Il Volo Professional ~~ San Remo2015 — THE FINALS!

THEY WON!!!!!!!!



Full posting will be available as soon as I can get pictures together.  In the meantime,




Real Time #2: They will announce the winner after this next performance…

REAL TIME:  They are in the top 3!!!!

25 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ San Remo2015 — THE FINALS!”

  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pure joy and elation on their faces on the pics on FB…well done guys…WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. THEY WON! ohhhhhh JOYYYY! This has been so much, oh how happy they must be. I mean if I feel so elated they just must be bouncing off the walls!

    THEY WON!!!

  3. Fantastic! The first time the sang GrandeAmore I must be honest, I did not like the song. I didn’t think it fit their beautiful voices. But they must have worked with the orchestra because they have sounded fabulous every since. Congrats the award is well deserved! Now come to the U.S. for some concerts!

    1. YES MARIE ALWAYS THE BEST SINGERS ON THE PLANET THEY WON FOR GRANDE AMOUR Now to knock all the US performs off the stage & they can show everyone how to sing.

    2. They are! I was reading the comments of the Eurovision FB page to see what the Italians thought of it… 95% of them like it, but some think they are too stereotypical. I can understand how some feel this way, but the bottom line is that they have unmatched vocal beauty for their genre in this era. Thus, they won.

      I don’t see the problem with having some older songs. I’d rather listen to ’O sole mio sung well than to new ones sung poorly (perhaps they aren’t that bad at all, but after listening to Il Volo, nothing compares.)

      I guess some people don’t like their image. Even if they didn’t have their charisma, fashionable clothes, the “good” message of their music, I would listen to their album any day of the week because they sound MARVELOUS.

      Il Volo is one of those groups where you have to admit that even if you don’t like them, they are still good at what they do.

  4. I am jumping up and down with joy with each and everyone of you wonderful fellow fans. Thank you Flight Crew Board for making this site possible. Just to share the JOY!!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! When they announced them as the winners, I let out a scream so loud scared everyone in the house. They must be flying high and I’m sure it will be a while before they come down back to earth. The expressions on their faces priceless. WAY TO GO GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Congratulations Guys, I am so proud of all of you. You make my heart swell with happiness and love for all of you. They say a picture says a thousand words and yours does. 3>

  7. I am so happy for the guys. The first time I heard the song, I thought it got a little frantic toward the end. After about the third time, I had fallen in love with it. It’s sure to be their signature song. Has anyone else seen a video of them doing it but GG comes down as spider man, Piero gets into a.fight over a.girl but the best was Ignazio throwing pottery. OMG!!!!! I haven’t wished to be 20 years old for over 50 years it that was so sweet. Steamed up my bifocals a little, too.

      1. Ladies, the video of the guys with their love interest s was so good. Ignazio was incredible. Kinda made me jealous a wee bit. Gian was so cute getting kissed upside down and piero, very intense but very believable. Ours boys are men now. I’ll miss our babies. Great job everyone on Twitter.

  8. So, so, so happy! Our boys won! Marie, you and I have to get some clay and get a potter’s wheel. What do you think???

  9. Eagles soaring, fireworks flashing, thunder crashing, hugs, kisses, happy dances, triumphant joy!!!

    Yes! Our beloved IL VOLO is recognized for their magnificence!!!

    Ignazio, Piero, Gianluca… you rock!!!

    Grande amore!
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  10. What an amazing accomplishment !! I was watching the show on RAI and I just knew in my heart that they would win but when it was announced and they came out to accept the award I lost it once again !! I cried,clapped and jumped up and down with excitement, happiness and love for them !!! Not only do they have the well deserved respect and recognition from their country but they will now represent Italy at EuroVision. I can’t even imagine the excitement they must be feeling !!!! Bravo Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero !!!

  11. I think they gave this Sanremo Festival the needed push to bring it back into the fore front. I believe some previous years were not too good. I felt sorry for them at the Press Conference afterwards because it kept going on and on and they looked so tired.
    They are going to Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and because Italy is in the Big Cuntries” group of Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and guest country Australia they will go directly into the finals. There will be two different groups in Semi-final 1 and 2. The FINALS are on Saturday May 23.
    I have been home bound due to my husband’s surgery and now recovery so I have been in front of the computer a lot just searching the internet. It was a long couple hours watching today’s Sanremo. Il Volo is a great gift to Italy and I hope they keep remembering.

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