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Tanti Aguri, Gianluca! ~ Jana

Hello friends!

Although Sanremo is now just a memory….All of us had been waiting for this week to happen, so we could support our guys, but no one had been waiting with more anticipation, than our beloved Gianluca! Obviously, for the special reason that he turned 20 years old on the day of their performance! What a special birthday he will never forget!

Jana - gian bd (2)

The Il Volo Detroit Fan Club also wanted to share with him his special day. Even though most of his birthday was pretty much over by the time we got together, we had a great time – only wish he could have been there – but of course he was there in spirit!

We all met at Antonio’s Cucina by 5:30p. Unfortunately, only 6 of us were able to make it, but we had a great time with our small group and everyone was able to talk to each other. We had a nice waiter, named Randy, who was gracious enough to put up with us and our craziness and take our pictures, when needed. A few of us ordered a special menu item, seriously called, “Il Volo Pollo” which was Italian style cut chicken in a rosemary wine glaze. I had that and it was very good. It was served with Italian style green beans and tomatoes and a side of pasta. They also had two special drinks for the night. A Nutella hummer, which I heard was very good and a “Gianluca” drink, consisting of raspberry or pineapple vodka, Amaretto, grenadine, sour mix, I think, and served with a maraschino cherry and orange slice! I had one of those – pretty potent! We also had a cake, wishing Gianluca “happy birthday” along with some special sugar cookies made by Emilia, frosted with Tanti Aguri, Gianluca!

We even played games – what’s a birthday party without games AND prizes!!?? The first game was “Gianluca trivia questions – 13 of them!” Personally, I got 2 wrong because I couldn’t remember his mother’s name (shame on me!) or his latest girlfriend’s name, although they had already broken up. The prize for that was a lovely pasta bowl from Italy. I won the easiest game next – just had to look under my bread plate and there was smiling Gian! I won a scrumptious looking bottle of Moscato from Sicily. Can’t wait to try it! However, I did not take his picture off my plate right away and Randy cleared the dishes away. He came back later and said he found a picture on the bottom of a plate and thought we’d like it back. However, one of the girls asked him if he wanted it, and guess what? He did!! Oh well… I have plenty of his selfies to look at on Instagram! The last game was a memory game – the brain just ain’t what it used to be and I was tired from working all day! They brought out a platter with all items “Gianluca.” Things like a cell phone, candy, Italy flag, We Are Love CD, etc. The prize for that was an adorable full front cooking apron that says Bella Italia and came from Italy! With a beautiful Italian countryside scene behind the words…

After that, we decided it was time to sing happy birthday! So, we lit the candles on the cake, turned on the video camera and sang both happy birthday AND tanti aguri to Gianluca! We sent the video off to Ercole for Gianluca to see. I’m sure he received many of them that day! We then cut the cake and it was delicious!

Antonio’s even played a few of their CDs for us to listen to. I heard you could hear them the best in the bathroom! Lol!

We all gathered around the cell phone to watch the Grande Amore presentation from that night. Attached here is a picture of the evening…. A big thank you to Donna and Emilia who organized this event and made sure everyone went home with their goodie bag as well, filled with Italian candies and of course – a “to go” of Nutella in honor of Gianluca!

We’ve decided to get together again for Piero’s birthday because this was so much fun! So, mark your calendars for June 24 – also a Wednesday.

I had so much fun meeting other Il Volovers. It was so nice to talk to someone else who felt the same way and had so many stories to tell. Everyone there, except for myself and the friend I brought, had seen and met them several times already. So, I was pretty much the newbie there! I really encourage you to do this in your hometowns, if you can. It is a grande amore time!

Ok, now for some exciting news!! I got an email from Amazon today and they said the Grande Amore CD was going to be released EARLIER than expected. Not sure if this is the same for anyone else that ordered from the Italian site – not sure how they can even do this? But, I am supposed to get it next week now! Like a week earlier. Still planning my CD release party, but girls – not sure I can hold off for a WHOLE WEEK and not listen to it first! That might be a little more self-control than I have right now…? Guess I’ll just have to replay their video over and over. Like wow – someone find an AED quick, because I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack after watching it the first time! I swear, I was breathless…even speechless, and for those of you who know me personally, that’s almost an impossibility!

