Il Volo Professional ~~ The Win; San Remo 2015

Hey, Everyone!

I am not going to waste any time talking because this speaks all on its own.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly


The Official Announcement

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The Performance

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62 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ The Win; San Remo 2015”

  1. Congratulations to IL Volo what a night oh my god I am so excited for the guys they were incredible the whole week what a joy they are to listen to and watch they sing with such passion I can only imagine the welcome home’s they are going to be getting I love IL Voplo.

  2. The song Grande Amour is growing on me the more I hear it the more I like it because the best singers in the world are singing it.
    Yes Penina the girl with Ignazio had to be restraining herself from melting she didn’t look as if she was made of wood.

    Mr. Ginoble I am speaking for myself but I am sure everyone agrees with me. I’ve watched these beautiful young boys grow into amazing & handsome young men. They have handled themselves with humble respect & gratitude to their fans. I will always follow them & support anything they do or promote. God has sent them to give the world lessons in respect & they have been doing that one day at a time & I’m glad Mr. Torpedine is guiding them also. Also I want to say that God picked the right 3 pairs of parents who knew how to raise these young children to be the fantastic & loving young men they are now. There winnings, happiness & joy are ours also.

    1. Oh Loretta, you have said it all, and said it all beautifully… Thank you for taking the words from my heart and putting them here… Il Volo is the very best for all the reasons above, not just because they have great voices…

  3. I’m still so elated they won! Yay!

    I’ve been trying to find their press conference. Perhaps they’ll post it in a few moments, I’m just a little impatient. I saw some screenshots and it seemed a little tense…

  4. Why is it when we click on a picture wording comes up to say it can’t be displayed in a frame & we can’t see the picture of play the video. Is that restriction coming from Sanremo?

  5. I can hardly contain my emotions when word got out that our boys had won. I called my kids, friends etc. They were excited for me and they congratulated me. Ha, ha,. That was funny. What a week. I can listen to “Grande Amore” another ten times before I close my eyes tonight. There are about three versions of it. All great. There was never any doubt who the winner was going to be. Was there? Rest now my dear boys. All is fine.

  6. I finally saw the press conference in full and since I did not understand what was being said was not sure why it looked that both Nek and Il Volo were somewhat uptight. They must have been exhausted. I think the show ended at 1 AM.
    Now they will be going to Eurovision Song Fest 2015 on May 23rd. I hope they have a chance just to have a great time in Vienna.

    1. I found this comment on Twitter this am. Ivan Pasquariello accused Il Volo of conducting a “presumptuous press conference” and reminding the guys that we are “with them but you must remain humble”.

      1. Obviously someone that has never once spent any time with the guys or talked to them in any capacity outside of listening to this conference and wanted someone else to win. We know he’s wrong, and he needs to sit down and keep quiet along with the other critics. The public has spoken, and we LOVE Il Volo!

  7. OMG! I knew I stayed up late tonight for a good reason. Kelly, when I read your headline, I broke out in a smile. Then when I watched the first video, the smile just got bigger & the joy just bubbled up inside of me. I so much wanted them to win, but I could barely believe that my wish came true. It just goes to prove what the combined prayers & wishes of so many people can accomplish. And, of course, the abundant talent, professionalism, hard work, passion for their craft, inner (& outer) beauty, and all the other awesome attributes that make up “our” young men…IL VOLO!!!!! I guess their home country really does love them (almost) as much as we do.
    Piero, Ignazio, & Gianluca-I am as proud of you as if you were my own sons or grandsons. Your performance at San Remo was magnificent. IL VOLO REALLY TOOK FLIGHT this week at San Remo. I love you guys so much, and I am extremely happy for your victory.

  8. If you haven’t been able to see the movie spin off video the guys made, it is because it has been pulled by the uploader and not made available to our country? Did still find it on IVMO way back on Feb 12th@8:03am. Better hurry before they pull it there also. Loretta, If this is what you are referring to, I don’t know who the uploader is.

    1. If you go to “Rock me Il Volo” the first item on their Facebook is the video. I shared it to my Facebook and it works. I thing the creators probably want to market it and it is always complicated with the different rights and licensing.

