Oohh’s and Aahh’s for Sharing

Here are a few neat things sent to us to pass around.

I think this one was from Ann Cruise.


From Penina who said…

“I found this by accident tonight.  Has some funny pictures–most of them I have seen but there are a few in here that made me laugh.  Enjoy: (and this song is not heard enough in my not so humble opinion!)”


From Laura Badtke…

Who is missing from this picture?

Laura 9


From Jana…

“This is a really cool video that Lorna found – the guys are singing it in Italian, with English words on the screen, however, the video is totally cool and very sexy (but not the guys…)

 By the way, they DO have clothes on, in case you are wondering….”


From Ann Cruise…

“I Love This One!”


From Lynn K (out of left field, as usual)…

lynnFor the entire story ⇒ http://www.thelocal.it/20160217/italys-late-coffee-king-buried-inside-iconic-moka-pot


Here is an animal clip from Gina.  It isn’t about the Boys (unless you count the similar sweetness).  It isn’t even Italian (unless you count the deep friendships).  It’s just gosh darn cute!




22 thoughts on “Oohh’s and Aahh’s for Sharing”

  1. Thanks Penina for the clip. Although I miss Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca as young boys, I am so fortunate to be able to watch them grow and to become such fine young men. Love them dearly.

    1. Looking at it again, I have no idea what struck me as being funny! However, it is always good to see them as they were back in the “old days”!

  2. Marie, thank you for making my Saturday a whole lot brighter! This post is so great. The Lamore Si Muove video is fantastic. So sensual and tastefully done. Is that chocolate or paint? The dancing video just made me smile non stop. All were so fun to watch.

  3. Penina, I totally agree!!!!
    I love the French song, “Tous les visages de l’amour”. I wish I could buy it, but I haven’t been able to find their version.

      1. Thanks for the videos and thank you Lydka for the information about “Tous les visages de l’amour”. I didn’t realize it was on a CD. I have most of their CD’s, including various We Are Love editions, but I didn’t realize there was a deluxe one with this beautiful song! I do have Mas Que Amor Deluxe Edition which has “El Triste”, another favorite on it. They have so many lovely songs and so many editions, that it sometimes gets confusing.

      2. That it does! I was quite happy there were only 3 versions of the Grande Amore one! One Spanish, one International and one Italian.

    1. I think you can get it on iTunes. It is also on one of theWe Are Love CDs. NOT the one that says special edition, but the one that has a picture of the boys from the waist up (NOT standing) that says Il VOLO in white letters in the lower left and under that in red We Are Love. There are at least 4 versions of this Cd so see if you can find on Amazon a list of the tracks. I bought this one (as well as the other 4!) because it has Tous Les Visages on it. Track 13: Special Bonus Addition Tous Les Visages De L’Amour.
      Hope this helps you find it!

  4. Thanks everybody! Got a kick out of them all! Does anybody know if that was chocolate or mud in Jana’s video?!!

  5. Really nice these videos , put in a good mood .
    ” Tous les visages de l’ amour ” is one of my favorite songs .
    The video for ” L’ amore si muove ” is very sexy , I had never seen , rather than where they learn to dance the thick look , makes me laugh too , I’d like to participate in that program again to see them dance like ( Gianluca understood that little dance ) .

  6. Thank you Penina I can see Ignazio must have started his weight loss regime about that time because each picture I can see him starting to change in appearance & body weight. Still slightly heavy but changing

  7. Penina I can’t get enough of looking at those pictures of our handsome young men they were so precious growing up. How lucky we are to know them now

    1. I love looking at the old pictures and juxtaposing the old ones with the new ones! There are videos on the net that “watch” them grow up–through the ill fitting clothes and all the experiments with various hair styles to the well put together confident young men of today. It’s like watching your own kids grow up! We’ll never get tired of the pictures of the old days, any more than we get tired of seeing our own kids’ baby pictures.

  8. Thank you all for directing me on my hunt for “Tous Visage de l’amour”. I am looking for it now!

    1. I ordered the We Are Love Deluxe from Amazon…it should be here Tuesday!!
      THANK YOU!

  9. Thank you, all, so very much for all the wonderful things that you write, find, remind, share with us. That little animal-friends video is so cute & shows the intelligence of all animals. I think I have an idea of what it is like to watch your children grow up – because of Il Volo. I agree that it can be a bit sad! Great job, as always.

  10. Thanks for all the comments! Marie, I had a butt load of fun with this. And regarding the chocalate/mud question….guess I’m really getting old , but I never liked playing in mud and if it wasn’t mud, what a waste of good chocolate! Iover watching the guys dance, but am glad that’s not how they make a living!! Keep the fun coming…I’m ready for fall and the new cd/dvd or what ever!!♡♡♡

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