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Sharon BearPiero –
With all the happy wishes this world of fans is giving you for your birthday – it still could not be enough to equal the happiness you bring the world every day.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for sharing yourself so fully.  God bless you now and forever. 

Sharon (from Detroit)


Caro Piero,

La tua voce accarezza la mia anima.  When I met you in New Orleans, I wanted to tell you this in Italian.  But I was too overwhelmed by your presence, so all I could manage to do was say it in English.  I send you my sincere wishes for a blessed and wonderful 23rd birthday.  I hope you will be surrounded by your family & true friends to help you celebrate.  I have enjoyed watching & listening to you grow that beautiful instrument of your voice.  You have certainly cared well for the gift that God has given you.  I look forward to what you will be able to do with that gift in the future.  I know you will be amazing, because you already are!  I wish you love and blessings for your future with IL VOLO.
Lynn Gonzales-Balfour (lynngbal4 with Flight Crew)

Dear Piero,  
Best wishes for a wonderful birthday and I hope you can celebrate it with your family and friends. Thank you for all the great concerts and sharing your “Grande Amore”, especially here in the US.  You performed at many of the most beautiful and historic theaters and I am grateful I saw you at the lovely State Theater in Easton, Pennsylvania. Love all the new music as well as all the solos and duets! Thank you for all the beautiful music and joy you give. May God continue to bless you and all your loved ones.
Hugs to all,
Margaret Ladolcetta 


Caro Piero,

 Tanti Auguri!  Buon Compleanno!   Have a wonderful day with your family & friends!  So glad you are home this year to celebrate your twenty third birthday!
Your voice is magnificent, Piero! The 2016 Concerts were fantastic!  Your duets & solos, beautiful beyond words!! I, with my family & friends at Las Vegas, the Dolby in LA, & San Jose, were enchanted with each performance!!  Thank you so much for  the joy & happiness your music has brought into my life!!  Happy Birthday!  Anne Quinto

Happy Birthday Dearest Piero:

Sending hugs, kisses and happiness wishes
Hope your special day is filled with love
Luv Ya!
Julie Bernache 

Hi Piero,
just want to say how much I enjoyed seeing you again earlier this year in Canada, always love meeting you and great to meet your Dad. I hope you have a wonderful day on your Birthday.
                                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  😀
Annie Hatfield
From Toronto

Happy Birthday to the man who has the most beautiful voice in the world, and may this be the year you find your Grande Amore.
Your friend Jill💕


From my heart to your heart I wish you a most wonderful Natal Day. Thank you for using your God given voice to Joan Genrich my world. Joanie Guyon .This photo is us at the fan faire in Las Vegas. 





Dearest Piero,
Thinking of you, and wishing you a day full of blessings!
Happy Birthday…
Barbara in AZ. ❤️🎈❤️🎈❤️

Happy Birthday dear, Piero.  May this occasion of your 23rd birthday be one of abounding happiness for you. Your beautiful voice and kind spirit have stirred my ‘senior’ heart from the very first time I saw and heard you perform on PBS television.  I have had the privilege of attending three IL Volo concerts in the U.S, including the Fan Faire Convention and concert.  Meeting you and your ‘brothers’ has been a highlight in my life and brought me together on Face Book with many other people who love you. Celebrate your birthday and go forward to fill the world, and many more hearts, with joy.  God’s blessings go with you always, Piero.   
Te amo, Nonna Harriett Eckberg  ♥ U.S.A.

Happy 23rd birthday, Piero!!  I wish you love, happiness and success today, tomorrow and every day of your life. Listening to you sing makes my day happier.
Love and Best Wishes
Janet,  from California

LydkaDear Piero, 
may  music  always brings joy to your heart,
because it’s one of  the emotional arts.
May sounds of melodies, that you truly adore,
brings you pure pleasure
and always  lifts up your spirits.
May music that touches you,
always brings you smile.
May music clearly
enlightens your days,
 makes you happy in so many ways.
My birthday wish for you is
that you continue to love life
and never stop dreaming.
May beauty and happiness surround you,
not only on your special day, but always.
Birthdays mean a fresh start;
a time for looking back with gratitude at the blessings of another year.
It is also a time to look forward with renewed hope for bigger blessings.
May you find true bliss as you face your next milestones.
I wish you ocean of health,sea of love,
river of happiness, fountain of everyday joys.
Buon Compleanno, ti auguro di realizzare ogni tuo sogno e di trovare tutto quello che cerchi, 
sii felice, il sole splende alto su di te. Tanti auguri!
 Lydka, Slovakia





Piero, I have wished you happy birthday quite a few times now.  Each time I have told you how special you are.  This time too…Happy Birthday, you are so special!  

Thank you for all the wonderful moments I have spent listening to your music.

With Grand Amore,
Marie Crider

Wishing you an utterly fantastic and Happy Birthday!  Piero, I have been a big fan of yours since 2010, and have enjoyed watching you grow into a fine young man with a voice that makes my heart sing.  Love from Minnesota, Allene Shipman

Happy Birthday Piero!

I hope your day is filled with joy and happiness.

The kind you give to others just by being you!

Jane Ceminsky


From Il Volo Guatemala



My Dearest Piero, You were only 15 when I first heard your powerful voice and now you are 23,all grown up,with an Joan Brenineven more powerful and magnificent voice which fills my life and heart with Grande Amore everyday !!! You have matured into a very handsome man with a big heart,beautiful smile and hearty,infectious laugh !! Never change !! Always stay true to yourself and as sweet, kind and humble and loving as you are today. I was very fortunate to be able to experience your magnificent voice at five concerts this year and you took my breath away each and every time !! So now that you have completed your amazingly successful World Tour you can relax for a little while with your beautiful family and friends and enjoy a big birthday celebration !!! Happy “23rd” Birthday Piero !! Have FUN !!!!! Lots of Love, Joan Brenin


Jane E




Wishing you the best of everything and that every wish you have for the day comes true! Tanti Auguri!