Oh, and just one more little tidbit – I have converted another Il Volover! Quite unexpectedly, it’s a younger fellow in my department at work. A young, male, engineer. One day he asked me what I was listening to, as it sounded like opera. He sits on the other side of my cube. Well, poor guy, as you know, you get us talking about our guys and it’s the kiss of death! I tried to keep it short and excitedly told him who they were. Oddly, another young man that sat next to him, was familiar with them also!? Yes, I have to say, I was quite surprised…. Anyhow, to make a long story short, he listened to them and like a true follower he said, and I am just about quoting here “they sound pretty good by themselves, but when they sing together – wow!” Yes, a YOUNG GUY said that!! So, we are not alone ladies!! LOL! I have since turned him on to my just about all time favorite video of them doing “Surrender” at the Westbury on Jun 25, 2014. He watched it and said “that guy in the vest….” I said, “yeah, that’s Ignazio….” “He’s quite the ladies man,” he said, after he mentioned him dancing with the girl in the audience. “Oh yeah…,” I said. Next, I told him to find Memory. I’m sure he will tell me when he listens to that one!

Converting Il Volovers, one song at a time…. (I’m up to 7 now, how about you??)

Jana ScoobyDoo

Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!!

Tanti auguri dearest Gianluca!

On this day you officially leave your teen years, but you have possessed the wisdom and maturity of one much older for many years, now. This is one of your qualities which endears you to so many of your fans. You are an incredibly talented, kind, gracious and beautiful human being…inside and out. I wish you many blessings, angelo mio, on your birthday and always.

Beverly Olson


Gianluca, I hope you have the Happiest Birthday ever, and may every birthday after be happier than the last.  From one of your million #fan…Olgairis


Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca Ginoble!
You are beautiful inside and out! I love your soul as you expose it to us.
Granny Ilvolover, Lois Hartwig


Hello to Gianluca.

I do wish all the best in the world to you on your 20th birthday. I hope you can spend it with your family and friends. When you are on the road touring and doing other tasks for your career you probably feel what a great gift that wonderful family really is.

I expect that you will get birthday wishes from all over the world and you deserve it. You help bring love and passion into our lives.

All my best,

Myron Heaton
Las Vegas


A very Happy 20th Birthday. Keep singing with that beautiful voice. May God bless you and keep you healthy. … Alice


Per centi anni Gianluca. Have a beautiful birthday with your family and friends and don’t forget how much we love you always! xoxo Ann Scavo


Your “jump for joy” reminds me of Il Volo’s triumph at the Latin Grammys and your leap for joy! Tonight are Grammy awards and I am certain you will have many reasons to jump for joy in the coming years at these Grammys. 🙂 From Carolyn, New York and Brad, Florence (my son)- we met you in Stamford, CT meet and greet.



Dear Gian, Happy 20th Birthday!!
It’s going to be a busy birthday for you today! But not too busy to let you know how much you are loved. You, Gian, are a huge source of pride to me. With your amazing talent and success you still remain the boy from Montepango and a role model for youth everywhere. I wish you nothing but happiness in life with God’s blessings for you and your family. Buon Compleanno!
From Dallas TX, so much love, Mary Thomas




I am one of the Grandma fans as you call us… You are such a loving and respectful young man that you have captured my heart as I listen to your songs daily… I am proud to say that you and I share this Birthday … So my gift to you on our Birthday is love and prayers for you and a continued bright future…

Happy Birthday
Jeannette Giglio


 I have followed all your birthdays from far away Vancouver Island, since you were fourteen. Now you are no longer a teenager but I wish you Many Happy Returns of the Day. I know you have a bright future ahead and I hope for you that it is filled with amazing times. You are much admired and loved. Lesley Newall.


Happy birthday,Gianluca! Hope your day brings you every joy and happiness you wish for. Love you! Teresa Cosi


Birthdays are special days so have a fantastic BIRTHDAY. Gina from Texas


Dear Gianluca,
May you be blessed with many, many more years of happiness, health and continued success.
Thank you so much for lighting up my life with your music.
And happy, happy birthday!
All the best,
Laia Ben-Dov


Dear Gianluca, I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many more to come. You are a beautiful, talented, loving person!
Buon Compleanno,
Madeline Vitella


Dear Gianluca, You share such precious inspiration through your phenomenal voice, your wise words, and your willingness to be yourself. I am so grateful for your kind heart and for the magnificence of YOU. May your 20th birthday be filled with Joy and Gratitude for the Loving thoughts we hold for you. May your wishes soar on the wings of eagles and all come true in God’s good timing!
Feeling the Synergy of Love as I celebrate your birthday, Gianluca!
Jeanine DuBois jdubois1776@gmail.com (I don’t Tweet)


Happy Birthday to a wonderful singer and a wonderful person!

I saw you in concert three times – once in san diego where i gave you a postcard of my
grandparents home in Lettomanoppello Abruzzo.

You are a great representative for Italia around the world!!!

