Un Amore Cosi Grande

Daniela sent us this wonderful sneak preview of the movie the guys have been working on.

By now we all know that ILVOLO will take part in a movie entitled UN AMORE COSI GRANDE, which will be released in 2018.

This article was published a few weeks ago, that speaks of the plot of the film.

From the giornal THE ARENA


The protagonist is Vladimir, a young Russian who lives with expedients to keep himself and the mother who has been a great soprano.

His mother convinces him to go to Verona in search of his father.

In Verona Vladimir performs his singing talent and conquers young Veronica and attracts the attention of ILVOLO manager who is looking for a debutant to launch in the trio concerts.

Of course the story will be much woven, and will be shot in St. Petersburg.


The guys with Vladimir’s mother


Gianluca and the actress who interprets Veronica.


Vladimir e Veronica


Un Amore Cosi Grande, is a film that wants to relaunch the lyrics to bring young people closer to this world up to now unknown.

Tell precisely of the “grande amore” of the protagonist for the work but also for his mother and his girlfriend.

The music of the movie will be drawn from the operas as well as some songs IL VOLO.
On the set, between a slate and the other, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, gave some explanation about their role “Recite next to professionals, but in a role that favors us because we remain Il Volo, essentially doing what is better: singing”.

Behind the shots appear at ease. “The lights we are accustomed,” say in choir boys de Flight, those of the stage of the Arena then know them very well, in fact you have organized various concerts, the last last 19 and 20 May.


Thank you, Daniela!  




17 thoughts on “Un Amore Cosi Grande”

  1. Thanks Daniela for sharing with us the articles written in Italy. Can’t wait for the movie.
    Hope we get to see it here in US.

  2. Thank you, Daniela! I am happy to learn about the plot of the movie! The Boys will do well I expect!!! They can do anything & do a good job!!! We all hope it will be shown in the USA!!!

  3. Thank you Daniela! Great to know what this movie will be about. Keeping fingers crossed we will be able to see it some way here in the U.S.!

  4. Daniela thank you for the information.
    If it isn’t released in the States, I hope they eventually come out with a DVD of it. Am I asking too much? Rosemarie Ringenbach are going to see the film of Notte Magica on Sunday in Cleveland. Can’t wait.

  5. Thank you very much Daniela. I certainly hope we can see the movie here in South Africa!! Holding thumbs! xxx

    1. Eileen, that is so cute. Holding thumbs, we cross our fingers in the States. How do you hold thumbs?

  6. Thank you all for the comments, shortly the boys will go to Russia and will proceed with the footage, so we will update the news of the movie.

    The Magic Night movie is screened tonight here in Italy.

  7. Has the movie already been released? I am going to Italy in August and I’m hoping I can see it there in case it doesn’t come to the US. Daniela, do you happen to know?

    1. Hi Manola, the movie will be ready for February 2018.
      In a week, the guys will turn to scenes in Russia, then there will be post-production.

      1. Thank you Daniela. You’re awesome…how do you know all this stuff?!!

      2. Thanks Manola, but believe me are news that everyone can access.

        Cynthia but you say, private Investigator, ha ha ha

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