Sanremo is but a memory… A wonderful memory ~ Jeannette

Il Volo It has been such an exciting week for Il Volo and us fans… So many pictures, so many interviews… So many videos… I have read that so many of us were glued to RAI1 that things were left undone around the house… Dinners were eating while watching Sanremo… I too fit that description… I also did not answer my phone while watching… I didn’t want to miss a thing…(Hmm, sounds like a good title for a song) I am with the rest of you about the competition being rather weak… The critics being completely tone deaf, ignorant of quality music, and disrespectful… The negativity just shows their poor judgement …After the win, they should have sucked it up and given Il Volo well deserved Congratulations… But all in all, the end result was what we were waiting for…


And that was without us being able to vote a million times each… I cannot remember when I have had a more exciting week of enjoying Il Volo…

Congratulations , Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca… You showed Italy what the world has knows for years….


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  1. The strength of your voices and your passion was a joy to behold. Congratulations, again, to Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca. You will have many more celebrations as you follow your dream. From Carolyn and Brad (in Florence).

  2. Jeannette I agree with what you posted about Sanremo I think I am still coming down from the emotional high I got watching the whole week and then the final night seemed like an eternity waiting to hear the results and then when the guys won the joy on their faces I was so happy for them as for the critics who needs them. We know how great IL Volo iis even if the critics don’t. God Bless Piero, Ignazio, and Gianlucca they are something else. Love IL Volo.

  3. This has been the most wonderful week! I am still having IL Volo withdrawal. I loved every moment of the contest and watched it all. I am so glad I purchased the RAI station on my cable. Worth every last cent. The boys were magnificent, the way they always are. I await my pre-ordered CD of Grande Amore. A song that is now one of my favorites. It’s a shame those tone deaf critics had their say. But, even like America, Italy has freedom of speech. IL Volo deserves every bit of praise we, their loyal fans, give them. God bless them all.

  4. My heart swells with so much pride for them. I am sure their families and friends are so proud of them. I am excited about Ignazio becoming an Ambassador for Marsala. I loved their expressions on their faces and their pictures with the different girls were so beautiful. I wish I was young again. Sigh!! Ignazio’s picture with the girl around the pottery wheel was so natural for him and in a way sensual.

    1. Sorry bbubb sensual isn’t strong enough definitely sexy all the way & so relaxed & that girl was so perfect.
      He is totally my precious

      1. Well I was going to use the word sexy but I thought it might offend someone. But yes, definitely sexy. He is totally precious for sure.

      2. Sensual can be a very sexy word. It goes to the presence of the moment. I love it, and Ignazio’s performance in the music video is deliciously sensual! 😉

        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    2. Yes, that video was something! I don’t think Ignazio was doing much acting in that one. He just looked so totally natural, as you said, and he was probably enjoying it very much with that big smile on his face. I have a feeling that video is what helped put them over the top for the win? Who could compete with that?

  5. Thank you, Jeanette,
    It was such a wonderful week for our amazing guys & their magnificent music!!! I was glued to my IPad along with everyone else! I got the live program on Wed & Thurs but Fri & Sat I couldn’t get it live!! Some sort of operator error I am sure. Just stayed with FB & saw everything as it was posted! Was fine I knew a few minutes after they won & saw it all then! I don’t think I have ever cried so many happy tears!!! Such an emotional week for us all. We all know the full worth of Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero, no critic can change our minds!!! I am so proud & happy for them!!! We are on this journey together, who knows how high this flight will reach to as we move into Spring & Summer & the balance of this exciting year, 2015!!!

  6. Yes, Jeannette, Italy was shown what we in the US/Canada have known. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio are THE VERY BEST. What a great joy it was, to have the critics’ words thrown back in their faces, and they didn’t have the grace to admit they were wrong. Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio you have worked hard, and deserve every honor that is being bestowed on you. I am so very, very proud of you. Love from Minnesota, Allene

  7. I am so happy & proud of our guys I could burst now I want to see how Marsala is going to present to Ignazio Ambassador of Marsala its about (xxc/ox) time, can’t use swear words so you get the message,.
    Sweethearts I LOVE YOU from the top off my head to my toes I have said before you can do no wrong. You shoved those critics words back down their throats, hope they choke.
    PLEASE come to Canada
    Marsala is supposed to be presenting to Ignazio at 17.00 hours tomorrow if I read that right. That is about 5 pm our

      1. Where in the USA are you Loretta? Cuz, if you are 11pm MY time it is in the Pacific Nortwest… somehow I think you are talking about the east coast or the Midwest.
        West coast is the Best Coast and IL VOLO are the CHAMPS!

      2. Pirate I’m in Toronto Canada & I understand we are 6 hours behind Italy so if they are going to be presented at 17.00 hours thats 5 p.m. so wouldn’t it make Canadian time 11 p.m.??
        Tell the right time please I don’t want to miss their presentation.

      3. Loretta, I was just informed I missed the presentation in Marsala THIS MORNING. Drat!

  8. Congratulations Gianluca,Piero, and Ignazio , for a job well done ! Looking forward to what is to come next for you guys, so much exciting momements in your life !