    2. Hi Kittykam is it Vimeo becauswe they were advertising to join them about downloading or uploading videos. Also the ideos Ignazio & Piero made we can’t get them anymore a notice comes up that says they cannot be framed. This is a dang shame we can’t get the videos of our guys. I am willing to pay for them

  9. Today is the first time I have been to the Flight Crew site since Wednesday or Thursday. I hadn’t seen the earlier announcement of IL VOLO winning San Remo. So I am behind the times here. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that they sang with all their hearts on fire & it was obvious to anybody who watched them. Didn’t some critic earlier say something about “having enough of silly love songs”? Well, I guess it isn’t so. Because a Grande (silly) Amore song won because it was sung by the best trio of voices in the world!

    1. The above comment translated from Dutch: “I also enjoyed the morning they rai1 seen again and heard it’s a grande song sung by great artists I wish them much luck in their future career.”

      Thank you Louise and welcome!

  10. Kelly and LiJoy. Thank you so much for this great posting! I have played it over and over again. I’m so proud of our guys that I’m almost bursting! Hard to contain my joy!

    Thanks all of you who sent me parts as they happened. Mary Strickler, Chris P and Katrina especially!

    Ineke! I love you for allowing me to listen, on the phone, to the actual RAI announcement, from your TV, as it happened! What a thrill! Happy to share that jumping up and down moment.

    1. Marie, it was great to share that BIG MOMENT with you on the phone. It was 2 o’clock in the morning for me. I had a vision of you picking up each twin and doing a victory dance with them!

  11. Loretta you could not have voiced all our opinions better! thank you for all he words that came out of your mouth because you spoke the truth and the truth is the truth! if the boys only know the emotions taking place
    all around the world for them. we love them, period.

    1. Oh come on Marie! Admit it…You loved it all! We all loved it all!! Every winning, unashamedly, passionate, glorious moment!!

      You’re right Deanne. We Love them! Period!

  12. Clapping as hard as l can for these marvelous young men, to realize such an award in front of their country!! I could not access the videos from here but did from the Sanremo site – what a spectacle!! Noticed that Ignazio, as at the Billboards, did not immediately celebrate himself but with his nearby friend (as he did with Barbara that other night). He is such an “others” person, drawing in those around him to share in his moments. They are indeed phenomenal performers and just amazing young men. So happy for them!!

    IL VOLO SOARED LAST NIGHT! I have to admit that I am in love the song “Grande Amore”. I was shocked the first time I heard it because it was so different but I haven’t been able to stop listening to it! I CANNOT wait to hear the new album! I just have to wait until I get paid! 🙁

    I haven’t been here in a long while but I knew ya’ll would have all the videos and pics and news from the past week. I’ve missed coming here. Thanks so much to the Board for all their work here. This is truly the best place for IlVolovers to share the love! 🙂

  14. I can’t breathe! The joy they show comes through my screen to me. I feel that I reside in their hearts. I hope there is room for me in there. Wheww. Joanie g

  15. Gosh Carol I guess I wasn’t looking in the right place I didn’t see Ignazio with Barbara. It is just like him to make sure she is part of the celebrations.
    Thanks Deanne I just have to always say what is in my heart for these wonderful guys. Can’t being in love with Ignazio. I put those videos on my facebook so I hope when they get pulled they don’t disappear there as well.

    1. Loretta, I meant Ignazio’s embrace of Barbara at the Billboard awards, not this one. Sorry for the confusion.

    2. Loretta, Your wonderful words expressed beautifully what we all feel deeply for our ‘boys’. It was a spectacular evening, actually several evenings, watching Italian t.v. and anticipating Il Volo’s performances. When their names was announced, it was just thrilling to see them so elated and joyful. They are everything you said, and we love and respect them and also, their lovely supportive families.

      Thank you, dear Loretta. Hugs. ♥

    1. Loretta if you go on any fo the Il Volo Facebooks including Rockme Ilvolo they have the video of the song and the ‘movie’ version. It is not on youtube yet for US.

      1. Is this the song that is called Big Love I thought they sang another song after this one called Big Love a total of 3 songs. I just went back to Sanremo site & was able to see the last day where they won & accepted the award they were so overjoyed as was I.
        Thanks Random for the link to this one

      2. Yes, this one is big love. They sang some other ones but I can’t find them at the moment. I’m sure they’ll turn up sooner or later.