~~ Kelly  <3

24 thoughts on “HAPPY 23RD BIRTHDAY, PIERO!! <3”

  1. It must be wonderful, inspiring, awesome and altogether too amazing to be so loved as he is by all his fans. I hope he has a big bonus year!

  2. My bonny PIERO!
    Each pearson have something beautiful,unique,special.For me at a glance fascinated your hands – gentle,slim and deep eyes.
    I´m sending little thing for your birthday – song about the magic eyes.I wish you sincerely your life still beautiful,successful as at this time.
    Happy days wishes Zdena from Bohemia.
    / I send free translation,I did not want to write the text through fine photos. /

    Dark eyes,passionate eyes,
    eyes glowing and beauteous.
    How I love you,as I fear you,
    I know I met you at the wrong time.
    Often at night I have dreams about eyes –
    I wake up in the middle of dark night,
    I have no one to feel sorry for me.
    Dark eyes passionate eyes ———

  3. Kelly, that video is great. Thank you for doing that for us.In the two photo’s I submitted of Piero at the Fan Faire, he was looking at the gift’s that the guy’s had been given. I got the feeling that he saw one with his name on it, and he wanted to tear into it right there and then!( something like a kid at Christmas)A minute later when I took the second picture, he was still looking at that package. I can imagine him on his birthday, not knowing which one to open first!
    I wonder what Gianluca and Ignazio give him?

  4. What a beautiful happy birthday tribute to Piero. His loving personality emonates from every frame. Thank you Kelly . It made my morning!

  5. Here are some interesting stats borrowed from Janis Blank this morning:

    From 2011 until now, our guys have performed 264 concerts in 210 cities on 3 continents. There have been 63,502,000 views of Grande Amore on Vevo, over 1,178,000 paying concert attendees, 1,211,341 Il Volo fans on social media with 120,000 interactions per week.

    Our Guys are more than amazing! And must be tired too!!!

  6. Kelly, your video is simply beautiful! The entire birthday tribute to this amazing young man is wonderful. You always do such a class act job!! Thank you!!

  7. Thank you Kelly for all your hard work. This birthday wish for Piero is lovely. My wish for him somehow did not make it into the “official” good wishes, so I just repeat here that I do wish him the happiest of birthdays, now and for many, many years to come. With love from Texas!

    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry, Linda. As I got the e-mails, I saved them into a separate file and responded to let you know I received it. I did not get your email. I’m sorry. 🙁

  8. Thank you, Kelly, a beautiful presentation of Piero’s Birthday Greetings!! Our magnificent Piero is much loved & we are sharing this Grande Amore on his twenty third birthday!!

  9. Thank you so much Kelly for once again putting together a beautiful birthday tribute for our magnificent “23” year old birthday boy !!! I hope Piero sees this and feels all the Grande Amore that is in all of our hearts here on the Flight Crew !! 💕💕

  10. Kelly, As usual a grand job. My heart is filled with love for our boy now man Piero. Joanie G

  11. Thank you Kelly for the lovely birthday video for Piero and for sharing our “Grande Amore”. He is one of a kind and not just his beautiful voice. He is very intelligent and focused, and loves his family, children, dancing and having a good laugh. And he is one of the best “jumpers” I have ever seen!

  12. Everything I feel has already been said above. So I’ll just say, Thank you Kelly for all your hard work putting this all together. Piero will definitely feel all the love and good wished being sent to him by the Flight Crew!

  13. Happy Birthday, per centi anni Piero on your special day! But every day is special with you. I am so glad to have met you and talked to you. You bring so much joy with your beautiful voice and personality. Bless you today and always.

  14. Ladies, that was truly a wonderful video! And you had such a fabulous subject to work with! Thanks for all your hard work.

  15. Trusting you had a sweetly precious birthday, Piero!

    Your music is truly L’immensità in my heart!
    And I’m loving how it feels! …Life is beautiful that way.

    I have so much respect & awe for your incredible voice, your beautiful heart, and your focused dedication.
    And I smile to see the fun you have and share in so many avenues of Life.

    May this year bring ever greater fulfillment and joy in every aspect of your life. I know you are watched over by many angels, supported in your heart’s desires, and loved beyond measure by me and all your fans.

    Loving gratitude,

  16. This video is so touchingly beautiful Kelly, and the photos you used are some of the ones that show the variety, fun and magic of our gorgeous Piero! I hate I wasn’t able to get a birthday wish sent to him here at the Flight Crew due to some family emergency issues (though I did manage to send him a short ‘tanti auguri’ on twitter LOL), but I was thinking about him and couldn’t wait to get on the site and see what you and all the others had put about him! Though I love all three of them, Piero will forever be my sweet, ‘special’ one, from the very first moment I looked into his eyes that day on youtube. Well, I guess you could say I was hooked, and fell head-ever-heels for the adorkable kid with the red glasses (now a beautiful man). I love you Pierino, and I love you special Flight Crew people who give us the chance to come and rant and squeal and laugh, cry and rejoice over the love of Il Volo! Thank you!

  17. I know I’m late…technology isn’t my strong point! But Happy birthday dearest Piero!!
    May you have many more blessed and love filled years ahead!!

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