Concerto Senato was so fabulous – your voice is beautiful.

We love you.

Maria Tucci Hahn and Family

Dana Ducai
Dana Ducai



“It’s a beautiful day – It’s Gianluca’s birthday.


May you have many happy returns of this day.

Thank you for your wonderful music.

God Bless, from Ineke in SA”.


Thank YOU 4 giving this old gal beautiful memories and entertainment that brighten my days. Luv you 3 awesome guys!

xxx ooo
carol coates (a fan for life)




Dear Gian, 4 ur 20th: hugz & ksz, fond b’day whsz. Julie B.


Gianluca, your beautiful voice has changed my life! It brings me such happiness and joy. Not only do I love you, but also my daughter and my mother-in-law are big fans. What makes you so unique, is not only your smooth, dreamy voice, but also your sweet and humble nature. Please never change, I will be your fan forever! America LOVES you Gianluca….Happy 20th Birthday!!!!
Love Always,
Albany, New York, USA


Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!!! Have a wonderful day!! Love to you!! Anne Quinto. Marlene Hoatland. Gibson & Greek theaters M&G!


Birthday blessings for our precious Gianluca. I pray for your health, safety and continued success. May God bless you always and in all ways.

Ti Amo,
Phyllis K Fenton


For Gianluca on your 20th Birthday:
No longer a teen!
Now a “twenty-something”
Always gifted.
And now a Star!

Happy Birthday, star!
Keep on shining high!
Enjoy the ride!
We fly with you,
Our sweet GG.

Linda Parks


Tanti Auguri Gianluca! 20 years old and you have accomplished so much and continue to bring joy and happiness to so many people. You are a thoughtful, loving and caring young man. God bless you and your family always.



Happy 20th Birthday, Gianluca!  May the year ahead bring you as much joy and happiness as you bring to us, your devoted fans!

Best wishes!

Jane Ceminsky


Blue BirdGianluca,
A little bird whispered to me that it’s your Birthday.

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes,
Barbara from Maryland, USA

Happy happy 20th birthday our adorable guy. One look from your “bedroom” eyes will melt anyone. Keep on trucking. Joan Guyon

Dear Gianluca, 🙂 I don’t have too many words, but I just want to wish you a
Very Happy Birthday!!! 🙂
I would also like to say how much I loved meeting you when you were in Toronto in June 2014 and how much I enjoy your music, I feel very Blessed.
Annie Hatfield

Have a wonderful Birthday and many Blessings to you. ~ Lou Ann Vitolo


I.. have love and appreciation for [your] character, passion and dedication to sharing [your]  voice and talent to Il Volo’s music. I don’t know any other
way to say it: Happy 20th Birthday Gianluca!

Gale Wall


Dearest Gianluca–You are no longer a boy but a magnificent young man who mesmerizes,enchants and enhances our lives everyday with your amazing,God given,voice and tender,kind,compassionate and loving heart. Never doubt the power of your voice and never,ever doubt how very much you are loved. You are a gift to the world and will be for many, many years to come.
Happy 20th Birthday !!!
Joanie ( fl2)


Happy Birthday you brilliant, talented young man! Your life is a dream and because of you, so is mine.

Thank You!

~ Marie



Thank you for sharing your incredible talent and sweet, caring personality with the world.  You reminded me why I love music with the first note I heard you sing.  Hard to believe that 6 years have passed so quickly.

Have an awesome 20th Birthday!!

~ Kelly


Dear Gianluca, wishing you health, love, wealth, happiness and just everything your heart desires. Happy birthday and may you have the most amazing day at Sanremo.

~~ Elaine




Happy 20th Birthday, Gianlua!

~~ Michelle

Rapture ~ His and Ours

I don’t think I have ever featured a post on a single picture. Now I have to ’cause this one is special and it’s almost his birthday!

g - jumping for joy7

For me this picture, more than any ever taken of him , shows spirit, youth, bliss and an unrelenting zest for life… And what a life for a talented nearly 20 year old!

Don’t forget to email your brief Birthday Greeting to us at: ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com.

Jump For Joy Gianluca!

P.S. We love you!

Wish Gianluca a Happy Birthday….



Hey Everyone!

In one month, Gianluca will have his birthday…and it’s the…

Big 2 – 0!!!!!

To celebrate, I will be making a small video to go with a special birthday post of your wishes!


You can e-mail us your wishes to ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com.  Please try to keep your comments brief, as I don’t know how long a post can get before WordPress yells at me.  But I will make as many posts as necessary.  Since I won’t be adding comments in the video, I can take your comments up until February 10, so send them on over!

~~ Kelly