Tanti Aguri, Gianluca! ~ Jana

Hello friends!

Although Sanremo is now just a memory….All of us had been waiting for this week to happen, so we could support our guys, but no one had been waiting with more anticipation, than our beloved Gianluca! Obviously, for the special reason that he turned 20 years old on the day of their performance! What a special birthday he will never forget!

Jana - gian bd (2)

The Il Volo Detroit Fan Club also wanted to share with him his special day. Even though most of his birthday was pretty much over by the time we got together, we had a great time – only wish he could have been there – but of course he was there in spirit!

We all met at Antonio’s Cucina by 5:30p. Unfortunately, only 6 of us were able to make it, but we had a great time with our small group and everyone was able to talk to each other. We had a nice waiter, named Randy, who was gracious enough to put up with us and our craziness and take our pictures, when needed. A few of us ordered a special menu item, seriously called, “Il Volo Pollo” which was Italian style cut chicken in a rosemary wine glaze. I had that and it was very good. It was served with Italian style green beans and tomatoes and a side of pasta. They also had two special drinks for the night. A Nutella hummer, which I heard was very good and a “Gianluca” drink, consisting of raspberry or pineapple vodka, Amaretto, grenadine, sour mix, I think, and served with a maraschino cherry and orange slice! I had one of those – pretty potent! We also had a cake, wishing Gianluca “happy birthday” along with some special sugar cookies made by Emilia, frosted with Tanti Aguri, Gianluca!

We even played games – what’s a birthday party without games AND prizes!!?? The first game was “Gianluca trivia questions – 13 of them!” Personally, I got 2 wrong because I couldn’t remember his mother’s name (shame on me!) or his latest girlfriend’s name, although they had already broken up. The prize for that was a lovely pasta bowl from Italy. I won the easiest game next – just had to look under my bread plate and there was smiling Gian! I won a scrumptious looking bottle of Moscato from Sicily. Can’t wait to try it! However, I did not take his picture off my plate right away and Randy cleared the dishes away. He came back later and said he found a picture on the bottom of a plate and thought we’d like it back. However, one of the girls asked him if he wanted it, and guess what? He did!! Oh well… I have plenty of his selfies to look at on Instagram! The last game was a memory game – the brain just ain’t what it used to be and I was tired from working all day! They brought out a platter with all items “Gianluca.” Things like a cell phone, candy, Italy flag, We Are Love CD, etc. The prize for that was an adorable full front cooking apron that says Bella Italia and came from Italy! With a beautiful Italian countryside scene behind the words…

After that, we decided it was time to sing happy birthday! So, we lit the candles on the cake, turned on the video camera and sang both happy birthday AND tanti aguri to Gianluca! We sent the video off to Ercole for Gianluca to see. I’m sure he received many of them that day! We then cut the cake and it was delicious!

Antonio’s even played a few of their CDs for us to listen to. I heard you could hear them the best in the bathroom! Lol!

We all gathered around the cell phone to watch the Grande Amore presentation from that night. Attached here is a picture of the evening…. A big thank you to Donna and Emilia who organized this event and made sure everyone went home with their goodie bag as well, filled with Italian candies and of course – a “to go” of Nutella in honor of Gianluca!

We’ve decided to get together again for Piero’s birthday because this was so much fun! So, mark your calendars for June 24 – also a Wednesday.

I had so much fun meeting other Il Volovers. It was so nice to talk to someone else who felt the same way and had so many stories to tell. Everyone there, except for myself and the friend I brought, had seen and met them several times already. So, I was pretty much the newbie there! I really encourage you to do this in your hometowns, if you can. It is a grande amore time!

Ok, now for some exciting news!! I got an email from Amazon today and they said the Grande Amore CD was going to be released EARLIER than expected. Not sure if this is the same for anyone else that ordered from the Italian site – not sure how they can even do this? But, I am supposed to get it next week now! Like a week earlier. Still planning my CD release party, but girls – not sure I can hold off for a WHOLE WEEK and not listen to it first! That might be a little more self-control than I have right now…? Guess I’ll just have to replay their video over and over. Like wow – someone find an AED quick, because I thought for sure I was going to have a heart attack after watching it the first time! I swear, I was breathless…even speechless, and for those of you who know me personally, that’s almost an impossibility!

Oh, and just one more little tidbit – I have converted another Il Volover! Quite unexpectedly, it’s a younger fellow in my department at work. A young, male, engineer. One day he asked me what I was listening to, as it sounded like opera. He sits on the other side of my cube. Well, poor guy, as you know, you get us talking about our guys and it’s the kiss of death! I tried to keep it short and excitedly told him who they were. Oddly, another young man that sat next to him, was familiar with them also!? Yes, I have to say, I was quite surprised…. Anyhow, to make a long story short, he listened to them and like a true follower he said, and I am just about quoting here “they sound pretty good by themselves, but when they sing together – wow!” Yes, a YOUNG GUY said that!! So, we are not alone ladies!! LOL! I have since turned him on to my just about all time favorite video of them doing “Surrender” at the Westbury on Jun 25, 2014. He watched it and said “that guy in the vest….” I said, “yeah, that’s Ignazio….” “He’s quite the ladies man,” he said, after he mentioned him dancing with the girl in the audience. “Oh yeah…,” I said. Next, I told him to find Memory. I’m sure he will tell me when he listens to that one!

