Grande Amore – the wait is over! ~~ By Jana

a - jana


We knew it was coming, but when would that be?

We waited, and waited, then shouted with glee!

It was coming soon, but not til after Sanremo;

How long could I last, without a new song from Il Volo?


We then heard the news, it was on Amazon.IT!

There I went with my visa, to order it quickly!

I wanted it now, so express shipping I paid;

Hoping and praying, it would not be delayed!


Three weeks and counting, how much more can I bear?

I kept watch on my email, when would it be there?

The contest had started and Il Volo appeared;

Singing their hearts out, while everyone cheered!


But on Friday the 13th, not bad luck for me,

I read in my mail; the CD would be early!

I jumped up and down, how lucky am I?

I’ll have it soon in my hands; I could just cry.


The day finally came, it was arriving today;

I waited and paced, for the delivery all day.

I tracked it online, it came straight from Milan.

On to Bergamo and Brussells, then finally MY town!


I raced home to get it, but it was not there?

DHL had not come yet – how much more could I bear?

I went to the store, to pick up my dinner.

They had til 8pm, then there was a knock at my door!


It was here, finally, at last, it was here!

I’m sorry, but I could not wait to open it, I fear.

I quickly took pictures and then opened it with care;

Staring lovingly at my hand, so wishing they were there!


I listened and listened, and listened again.

Over and over I played it, I did not want it to end.

But bedtime was coming, I so needed my sleep,

I can listen again tomorrow, for I know it will keep.


Il Volo is love, Grand Amore, to be exact!

The heck with all the critics, they are just hacks!

So listen with joy, Il Volovers everywhere;

And know that we give them our tender loving care!




81 thoughts on “Grande Amore – the wait is over! ~~ By Jana”

  1. I am still waiting for my EP from US Amazon😪, but I had a great surprise this morning. I received an email from Spotify. They now have the Grande Amore EP. I have been listening to it all morning. Totally free! 😍😘☝️✌️👏👏👏

  2. What a wonderful poem, Jana. But I am green with envy! I ordered mine from Amazon Italy, and haven’t heard a word. The wait is becoming harder and harder. Plus I can’t remember if I paid the extra amount to have it delivered faster, drat!

    1. If you ordered from Amazon, you should be able to check your account and it will tell you whether or not you paid extra for a quick delivery.

    2. What a beautiful poem. I’m jealous you received yours and can listen to the CD. I also ordered mine from Amazon Italy but received and e-mail that it’s to be shipped & received this coming Tuesday.

  3. On All Things Il Volo there is a small half picture of Ignazio when I clicked on it it played bits of Grand Amore & bits of other songs I have not heard before is that a bit of the new CD??? because I bave never heard these songs anywhere I don’t think not even from anther artist & it sounds super

      1. Mary, if you are still looking for the short video in honor of Ignazio it is on All Things Il Volo Facbook. Scroll down and it is under the pictures of the theaters that Gary posted. It is little snippets of the song on their new EP just released.
        I just had my daughter get my the songs from ITunes. Love them.

  4. Love, love your poem, Jana!!! So excited that you have your CD!!! Mine won’t come till the 24th! I’m just playing Grande Amore from the nite they won! I really love our guys & hope they get back to the US this year!!! Enjoy!!! 💖💖💖

  5. I did order it some time ago and when it arrives I will do a review article for it. This one was a loooooooong time coming. whew ! The songs that I have heard so far are wonderful and take them to a new maturity level.

  6. Loved your poem Jana I ordered my Grande Amore cd from my local Barnes & Noble store unfortunately I don’t get it until the first week in March oh well I’ll just have to listen to Grande Amore and Ancora on my youtube account untill I get my cd. God Bless Il Volo Flgiht crew.

    1. Thank you, yes, I noticed that it wasn’t going to be delivered from Barnes & Noble until March – so disappointing…. I actually almost changed my order from the Italy Amazon to the US Amazon, as I would have saved a few dollars, but figured I would get it faster if I just kept it as is!

  7. I also downloaded from iTunes.

    Great poem Jana! Heart pumping, hands shaking, couldn’t wait for the download to finish! I had the same fe..e..l..i..n…g…s…..Wait! I’m the Crew poet. Yours was just ok.