  9. Already said it once but I feel I need to say it again: CONGRATS TO
    Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero – BRAVO ! The best in Italy. Now on to the all-Europe festival – THE EUROVISION 2015 to be held in Vienna.

    I do believe that Il Volo is better than the other nations’ winners – so far.
    I am hoping I can be there on May 19, 21, 23 .

  10. after reading Gianluca’s father’s lovely letter of thanks on behalf of the boys, I feel the need to say something: I can see Il Volo have their critics. many critics argue that this is old fashion music, that contemporary music is the style today! so I would like to ask them who dictates what kind of music someone should like? because something is from the past, is it bad?
    they seem to prefer seeing Miley Cyrus gyrate in all her vulgarity(is this contemporary??)to young men with values and respect for women and use their God given talent to bring peace and love to others. no wonder the world is in such a mess!! with the preferences of the “Press” and the “Experts” God help our world. I will end by saying that the press in particular can take the blame for what passes as entertainment today. instead of blocking, they actually promote vulgarity, but when there is good wholesome entertainment, not a word.what a world to bring our children into!!! Thank God for Il Volo. I will fight for them and support them to my last breath

    1. I agree with you Deanne…but I have not seen Senor Ginobles letter nor have I seen any announcement of Marsala for Ignazio. ( much overdue btw) where did you see these?

      1. Pirate I saw the presentation of Ignazio in Marsala this morning on All About Il Volo

  11. Jeannette, very nice post! Thank you! And Deanne…you are so very right!! All types of music exist in our world today because there are certain people who like all types of music. It would be a boring world with only one sound of music being played everywhere (unless of course it was from Il Volo). 🙂 That being said, what our young people in the US embrace as “talent” and I use that world loosely…is very sad. I think adults in our country will continue to embrace IL VOLO and their magnificent voices as their level of maturity and God given talent far surpasses what our young people turn to. Luckily other parts of the world see, hear and understand what Il VOLO is all about and what they bring to the table is pure perfection in a world filled with music….but only ONE GIANLUCA, ONE PIERO AND ONE IGNAZIO! How fortunate we are to have them in our world. Congratulations again, dear guys.

  12. Great job, Jeannette! Now, if we have any energy left, we must now put all of our emotions into cheering the guys to Eurovsion! I don’t know, can our hearts take 3 more months of waiting? Hope the guys are up to it!

  13. I definitely agree with you Deanne the critics have noting else to criticize so they have to flap their gums about something. Meanwhile they haven’t really looked at the songs that Il Volo has been singing for the last 5 years & that is old fashioned music from Italy no less & they started with O Sol o Mio. That is what WE want to hear or anything else they want to sing. The songs they sing from Italy are beautiful they know what songs to pick or if they decide on something newer & what I like is they can take a song from another group like One Direction & make it their own.
    I grew up listening to great orchestras, wonderful singers & beautiful songs & on into the 50\s that’s what I was dancing to. .And the 50’s as I remember that was the best music ever.. Our guys bring me back to great music no matter what language they sing. Their presence on stage is respectful & sincere
    So Deanne you & I will be fighting & supporting them side by side. Il Volo has been reaching out to the younger generation to attract them to their kind of music & particularly in the Latin countries it seems to be succeeding so lets hope it will be more prevalent in the States & Canada & I think it will.

  14. Last night I could not fall asleep, partly because of excitement, feelings of pride, and a whole lot of love; mixed with anger and outrage. I ran into a listing of comments, 543 comments to be exact, from mostly Italy. I would say that probably 2/3rds were negative, some using language extremely inappropriate. Needless to say I was not a happy camper, to say the least! But I did get a sense of what the main issued seemed to be. Some referred to the old music vs new music theme, some to the intense presentation (yelling), but a large number voiced to the song itself. Most said it was old music, just beefed up, or it was not a singable song. It wasn’t something you would hear on the radio, or sing in your car, or in your head for that matter. My question is, if it isn’t listenable, why is it the #1 most popular new song on ITunes, occuring even before the second nights presentation? Their next statement was that the popularity wouldn’t last. — It’s popular now people! You’re admitting it’s something new, and different? Well, well. It hasn’t even been releast yet in the US or Canada. What’s going to happen when it is? I could tell you, but I will wait! After reading 400 of the comments, I decided I couldn’t take any more, and shut down the computer. Huh, take that!!

    This morning, I tried to find the same site to finish reading,(for what ever reason), but with no sucess. Maybe it was a sign that what I really needed was to find the positive comments instead. Thank, goodness that was very easy to do. I found out how to translate many things, especially Italian news articles, and discovered a wealth of beautiful wishes, and very interesting info and background insight about the various responses. It takes some time, but it was those articles; and the links for more on AAIL, that allowed me to make some sense of all the whys and wherefores of the different issues. I learned a lot, but read everything so you can get a real feel for the reasons behind some of what you are reading. Very interesting, but also very complimentary for Il Volo.

  15. If its not something ” You would hear in your head or sing in your car”
    then how come I can’t get it OUT of my head ( & frankly I don’t want to) and if I only had the CD I would be playing it in my CAR and everywhere else!

