Wish Gianluca a Happy Birthday….



Hey Everyone!

In one month, Gianluca will have his birthday…and it’s the…

Big 2 – 0!!!!!

To celebrate, I will be making a small video to go with a special birthday post of your wishes!


You can e-mail us your wishes to ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com.  Please try to keep your comments brief, as I don’t know how long a post can get before WordPress yells at me.  But I will make as many posts as necessary.  Since I won’t be adding comments in the video, I can take your comments up until February 10, so send them on over!

~~ Kelly

11 thoughts on “Wish Gianluca a Happy Birthday….”

  1. He was born 2/11/95, he’ll be 20. Trying to get him closer to your age huh?

    Kelly, I really liked that bottom right picture. Don’t remember seeing it before. How handsome …and grown he looks.

    1. I believe the picture on the bottom right is from the press conference in Taormina at the Belmond Hotel.

  2. Happy Birthday, from your 86 year old great grandma ( I adopted you!)
    You are an amazing young man and I pray for you every day.


  3. Strangely sad that our teenagers are no longer teenagers. For the past 4 1/2 years I have been boasting about teenage trio that sounds like they are 30 years old. Now I am mad at Gianluca for growing old but I am also happy for him because I know he is excited about it.

    How depressing – that means I must have gotten older too??

  4. Yes, depressing as it is, we, too, have gotten older along with our beloved Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. We can no longer call them “boys”. They are fine young men, and I am so proud of them. What they have achieved in just a few years, is unbelievable. I am so glad I have been following them almost from the start. They are my “Italian grandsons” and I couldn’t love them more.

    Gianluca have a grand and glorious birthday. You are on your way to fulfilling your dreams!

  5. Happy Birthday Gianluca wishing you a fantastic birthday with new beginnings & new outlook. You are the true crooner in a new time. The older crooners were good but didn’t have your style. Best wishes for a wonderful career. Loretta Foley

  6. Gianluca, you will no longer be a teenager, now you are all growing up so fast, but I love you all and Gianluca, I wish you a Happy Birthday on Feb. 11th, just enjoying your music so much and reading about what you are doing every day!!!

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