Rapture ~ His and Ours

I don’t think I have ever featured a post on a single picture. Now I have to ’cause this one is special and it’s almost his birthday!

g - jumping for joy7

For me this picture, more than any ever taken of him , shows spirit, youth, bliss and an unrelenting zest for life… And what a life for a talented nearly 20 year old!

Don’t forget to email your brief Birthday Greeting to us at: ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com.

Jump For Joy Gianluca!

P.S. We love you!

18 thoughts on “Rapture ~ His and Ours”

  1. And what a beautiful photo it is Marie !! Sometimes we tend to forget just how young and full of life our precious Guys are.
    I love Gianluca. I love his amazing God given voice, his handsome face and beautiful smile and his kind,tender, loving heart. I simply love everything about this Birthday Boy who is no longer a boy but a truly magnificent young man.

      1. You are a delight Marie and it was fun finally getting to visit with you and enjoy a lovely lunch overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway. I’m happy that you were able to enjoy some beautiful South Florida weather !!!!

  2. Gianluca is exited with the next step of entering adulthood but in a way sorry to leave the teenage status.
    I read the instructions on “All About Il Volo” about voting during the Sanremo contest but I am confused about USA being able to vote. Could someone please post some plain instructions on how we can vote. Thanks.

  3. Wonderful photo…the essence of youth. The free loving spirit of a young man mature way beyond his years in so many ways, yet for those of us who have seen him grow up before our very eyes…we will always remember the young Gianluca for years to come. Heart and voice of gold!

  4. We often think of Gianluca as the serious side of Il Volo… This picture is Gianluca enjoying life and feeling free… On stage he is the serious side of Il Volo… Off stage his is a joyful young man full of life and this picture is a perfect testament to that… Thank you for this post as our Bambino leaves the teenage years behind and moves forward into adulthood with all the Charisma, Charm, Voice, respect and beauty that is Gianluca…

  5. What a great photo !!! Wow ! does that catch the whole feeling. Sometime ago I sent a birthday letter and I just found out that he got it and may well respond – fingers crossed.

  6. I love that photo of Gianluca very much. He is totally free and in the moment. That is one of those gifts that he has, when you see Gianluca you see 100% him. When I was at my Meet & Greet, he was distracted but once he turned his attention to me for that photo moment he flashed me a smile that was truly breathtaking. It was just a few seconds of time but it was enough to be unforgettable. I remember being quite surprised.

  7. Gianluca is a vision of contrast; sometimes euphoric, sometimes very pensive. He is always thinking, always asking, always searching. This photo catches one of the most free moments I think I have ever seen from him, and I loved it; but he also has a third side, one that is easily moved by emotion. We’ve all seen it, and the lovely thing about it, is that he is not afraid to let it show. The most recent photo published that is a perfect example, is the one on ATIV a couple of days ago, showing him welling up with tears at the concert for the Italian President and Senate. It tore me up so, that I kept going back to it because I could not get it out of my mind. How can you not appreciate a young man that despite all the fame, is open and honest, and real. Happy or sad, emotional or quiet, our Gianluca is just that; he is our Gianluca.

    1. Kitty this is a perfect description of this young man that we love so much !! And I might add that you express yourself and write beautifully.

  8. Joaniefl2, thank you so much for your kind comments about my attempts to explain my thoughts, and have them make sense to someone other than myself. I am truly grateful for the opportunity given to me here, because like many of you this is pretty much my only outlet.
    As far as our subject matter, Il Volo, (or one of them or the other) we all feel the same about them , so I try to maybe say the same thing, but approach it a little different way. There are so many reasons to love each of them.


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