Il Volo Professional ~~ It’s All Over But the Shouting!–Parties and Randomness from San Remo 2015



Hahah!  Don’t you love their responces to their loved ones winning?  San Remo 2015 is over, but relive the memories in pictures and video…and welcome Gianluca home.  🙂

~~ Kelly


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Palmieri Christian Fogografia Facebook



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Erwin Benatto Fotografo Facebook




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36 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ It’s All Over But the Shouting!–Parties and Randomness from San Remo 2015”

  1. I hope there is no boycotting from their individual cities. What did they do be boycotted. If someone wants to boycott then go over to the States & boycott Mylie Cyrus who walks around with hardly any clothes on. That’s something & someone to boycott.
    Our guys are true honest wholesome guys & they are being boycotted??? for what singing their hearts out????

  2. We can be very proud of these guys that is for sure. But we fans cannot rest for too long. San Remo just leads to the bigger prize : EUROVISION 2015

  3. part two: EUROVISION 2015 music competition for all of the countries of Europe (should I say most) each country sends their winner which for Italy is Il Volo . They all come to Vienna May 19, 21 & 23
    I have heard that the Verona concert previously set for May 21 will be moved up to May 2 so that the boys can be in Vienna on May 21.

    So we have to gear up again to cheer them on for that festival. That will be quite the music festival. Vienna has a very long history for being the music capital of Europe.

  4. I believe they announced that “Grande Amore” will be the song they take to Eurovision. On the Eurovision sites they show which country will send who and what song. Many of the countries are having their song competitions in March and these winners will go to Vienna. “My heart belongs to IL Volo” but I will pull also for Lithuania, my birth country, for second place.

  5. How famous our “Boys” have become!

    I am so proud of them and proud of the country that finally celebrates their sons.

    We knew all along. Get back here and we’ll show you!

  6. II also thank Lisa and Kelly. I felt as though I was with them all the way. Where are the celebrations videos for Piero? Maybe I missed them. Joanie G

      1. I listened to the first few bars & turned it off, not good.
        If anyone thinks they can compete they have rocks in their head no chance

    1. Actually, it is kind of good sign that the boys are so famous now that other people do parodies – You have to be good and/or famous to have mimics (no matter how good or bad they are) – that ads to the fame of the original.

      1. Yes, it reminds me of the phrase “Any publicity is good publicity”. Some people said they thought it was better than the original – I hope that was in jest!

    2. If that is the one I saw I was disgusted. It is hard to imagine anyone doing such a thing? I guess it takes someone with no talent for anything except ridiculing others. Very pathetic in my opinion.

  7. I just watched the parody video. Stupid with some not so attractive ‘actors’. I think it is a comic group that does these. In a way it is a recognition of Il Volo’s success.
    To take out the bad taste of this parody just go and listen to the montage in honor of Ignazio. It has clips of the songs on their Sanremo CD. It is on ATIlVolo Facebook. Can’t wait for my CD to get here.

  8. Gina would mind rereshuing the address for the Facebook I have tried AT1lVolio facebook & it doesn’t work for me & if anyone is expounding anything about Ignazio I would like to hear it. Thank you for your time

    1. Loretta go to “All Things Il Volo Facebook” and it is the second posting. It says “montage in honor of Ignazio”. Gina

  9. watching these welcome home videos for the guys upon their triumph I was looking at the celebration that Gianluca’s tiny village had for him. They interviewed his grandfather which was great but I noticed that Gianluca’s so-called “little” brother Erny is now taller than Ginaluca ! ! ! Wow has he grown. Also, the short video of Ignazio’s sister’s pizza shop as they were all watching the finals and the response when they won the big award !!!

    I am thinking back to when we sent flowers to that shop for Ignazio’s grandfather and (at a different time) grandmother’s passing. Both times I called that shop. One time I got Ignazio himself. Now I know what the place looks like.

    These guys are like family.

  10. Of course they’re family. We have been there to love and support them for a quite few years. We have watched them grow physically and professionally. We would hurt anyone who hurts them. Yep, that’s family alright!

  11. I did not wait for any CD. When someone wrote that the San Remo Cd was on I-tunes, I went straight there & downloaded all 7 songs for $5.99. I listened to it last night before I fell asleep. I listened to it all day at work. I had pulled up the songs by their original singers one night on you tube, and some of them did not impress me. But those same songs sung by Piero, Ignazio, & Gianluca are so romantic & beautiful, & I don’t even understand the words! Their voices are so sensual at times, they take my breath away. It is almost like hearing them sing for the first time again; my emotions zinging all over me. I don’t know if I am expressing myself well enough, but I know you ladies know what I mean. I hope they will not forget us “Granny Groupies” over here in the US & Canada, now that most of Italy finally realizes how great they are. I still want a chance to see them in person, & the sooner the better.

    1. Lynn, I am the one who said it was on iTunes. I downloaded all of them and have been listening to them ever since. You can fly around the room listening to them!
      No one, but no one, can sing sweeter and more tender than Ignazio.
      He can sing so sweetly you can melt–not that there is anything wrong with Gianluca or Piero! They just don’t have that sweetness in their voices the way he does.

  12. Listening to San Remo Grande Amore, which I purchased on iTunes USA.
    So thrilled to have been able to purchase the Grande Amore music video through iTunes USA.

    Thank you, IL VOLO and Sony Latin for remembering your fans in the USA!

    I look forward to another review from you, Myron!
    I think the Guys’ voices are stronger and richer yet. So amazing that they keep getting better! How is that possible?

    Beautiful songs! So grateful to enjoy the new music! Can watch Grande Amore music video ad infinitum!

    Pet peeve: I would have loved a wind instrument like a clarinet over the intensity of electric guitar on one of the songs. I’m guessing Humberto Gatica was not their sound engineer / mixer, because I believe he would have balanced the voices and instruments better in that little bit. I always want the very best for our guys. Still, the music is glorious!

    Ahhhh… 😉
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  13. Just read in All about ILVOLO there will be a new PBS special being filmed in one of 3 cities–Caracalla or Pompeii or Taormina. Can’t wait . Its been quite a while since the filming of the We are love special.

    1. Fantastic news about a future IL VOLO special.

      Taormina in July 2014 was spettacolare! I would so love for some footage from those concerts to be included in a video.

      And one song I am longing to be on IL VOLO’s next CD / DVD is
      Io Che Non Vivo Senza Te!
      That song has such a precious place in my heart!

      It’s such a treat to be filling up on IL VOLO joy and majesty!
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  14. I don’t think you are talking about the video where each of our Guys does a part from a movie, Ignazio from Ghost, Piero from Back to the Future, and Gianluca is Spiderman, while Grande Amore is playing in the background? I love that video!! Is there another one?

  15. Lisa and Kelly, it has been a busy time since the Sanremo win… Thank you for all the pictures and videos… Great job ladies, keeping us inform and happy with more Il Volo highlights than we have had in a very long time…

    Il Volo we love you and thanks to The Flight Crew, we all have the opportunity to enjoy you every day…

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