  16. I’ve been trying to understand the critics, and I suppose I do get what some of them have to say. Instead of calling them jealous, I’d rather try my best to understand where they are coming from, assuming that they are sincere.

    Yes, they do have a kitschy feel to some of their songs. But this is not necessarily a bad thing! I can see how Grande Amore might leave some people feeling cold (judging by the lyrics alone, not vocal quality.) Their songs are quite sentimental, and I suppose some people do not like the appeal of “inoffensive” music, meaning that it has nothing you could really analyze. However, that’s what Il Volo is, and they do it well. They have their own niche, and I find it quite entertaining. I absolutely do not mean that they are shallow, but that they are simply talented singers with a decent message in their songs, not social reformers.

    For example, one person may like BLT’s. To them, it’s delicious. Another may think that it’s simply a sandwich. “It is what it is” applies here (and I hate expressions like that!). Okay, that’s a pretty horrible analogy, but I hope it helps for some people to understand where these critics might be coming from. Either that or they really are evil old crones cacklin’ over their witches brew. Who knows?

    Anyway, I hope my rambling has made some sense. Remember that there are some good critics. Roger Ebert, for one! He took it to an art form.

    1. Sheese, It seems I’ve written The Great American Il Volo Comment again! Time to reign these fingers in!

  17. Loretta…Feb. 15th, 12:32 am…you put it in such beautiful words! Well said!!! I know we are all bursting with joy for this great accomplishment in our young men’s lives. They and their loving families have set a standard for all to aspire to. If only every home on the planet could hold parents like theirs…what lucky children this globe would hold. Congratulations to all!

  18. Ladies, I “amen” all you’ve said, including the comments on the critics’ words. The guys were not yelling; rather, they unleashed their talented powerhouse voices on this hauntingly beautiful song. It seems the Italian critic community is a bunch of codgy old fogies who do not realize what treasures these beautiful men are. How Il Volo has brought Italia to all the wahhhld; how they have excited three levels of generations to love them and their music; how loving these Italian men makes many of us want to see Italy ourselves and how seeing their hearts of love for their families makes us wish we were Italian. The critics are to be pitied for not enjoying the magnificence and excellence that is Il Volo!!

  19. Gosh I never have luck with these long links & I tried 8 or 10 times & I know I was typing it right because I was checking each time so if anyone can send me a copy of Big Love video or a short link to I will be forever in your debt.

    1. Loretta I think you are looking for the same thing. Grande Amore translates into
      Big Love. Unless you mean the video of them performing it. Go to and look for it there. They will have both performances and also the Ancora video there.

    1. Thank you Kitty. I didn’t see the whole show on TV, only
      the email that was sent out. Maybe we will get to see the
      top winners eventually or maybe they showed all the singers.
      I am so thankful for this site where we can gather information,
      pictures, their performances, interviews which is truly all
      about Il Volo. They are such good role models for others,
      no matter the age but especially for young people their own
      age. I’m looking forward to seeing more of their performance
      at San Remo in coming days. Get ready Vienna, they are
      coming. Maybe someday I will get to attend a concert and
      soon. I’ll be so excited.

  20. I recorded the show and I can’t stop watching our gorgeous guys singing Grande Amore. It’s my new favorite song and I keep hearing it in my head and humming it !!! They are SO captivating and of course there is no greater talent in the whole wide world. Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero I am so very proud of you !!!

  21. I want to print something here I picked up on Eurovision news. I quote:
    “Last night viewers of Italy SanRemo 2015 cheered Il Volo on to victory It seemed like every Italian Eurovision fan was looking to the youthful popera trio to bring Italy a bit of success in the Eurovision song contest 2015. However after seeing the split results. we now know that the Juries and the Press were not on the same page as the pubic. for this post. we will simply look at the 2nd round of voting in which Il Volo faced off against Nek and Malika Ayane.
    (1) Il Volo – 56.2% (2) Nek – 33.4% (3) Malika – 10,4%
    Nek – 36.0% (2) Il Volo – 32.3% (3) Malika – 31.7%
    (1) Malika – 39.6% (2) Nek – 37.5% (3) Il Volo – 22.9%

    COMBINATION RESULTS: (1) Il Volo – 39% (2) Nek – 35.4% Malika – 25.6%

    as can be seen, each of the superfinalists won at least one section. and the article ends by saying “does that spell trouble for them in Vienna?
    and my answer is “NO, it does not because the people are stronger and they love Il Volo and they will always win over the so called “experts”. so let the critics and the experts expound as much as they like, we the people stand behind Il Volo and therefore they will always be winners. Amen.