    Right now I want to know why I can’t find the Grande Amore video on YOUTUBE and I can’t find the video of them performing Ancora *which btw, came ini SECOND as a cover song!!!

    1. Pirate, this link works for me. For the Grande Amore video. And I just go to and type in Ancora Il VOlo in the search box and I get their video of the performance.

      1. It works for me also. This is the first time I have seen this video and all I have to say WOW what a beautiful video and it looks like they were really enjoying themselves!! <3

    2. Your right Pirate I couldn’t sleep because Ancoura was rolling around in my head all night. I love that song & Grande Amre. These people only want something to complain about they know that Il Volo is the BEST & don’t want to admit it.

  16. I stayed up almost all night making a wonderful collage from the moments right after the announcement of their win! So grateful for this recognition for IL VOLO and for this lovely article and photo from you, Jeannette!

    Grande Amore is singing in my mind most every moment of the day!

    Awesome news, Connie, about Ancora!

    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  17. KittyKam, I too got very distressed at some of the negative things I read, but you know what!! I have decided to not read those things again because that is giving the devil a foothold which is exactly what he wants: to make us feel they are not good enough, which is a lie! we can crush his head down in the mud by rejecting his lies and supporting our boys all the way, and sending out that message. I was not going to buy the new EP because I though I would wait for the LP later on as I felt the same songs would be on it, but I have now decided to buy it. this opposition has embolden me to fight for the truth, and in every way I can I will speak out and support them. they got the people’s vote, do you realize that!!! and we are going to prove the critics WRONG. I cant wait for that day when they have to put their tail between their legs and admit it!!!!


  19. Peninahonig thank you so much for telling Pirate how to find Ancora. Oh man I did what you said and went on hit Ancora IL Volo on search and it came up.
    Oh INCREDIBLE. Talk about a song to melt into your heart I think that’s it. thank you so much for the heads up.

    1. If you can’t find Grande Amore you can get the performances of it there on also. Not the video they made, but the actual performance. They have both the first one and the winning one. I am not sure how to bring up the first one, but I know it is there. Maybe with the date 02 11 2015.

  20. The guys themselves have said from the beginning that they wanted to bring that “old” music to the world in a new way. And I’ve certainly had Grande Amore stuck in my head, I like it there!
    I do believe that we, as well as Il Volo, need to read the critics opinions. Reading only pretty compliments can give them a big head. I can assure you that both Michele and Barbara are reading everything.
    As for me personally, I beyond excited that Piero, Guanluca and my beloved Ignazio won and that the people of Italy is finally can see the talent of Il Volo!

  21. Gianluca was honored last night with a big party his home city Montepagano did to his welcome home. It was a nice party with fireworks and despite the bad weather, Montepagano´s Square was full with about 800 people, that´s means a half of Montepagano was there, his family and friends too. He received from the Mayor the keys of the city , and will be Nominated As Ambassador of Roseto Degli Abruzzi in the World, as Ignazio and Piero have already nominated by their home city.

    1. We havent forgotten or neglected, Josie. 🙂 I cant always get the news up as quickly as it appears. Please be patient wih me. 🙂

      1. Don´t worry, I only wanted to show this, because as you said the news comes so quickly, and tomorrow will already be the past.

    2. I don’t know if anyone noticed that the video with the Grand Amore song comes from 3 films. Ignazio is from “Ghost”, Piero is from “Back To The Futrue” and GianLuca is from “Spiderman”. I wonder who thought of the video for them to do this. Themselves picking their favorite love films or someone else? If anyone knows please let us know.

  22. What an exciting week this has been for our guys and for all of us that love them !!
    Grande Amore is such a beautiful and powerful song that I also can’t get it out of my head. I can’t stop watching them sing it and I walk around humming it.
    I felt very emotional seeing the outpouring of love for Gianluca in Montepagano. He definitely was feeling very emotional too and it is a beautiful thing that he is able to show us his sensitive side. It was a magnificent celebration !!! Ignazio is finally going to get the recognition he deserves in Marsala and I’m sure there will also be a celebration for Piero in Naro. I love that they share their families,homes, and towns with all of us. It makes us feel so close to them and makes us love them even more.

    1. Gianluca lives in a small village, Piero lives in a small town, Ignazio lives in a much larger town. So thankful that Marsala is finally acknowledging our precious Ignazio!!

  23. I want to thank everyone who posted to my very first contribution to the flight crew Blog… Having read all the comments posted in the last few days, I am just overwhelmed with emotion that a few words from me could generate so many wonderful and passionate responses… We all love Il Volo and we all share so much emotion when we talk about them… We feel like they are our own family and we protect them as if they were … I am sure that Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would be so happy to read these posts and to know they are so loved…
    grazie mille

  24. So glad to hear, Jeannette!

    And now for totally yummy, delicious news…
    Grande Amore MUSIC VIDEO and ALBUM are NOW on iTUNES USA! You can purchase and download them right now!!

    IL VOLO, we love you! Thank you for remembering us in the USA!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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