    1. Thanks, Marie! Hope you don’t mind sharing the limelight – just a little, once in a while? Your poetry is still Grande!

      p.s. this is my new FaceBook account, strictly for Il Volo…

  8. Greatpoem Jana, I don’t blame you one bit for ripping into the EP so quickly. Just be glad you don’t live near me I would probably have mugged you for it! March 3rd feels like it is forever…

    1. Thanks, Pirate!! Yeah, just couldn’t wait!! Am still planning my party though for Feb 28 with a few other Il Volovers! wow, good thing I’m in Michigan! Lol! Maybe you can find it on Spotify? I hear it’s free to download to your computer.

  9. Nice poem, Jana! I went and listened to it on iTunes the other night. I ordered mine from B&N online. That Grande Amore song is quickly becoming one of my all time favorites of theirs. Something about that song… 🙂

    1. I am sitting here, waiting for someone to post something about “the boys”, and then I wondered how many of us are waiting for someone to post something.

    2. Mary Jane – thanks!! Yes, I really love Grande Amore, I truly find the melody haunting – in a good way. Lol! Although I have to say I like all of the songs. i’m sure you will love it as soon as you get it!

  10. Well I saw Ignazio accepting his honour for Marsala Ambassador of World on All things Il Volo a while ago. Now I know he is happy & he knows Marsala loves him so now I’m happy. It came at the right time for him after winning Sanremo. His sense of humour was prevalent
    at the ceremony which endears him to everyone.

  11. I’m waiting for March 3rd also from Amazon on line. Gad! Loved the poem Jana. I’m still wondering about any Naro home coming for Piero. any one found It/ joanid g

  12. Here is what I like to do when waiting for a new album from a beloved artist. Go on a diet. Not a food diet but an Il Volo diet. No listening to Grande Amore or Ancora and any other snippets. No listening to old CDs or YouTube clips of the guys. It clears my musical pallett so when the new CD arrives at my door, ah, what a feast for my ears.

  13. Thanks, Jana, for your heartfelt poem to celebrate this momentous occasion!

    I ordered my CD from Amazon (USA – how did I miss that I could have ordered it from Milan??), and it will be March 3rd. So…. I’m so grateful all the songs and the music video (not part of the EP) are on iTunes USA for purchase! (I always end up with the CD and the iTunes mp3s.)

    Listening every chance I get. I LOVE IL VOLO’s voices more than ever! They constantly astound me… how do they keep getting better?!

    Ignazio’s voice… Richer, soaring like an eagle!

    Piero’s gentle higher notes as well as sustained powerful rich tones. Such versatility! Silkier than ever!

    Gianluca’s chocolatey baritone range and silky rich higher notes as well! What a range!

    Even their harmonies are sweeter!

    Are you like me, wanting to close your eyes and soak in every note, every phrase, like floating on the fragrance of daphne in the garden?

    Oh, yeah! 😉
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. You expressed the sound of their voices perfectly Jeanine, I can hardly wait to get my hands on this EP!

    2. Thanks! What a beautiful picture you paint with those words! I listen to them every night when i go to sleep, so yes, I have my eyes closed, as they sing me to sleep….I finally copied the CD to my computer so I could transfer to my MP3. So nice to finally have some new songs to walk to! Yes, I do find that their voices are almost blending together more on the harmonies. I think their voices have matured now and it has been really almost 2 years since we’ve got an actual recording from them, you can certainly tell a difference.

      1. The Guys sure do paint a picture! And if I can get words even close, I feel lucky!

        Some of the songs work well for Walk-Dancing, too!

        Thanks again, Jana,
        ~ Jeanine

  14. The boys will be very busy in the next few months. They start their “In Store” tour starting on the 23rd and will make stops in Milano, Roma, Pescara, Bologna and few more. They will be promoting their new EP. There is a schedule posted on several Il Volo Facebooks.