  22. Loretta, I want to thank you for your beautiful words of 12-15-15, 12:32 am
    to Il Volo and their parents. You really did a good job of expressing yourself
    from the heart for the wonderful qualities that they display both in Italy and
    the other countries where they perform. I don’t see how anyone could
    help falling in love with them. Their parents are very caring people who
    love and have worked teaching their sons and their other children these
    values that are important for the rest of their lives. If only all young
    people were taught by example, we would indeed have a different,
    better world. Thank you again for your words.

  23. We have no choice. I knew this would happen. We are all forced into going to Vienna in May. You see ! ! ! We have no choice. Flight Crew must be in Vienna. Get a second mortgage or sell the car.

    Seriously, I studied there and it is a great city for music. Perfect place for this competition. EUROVISION 2015 – Wiener Stadthalle (Vienna City Arena and theater) May 19, 21 & 23. A lot of the seats are already sold out.

    1. Joking aside – I really do hope that some of our people will be able to go to Vienna. I may try myself if I can clear some of my schedule

  24. I’ve read all the many comments here and after each one said “yes, yes”!!! I’m not a big fan of flying (as in a plane), but I’m so glad I chose to be a member of the Flight Crew!! You all keep us up to date and it is appreciated! Il Volo never let’s us fall from the skies! There are no more words to describe their performances in San Remo…it’s all been said!! Thanks everyone! Keep up the good work!! DOT….

  25. Thanks Dot! You Crew members are wonderful! I know that four of you will be in Italy in May. I don’t remember if the dates coincide with your planned trip. Let us know.

    Myron, I really hope you go and bring us back a review!

    My finances revolve around Il Volo Concerts and Meet & Greets. For example, a new couch would have cost 2 or 3 concerts. Rent for the month of June will cost 2 1/2 concerts, but living in my already paid for car will cost 0 concerts (hummm). Going to Vienna will cost me too many opportunities to touch my Boys during concert season. Must budget.

  26. Guys, isn’t the Spring Festival they attended in China supposed to air on Feb.17th? I don’t know if all the world can see it, but at least we make get videos? thinking!!!!!

    Thank you Gale as I said before I only wrote what is my heart & I admire their families so much & these guys are the best roll models who have ever come along. The thing is they weren’t stressing themselves out to worry about winning they were relaxed & as they said they went there to have fun & if it happened then wonderful & apparently that is the way they go to any function like that not to get stressed to win, tjhey want to win of course but they don’t worry aboiut it. Wonderful attitude.
    What I am thinking they have become so popular now it is going to be hard to get tickets for a concert. I’ll have to join all the theatres here in Toronto to be able to get first chance at tickets
    I am wondering from the dates the concerts are in Italy I am wondering if they are going to be coming to the States & Canada, if they don’t we are all going to be heartbroken No matter what age I am I can’t help myself I am so totally in love with Ignazio
    Did everyone see the song Ancora has been pulled by the owner.
    Did ANYONE get a chance to save it. My son sent it to me yesterday but it disappeared today so I don’t have it anymore, has anyone had success saving it? PLEASE send it to me at iluvilvolo@outlook. com.
    I’ll pay you.
    Thanks Penina I hope this doesn’t get pulled also. I’ll get my son to see if he can preserve it somehow.

    1. Loretta, Ancora is definitely on Go there to their homepage and there is a search box in the upper right, not quite in the corner. It says CERCE. Type in there Il VOlo Ancora and it will come up in the screen that is center left.
      How you would save it I don’t know. But at least you can watch it all you want!
      They also have the Grande Amore winning one.

  28. I just watched the other videos that the same group made of the “newcomer” winner Giovanni Coccamo and Lorenzo Fragola. It also had the Il Volo vidoe. It said you could download. I learned a lesson about downloading the wrong thing and messing up my computer so I will have to ask someone under “70” to help.
    One of the articles said that US network PBS will record a concert in Rome. There is so much information out that it is hard to keep track when not able to read in Italian.

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