Bring Your Album to my Senses

The New Album

Sung (mutilated and condensed) to the tune of “I Bring You to my Senses”

Here alone
I wish it was here to hold.
Time is moving much too slow, without it.
When I can’t see it.
I can almost hear it.

I play your other CD’s…CD’s
I know them all by heart somehow.
Please, I need a new one now.
I’d kiss it with my lips.

Save me from going senseless…senseless
I need it more than ever now.
I would love you anyhow,
You sang me thru the flu.

Bring your album to my senses…senses.
Bring your album to my senses…senses.

I lie awake,
and wish that time would melt away.
I wish I had the CD case sitting next to me.

When I can’t hear you,
I just don’t feel near you.

I wonder what the chance is…chance is
You’d put it in the mail today.

I see it when I close my eyes.
I feel it on my fingertips.
I’d kiss it with my lips.

I bring the CD to my senses.

When the studio can’t release it,
I see it, I feel it,
I can almost hear it.

If you find it…to…me.

I look everywhere I go
and even in Wal-Mart, alone
I look for it again.

Please relieve my music tenseness…tenseness.
Please relieve my music tenseness…tenseness.


42 thoughts on “Bring Your Album to my Senses”

  1. so cute, Marie! I think we all feel that way. Personally, if and when we ever get it, I’m already planning a “release” party with a few friends! 🙂 My plan is not to listen to it until we are all together – but I wonder if I can really hold out that long if I have it in my hands? Could I just pretend, for them, that I had not listened to it yet? lol!

  2. Jana, your predicament reminds me of a situation I was in years ago. I’m a HUGE Lord of the Rings fan and I had foolishly promised my family I would not go see the third movie until Christmas day when we would go as a family.
    What a stupid idea THAT was.
    Of course I went and saw it the first day it came out. Damm fine movie too. then come Christmas and I went with the family to the movie. Turns out I love LOTR so much I could watch it again and not even seem as if I had seen it already. I enjoyed it the second time as much as the first.
    I bet you can too!
    No way could a new IL VOLO CD be in my hot hands and not get instantly played!

  3. Marie, I giggled through whole song as I sang your words, so cute. I’m dying for that new CD too. I’ve got CD gifts I must send to people, whether they want them or not. But truly, I haven’t spoke with anyone that did not like Il Volo.

      1. Marie that was hilarious, you should tape it & send it to the guys & they would be in stitches also. Way to go.

  4. Love it! A perfect melding of the tune and new set of lyrics. Your words are so touching and true. They so well express the emotions of us lovers of Il Volo and our need to have our appetites for more satisfied. We have been starving for too long….Sony, have mercy!!

  5. Oh! MARIE!!! This may be your finest work!! I’ve spent the time WAITING for the new CD trying to decide a name for it!! Yeah , I know….my latest guess is” Mas, Mas Amore! We can’t have too much amore! THANKS, for the song!! You did good! Til next time! ….Dot!

  6. Marie, once again you have expressed our feelings in poetry. Sometimes I feel like marching up to Mr. Sony’s door and demanding to know just why he is making us wait sooo long for that new CD. Doesn’t he realize we are – and I’ll use Mary’s word here – starving to hear our beloved Il Volo’s new CD.? It has been simply ages!

  7. Grazie Marie! Meravigliosa (love this Italian word) It means that I think that Marie did a ‘wonderful’ poem once again, so talented!
    Marie thanks in advance for making it possible for me to also get this precious new CD at the same time as all the Il Volovers in America.

    1. Thanks Ineke. Do you happen to have a magic wand? Doesn’t “meravigliosa” sound like something Harry Potter would say? I think maybe Italian words are magic. Especially words like Gianluca, Piero and that other beautiful Italian word…Ignazio!!

      1. Oh Marie, you never fail to crack me up! Now I have three more magic words to add to my lexicon

    2. Love that word, Ineke, and doesn’t it describe our guys? They are meravigliosa!! My Italian dictionary says that it means amazing, wonderful and that fits them to a T. Thanks for sharing that word. It’s beautiful.