Converting Il Volovers, one song at a time…. (I’m up to 7 now, how about you??)

Jana ScoobyDoo

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  1. What a wonderful birthday party. Wish I could be there. I am in Chicago. Piero’s birthday party will probably be larger. I ordered my cd from the Italian Amazon website.

    1. Yes, we had a great time! We are hoping more will show for Piero’s, but I think the weather had a lot to do with the turnout – it was cold, drizzly, freezing rain kind of evening! So cool – I am supposed to get my CD tomorrow. It is coming DHL and I have to remember to put a note on the door to leave it without a signature!

    2. Great! Let us know when you receive it! If you want to get away for a few days, I think the train is only 4 hours and it connects right in Dearborn now?

  2. Wow!!! What a great bday party for our handsome GIANLUCA. I’m impressed that you were able to covert these guys. Good job. I have watched the videos of SANREMO but sometimes, it hard opening the links. I listen to it with my ear pod ’cause it sounds 100 times better. You can hear the drums and violins as though you are in the audience. Their voices are so strong especially Ignazio. I love GRANDE AMORE so much. I so glad you guys had a great time. Gianluca and Ignazio looks like they had a wonderful home coming from their cities. I’m sure piero was no exception. I get so angry when I read the horrible comments from the jealous haters. After Eurovision, that should SHUT them up.

    1. yes, the negativity from the critics can put a damper on things…let’s hope it doesn’t damper the guys’ spirit!

  3. Good post Jana about your birthday party for Gianluca. Sounded like fun. Keep the good work promoting Il Volo. They need male fans as well as women the more the merrier & extra hands for voting.

  4. Jana, you are awesome! That was a great post. You almost made me want to come to Detroit in June but….sadly I am saving my money for wherever I have to go to find IL VOLO this summer. A girl has to have her priorities ya know!

    1. Thanks! Us Detroit girls think they will be back in Detroit/US maybe later in the fall, since they seem to be doing Italy in May/June/July/August? We shall see? I know, I too am worried they won’t make a stop in Detroit – keeping my fingers crossed though!

  5. It looks like a good time was had by all. I live very close by and hope that I can join in the festivities for Piero’s birthday. It would be great to meet other ILVOLERS here in the Detroit area. Can’t wait to hear your “review” of the Sanremo cd.

    1. Chris – great to know you live nearby! It’s always fun meeting new people. I have sent in “something” and Marie will be posting it soon. Don’t want to spoil the surprise, but I love the songs on the CD. Can’t seem to get Grande Amore out of my head. I listened to it all day at work. And I have to watch the video of it at least once a day. Il Volo medicine – to keep us warm here in Detroit!!

      1. IL VOLO medicine can make you feel better real quick. Agree with your opinion of Grande Amor. I actually have on my phone the video of them singing Grande Amor and Ancora. I put the earplugs in, watch them and listen to those wonderful voices. Makes for a “Beautiful Day”. If any IL VOLERS want to get together at any time please let me know. Would like to meet and get to know other fans in the area. Would be great if they do make a return to Detroit later in the year.

    2. Chris – you say you live very close. i am in Dearborn and someone else is in Plymouth. Are you close to either of those places? maybe we could meet in the middle somewhere. Maybe when it gets to freezing again? lol!

      1. Jana, I live in Westland in between the two. So anywhere would be fine. It would be great to get together.

  6. Thanks for a great post Jana. What a wonderful Birthday party you had in Detroit in honor of our dear Gianluca !!! He definitely deserves it all !! I think it is amazing how many people these three exceptional young men have brought together in friendship and in celebration of their love for Il Volo. I just hope that Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero know how far reaching their effect is on people and how much they are loved by all of us.

    1. Thanks! Yes, Marie says “they know” I really hope they do. Yes, it is amazing that something can connect so many people all around the world. Something so honest, good, and pure. Of course, when I see them, I’ll tell them again! Just in case they forgot….

