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  1. Very nice, Marie! Happy Valentine’s day everyone. Thank you Gianluca, Piero, and Ignazio for giving us Grande Amore. We love you so so much…❤️❤️❤️Amore…

  2. Grande Amore ~ our Valentine of Manly Musical Majesty!
    with a twist or two for fun! 😉

    You guys have my Heart and Soul (Anema E Core, Gianluca!)

    Why does Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te make my heart spin?!

    Happy Valentine Love to all,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  3. They are a daily dose of Happy Valentine’s! Beautiful thoughts, Marie – they have brought much love to our lives by their lives, hearts and voices. Grande Amore!

  4. Lovely Valentine, Marie!!! A Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my IlVolover friends!!! ❤️❤️❤️. Thankyou Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero for bringing We Are Love to each of us everyday with your amazing voices & charm!!! 💕💕💕
    GRANDE AMORE. 💖 💖 💖

  5. Happy Valentines!
    “I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you straightforwardly, without complexities or pride: so I love you because I know no other way than this” (Love Sonnet XVII by Pablo Neruda)
    Hope all you ladies have a great day and the joy watching the boys give their heart to “Amore Grande”

  6. Thank you, Marie. This is very special…and oh so true. Thank you Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio for changing our lives for the better just by knowing you. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, especially to the three greatest singers and young men on the planet!

  7. I just have to comment on a great part on one of Myron’s posts after the first day of competition. It sums it up beautifully! “Others came to the race (SanRemo) in a Smart car and Il Volo came to the race in a Ferrari” I loved his play on words and he is spot on!! 🙂

  8. Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I am trying to catch up with everyone here, on FB and on Twitter. I have been blown away by IL VOLO’s performances at SanRemo. Can’t wait to actually watch the finals today. Their music video with them each portraying characters from their favorite movie was genius. I loved the video. I have played it over and over and over again. I do believe we have a #1 hit on our hands with #GrandeAmore. I think they should open their concerts this year with that song. Did anyone else notice the little wink Gianluca did in the video. I thought it was sweet. This has been a whirl wind week for our guys and win or not they will take with them great memories and experiences and new found friendships. But we all know in our hearts THEY WILL BE TRIUMPHANT!!!!

    1. I am not one to give advise but my daughter set up the account and now it is “easy”. Once you get the account on the upper right side of the “Twit” will say if you want to sent a “Twit” just click on it and it will give you a place to put your message and then a place to click to send it. If you go on the internet and search for “how to set up a Twitter account” it will give you several sites to get the information.
      I know little about all these accounts butI keep persisting and eventually find the right way. Good Luck.

      1. tH

        Thank you, Gina. I am 87 yrs old and don’t know much about my computer. I do love the “boys” and watch every thing I can abpout them, was thrilled when they won.

  9. Marie, your prose and poetry help bring us to the center. The power of music especially when presented with such passion by three true artists. I keep looking at the end of the Wednesday concert with Grand Amore (not the official video which cuts off too short but the second one with the poor sound that goes on past the end of the song into the applause) and we see how emotional each of them is and of course, Gianluca with tears and almost crying. That is passion and that is heart.

  10. Happy Valentines Day everyone. Are they on the Sanremo program today & what time. I can’t stop watching the video they made so am behind the times. Marie you’ve written how we all feel no matter what age & I don’t care how old I am my heart is telling me I am in love & if anyone wants to laugh go ahead. I have never felt so young & healthy & alive as I do when I hear these beautiful treasures.
    Penina do you nkow what time they will be on the Sanremo site? I don’t want to miss it

    1. Loretta, NOBODY is going to laugh at you. There are so many of us here that feel exactly the same way, believe me!

  11. On “Il Volo Mundial (Official) Facebook there is a Video of some young people from City of Roseto playing a tape of “Grande Amore” and singing along. They must have printed copies of the words because they all have them.

  12. Myron, on another site, there must have been a comment from someone saying that Il Volo yells. Another person answered, defending, of course. My response was, it seems obvious that said they are yelling, has never heard pure, natural, and powerful singers before! How would you have answered? Just curious.

  13. Sorry, should have typed, it seems obvious that WHOEVER said they are yelling ………………………..

    1. please don’t hold back tell us I wasn’t able to hear the song they sang today are they winners of the biggest performance

  14. Kittykam did they win as best performance did they sing that something big song?? Did they win the biggest winner??

  15. This is the best news I’ve heard today. Il Volo winning is enough
    Valentine for me. San Remo must have felt at least part of the love
    and support we have for our guys. The video of Piero and Ignazio
    really touched me. Oh to be 20 again as Loretta said. I think these
    young men could indeed be actors and be good at it. They just keep
    growing and growing in talent. I can’t wait until we can hear the last
    song they sang. Myron, I hope like you that 16 songs are on the
    next CD. Does anyone know if San Remo will be on a DVD?

  16. Gale, which video are you looking for? The Grande Amore one with the guys playing parts from their favorite movies, it was hard to find again because it was removed from ATIV & you tube, but I finally found it on IVMO. You have to go way backwards before you find it. Better hurry though before it gets pulled.

    1. Search Vimeo, and pray it does not get pulled! I so want to purchase the video! I’m *sure* that’s their management’s intention, but I hope they remember us in the USA and don’t keep us waiting!

      Way tired. Off to sleep.

      Love and celebration,
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  17. Such a nice Valentine message and we all feel the same way… Il Volo has changed are life in so many ways… Beautiful music, charming young men with lovely voices that make our hearts soar…But more than that, they gave us love… Their music has brought so many people together through their music…We call ourselves the Il Volo family… We have found love from so many people that we have never met in person, and yet our Il Volo family members fill our hearts with love daily, just as Il Volo and their music can do for us every time we hear them sing…

  18. Marie upir valentine really summed up how I feel. Music used to be so important to me and in these last few years I had gotten further and further away from it. My old favorites were just that, much loved but old favorites and safe. No one in the biz interested me any more. No one grabbed me…that is until I found IL VOLO and suddenly it all rushed back to me…loving music again, being energized by music again and whats more, there were these three incredible charming and handsome young guys who made the music magic for me again. Piero grabbed my heart with that big voice and that beautiful face and spirit. Suddenly my heart got young along with the music again. I think my life has got a certain vim and zip to it that many people my age do not have. Its all IL VOLO’s fault and I am so thankful for it.

    1. I feel the same, Connie, that I have come alive with IL VOLO. Actually, they have taken me to a new level of love of music. Like many of you, I awake with a song playing in my mind. What a joy!

      Valentine love to all, especially Ignazio, Gianluca, and Piero!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      1. I’m so glad we “get each other” This morning you gave me the first laugh of Lent!
        Grande Amore to you!

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