  8. I love how you put all the feeling we all have so clearly. I am going crazy waiting for the new cd. As soon as it comes out I’m going to buy it and play it.

  9. You did a great job on this one Marie, and we all are going crazy waiting for the new CD from Il Volo….Can you imagine the stampede of all of us Il Volovers on the first day buying up every New CD we can get our hands on… No fighting, kicking, or pulling hair please …But they better not run out before we all get ours on the very first day… Thanks Marie …

      1. I think I saw that one of Diane Warren’s songs is being sung at Sanremo. Didn’t she write Painfully Beautiful and This Time? Always liked those songs, and thought that Painfully Beautiful was underrated.

  10. Thanks Marie for the new version expressing Ilvolovers feelings and breaking the tension of waiting for the new CD. A reminder that we all feel the same way. There is no way I could possess this CD and not play it . It will be played in the car on the way home. Hey Sony, how about at least a release date!!! Please?

  11. Donna, your groveling. See Sony, I’m not the only one! Hope it works!

    After I get it, in the mail cause I’ll pre-order, I’ll hug it first. Then curse it because I can’t get the wrapper off. Then I’ll give it a quick kiss all the while running to my CD player. Yep, that’s the plan and I’m sticking to it!!

    1. I would love to pre-order, but does anyone know the title? I suppose it can be pre-ordered without the title, but would like to know if it has been revealed…….

      1. Mary, Mary, Mary, if I knew wouldn’t I already have told you? Wouldn’t I have used it in the mutilated song above? Wouldn’t I have it tattooed on my forehead? Wouldn’t I stop crying and begging? Think Mary, think!

    2. Sounds just about right Marie! Here’s a tip–use a letter opener–if you have one–to take off that pesky cellophane. Just stick the tip of it on the edge where it is folded over and rip away!

      1. Thanks Penina. I usually get frustrated and rip at it, like some ballistic idiot, with my teeth. I’ll try the letter opener. Really soon I hope.

  12. Thanks Marie for putting into words,as only you can do, all the emotions we are all feeling while waiting for this new CD !! And to the tune of one of the most romantic of all their songs !! Love it !! Our Guys certainly do personify romance in every way !!!! Love them !!
    I have a gift card for Barnes & Noble so I hope they will be selling the new CD !! So exciting !! Can’t wait !!! Yea !!!

  13. I think there will be a long line at Barnes and Noble. I hope amazon has enough for all of us. Joanie G

  14. You did it again, Marie, better than ever!!! I just love the words, will be singing this all the time!!! Not only are all of us dying to have the CD in our hands, I just have to see them & talk to our sweethearts again!!! This time I will write down what I need to tell them!!! I will practice each word till I am letter perfect. This will all spill out of my mouth & no grouchy attendant will be able to move the M&G line along till I am done!!! So there you are!!! My son will pre order this precious CD for me & my friend Marlene from Amazon. The CD’s will arrive on the release date. Then I can rush to my CD player & be lost in the wonder of the new songs from the Italian summer concerts!!! Almost Heaven! Heaven being with our guys & able to give them hugs!!! I love being able to say what ever I feel to all of you! I just love Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero with all my heart! 💖💖💖

  15. Marie- somehow my word press icon changed from black to green and now I’m not getting the new comments in my e-mail. Any suggestions ?

    1. Sorry Joanie, no idea. You have asked the wrong person. Try closing down and starting again???? Also, re-check that little box under your comment when you write one (before you hit “post comment”) that says, “Notify me of new comment via email”. That’s all I’ve got.

  16. Been missing your sense of humor in the little essays, lyrics, etc that you write. I’m like you I am having a really hard time waiting for the new CD…and I will not wait until my birthday to hear, see it.! Tks Donna

  17. Ah, Marie, you did it again! Such a cute “song”, and now it’s stuck in my head (with YOUR lyrics!) Thanks for making us all smile through our frustration in waiting for the new CD! Love ya!

  18. Marie, you have done it again, thanks for entertaining us as we wait not so patiently for the new CD, you have such a gift and I for one appreciate it, hope we don’t have to wait too much longer, but I’m still enjoying what I already have.

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