  7. Thank you for sharing Gianluca’s birthday bash… I am sure Gianluca would be happy to know that his Birthday was celebrated for him, while he was busy entertaining us with the first introduction to Grande Amore with Il Volo at Sanremo… What a Birthday present that was for him then for Il Volo to go on and win … You did an excellent job of sharing the emotion of the night with us… Thank you

  8. I’m impressed that you gals could meet despite the weather in Detroit. My CD arrives on March 3. Can’t wait. Wish I was with you. Joanie G

    1. Hi Joanie – guess we are just die-hard fans! Lol! Mine came DHL. I think because I had express shipping and I got a text saying it was to be delivered yesterday. Since I couldn’t be there to sign for it, they said to leave a note with waybill number and your signature to just leave in the door. I didn’t want to take any chances, so I wrote my note on this big piece of cardboard and taped it to the door. Unfortunately, they didn’t come til about 7 and I was home. After I got the CD, the driver says “that’s the biggest note I’ve ever seen!” Lol! I told him I wasn’t taking any chances!

  9. We can’t get “Grande Amore” on YouTube in the USA, but Ineke can in South Africa. She tells me that in the 6 days “Grande Amore” has been published it has been viewed 4,953,107 times! I wonder what that number would be if we were allowed to view it here?!

    1. There was a notice on Youtube a day or two ago that it isn’t available here either. Today, however, the “Grande Amore” video IS on Youtube here and can definitely be seen. Also, the video has been on Il Volo’s own website since it was issued. The link is ilvolomusic.com (which some of you will recognize as the “old” website). Apparently Sony has taken it over and it is vastly improved. The video is on there too – just click on “videos” at the top of the page. On the right-hand side there is a list of videos, and it is the first one on the list. If you click on that name on the list you will be able to watch it. Enjoy!!

      1. Thank you, thank you Jeannette. Yes, I agree
        Il Volo is simply the best in the world . . .

  10. Could someone explain the meaning of the hashtag “#boicottiamoilvolo”? I understand tastes vary but people are acting like Il Volo is bad! I don’t know Italian, so something might be a might lost on me in Google Translate.

    I’m a little surprised about this… they aren’t all that bad! I know people like different types of music… but why are they going this far?

      1. Doesn’t make any sense but that’s what I got from my little Italian dictionary I keep. From the verb boicottare – to boycott. That’s all it says.

      2. Thank you for the definition. I suppose we’ll have to wait for an Italian speaker to clear things up…

        I can hardly think of what Il Volo could do that people would want to boycott. It’s not like they kick puppies!

  11. And Marie, they are not counting the views directly on Rai1 which I have been using! now, as one of you mentioned, the new web-site has three names at the bottom right. one of them is Etihad Airways. my question is how involved is Etihad with them. it would seem that their web-site is partly sponsored by Etihad. is Etidad hiring them as representative in Italy? because I notice that they went there already, and to Dallas, and are going back for just a concert on Saturday, so I am just interested to know what roll Etidad is playing for them now, because it seems like they have some obligations to Etidad. I would be interested to see how big a concert they would have in Dubai, and if the people there go to see them!!!
    all these new “press” you have “hired” Marie are very good!! maybe they could be the “press” next time Il Volo have an event??

    1. Thank you Deanne – that is so nice of you to say! I also wonder how involved they are with Etihad. I’m sure they get treated like royalty there, but some of the people I work with, that are from India, and although they are American citizens, they say in the Dubai airport they treat Americans very badly…they avoid going through Dubai as much as possible.

  12. Jana, WONDERFUL article! What a fun party you all had. Loved your games and prizes!! Only wishing we didn’t live so far apart or I’d be at your next party. Good job converting others, especially guys, to the finer things in life…like IL VOLO and their mesmerizing music!

    1. Thank you, Mary Jane! Yes, it was a lot of fun! Are you out of state, or just far away in Michigan? It’s usually pretty nice here in June, if you want to consider taking a day/overnight trip?

  13. Since they won in San Remo and go back to their home towns, the people are singing with them! This is awesome and sounds so beautiful. I hope this trend continues in Italy. I don’t thing this could ever happen with any other singers. They keep spreading the love everywhere they go. Amore Grande!

    1. Ann – yes, I found it quite amazing that the people seemed to learn the words so quickly. Especially in that one video of Ignazio, where all the people are singing in the crowd. Of course, made me chuckle when Ignazio gently corrected them on their words!

      1. Yes, Ignacio corrected them on the words; that was so cute – something they do all the time! That’s why there has never been a song we didn’t love. They put 100% in everything they do.

    I found it by mistake–oh, lovely mistake–and the songs are .99 cents each.
    There are 7 of them,

  15. Downloaded the Sanremo cd. OMG!!!!! I’ve probably listened to it 7 or 8 times already. The songs they selected are absolutely beautiful. My ipod is sure going to get a workout listening to this cd.

    1. Yes, I find them almost haunting….one of them reminds me of the Lawrence Welk show! That kind of sound and rhythm of the music… Lol! Enjoy!

      1. Totally agree about the music.. I find my self swaying to the music like I’m dancing. For some reason the songs on this cd really got to me. I find myself crying while listening. Crazy ? It must be the magic in their voices.

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