wouldn’t get a thing done. So, I’ll get a few things out of the way, and then back to the video again! Thanks again, Penina. I never ever get tired of listening to our Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca!

  6. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca have charisma to spare. When I first saw them on their first PBS special from Detroit, I was amazed at their beautiful voices and I was really enchanted by how comfortable they were and with their interaction with the audience and also speaking and singing many songs in English. Knowing how young they were, I was completely enthralled by them and couldn’t wait to tell friends about them. It seemed as if they had been performing together for many years.
    I would have loved to have seen and heard “Una notte magica” in Firenze and hope PBS will show the concert and that there will be a DVD. I love watching this video of them singing “O surdato nnamurato” and thank you Daniela for the video. How could you not sing along with them.

    1. Yes, PBS will be doing a DVD of this concert!! When watching one of the clips, I could see the backs of Lorna’s and my heads! Well, mostly Lorna and her black lace dress! 🙂

      1. Jana , where you were the place in Florence ? I was right at the beginning of the stairs watching the stage , as you can see even from filming .

    2. Thanks Margaret has been a real pleasure to share with you what I have personally seen and filmed.
      I hope to have other occasions …. and I look forward to the DVD of Florence .

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