  15. Great poem Jana, and we are all waiting for the arrival of the Il Volo EP…. Whenever we receive it or download it from I Tunes or any other way of hearing
    Il Volo we will all be happy to have new songs to listen to… Its been a long time coming and well worth waiting for…

  16. Just finished watching Il Volo on Forte Forte Forte, and they were fantastic, as always. They sang 3 songs (spaced throughout the progam) so I ran down the list on the right side, picking their’s out. They sang Grande Amore, Ancora, & Piove. Piove was lots of fun to watch; they jazzed it up a little. It was great. Looks to me like they may be inserting different styles here and there. Of course, that was perfect for Ignazio, that’s right up his alley. Right away with the feet (the right one ) again. That young man just oozes charm. Anyway, be sure to watch it. ATIV has the link right near the top of the page. Also, I noticed watching his ceremony in Masala, how easily he is with anybody at anytime. With his humor, he can just take control; and he did!

      1. There are links in an article on All About Il VOlo, in the middle of an article. Links for each of the songs. They go straight to .

  17. After listening to the CD more times than my family would want to believe…I’ve decided I love “Ancora” best! There’s a softness (especially Piero) in that song that speaks to my heart.

    1. Yeah Ancora is getting more and more comfy on my list of hit songs that I rerun in my head. I just wish I could watch the video of Ancora from the show…Ignazio was just a delight and I loved how Gian and Piero reacted to him. I WANT TO SEE IT AGAIN! But I have not found it on Youtubes.

      1. I looked for it on Friday on and I couldn’t find it there. I was able to find it there before, maybe I just was looking in the wrong place. I tried the archives and San Remo 2015 but I had no luck.

      2. don’t know x how long it will be available, but here it is. All credits to : – Sanremo – Il Volo. Enjoy 😉

  18. Loved the poem! Sorry, Doryellena, but I cannot go cold turkey on the IlVolo diet! Life is too uncertain, eat dessert first!! I’m an old woman!! Here’s to the new CD and more to come!! P S , I got some of the songs from Forte x 3 on Google + waiting impatietly, Dot on Texas!!

    1. I like your eat dessert first attitude! I double checked my Amazon order today to see when my Grande Amore CD would arrive. It says the album is released March 3 but not shipped until April 6 or 7?!?!?!? What is up with that?
      This could be a very long Il Volo diet, sigh.

  19. Is this new song “Piove” on the EP? I heard it for the first time just now, and my heart is still dancing! The tune is very familiar. Can someone tell me the name of it in English? I love it!

      1. iI am sooo happy that “Piove” is on the CD. Marie that song brings back memories and OH, how beautifully does our guys sing that song!!!
        Please let that CD come quickly!

  20. Clever poem! Unfortunately this wee IlVolover still has to wait for her album… meanwhile I can enjoy the Forte Forte Forte program!

    Grande Amore now has more than 7 million views!

  21. Lovely, Jana. I enjoyed your poem very much, especially the good rhymes you put in! I love their song… they are wonderful. Thank God for Il Volo. 🙂

    1. Thank you!! Glad you liked the rhymes. I just kind of whipped it up in about a half hour or so. Rhyming and rhythym isn’t perfect in parts, so I take a few liberties there! Yes, thank God and italy!

      1. Ha ha! You have a great sense of humor and lots of talent. 🙂 Thanks for adding to the merit of the amazing website. It is really a great place to hang out and learn about my favorite artists: IL VOLO! 😀

  22. I’ve been on Internet Explorer trying to finid out the english version of Piove but can’t find out what it is. That song is so familiar. The words of Its Raining don’t fit the song. For the life of ne I can’t think of who sang it or where I heard it. Didn’t they do a outstanding job of it & they were having so much fun doing it. In fact they were having so much fun on the Forteforteforte program and they changed Ancora a bit when they sang it as well. Excellence all the way as usual.
    I read where comments about Sanremo winners Il Volo not having the quality that Il Divo has. PLEASE too bad he feels that way because Il Divo doesn’t have the pizzaz or voices that our guys do. Its called EXCELLENCE, OUTSTANDING, OUT OF THIS WORLD, PERFECTION ETC,ETC.

    1. Yeah I read that guy too Loretta, the “quality of IL Divo” pales next to the quality, the zip, the pizazz, the shine and joy of sheer OUTSTANDING EXCELLENCE of IL Volo.

      So there Mr.Reviewer guy.

      1. Gee I’m glad we agree Pirate. I was going to answer him but I pressed the wrong key so its just as well I lost the page.
        Mind you when I first heard Il Divo I really liked them they made me feel calm when I heard them sing but in a little while the tenor seemed to be pushing his voice so it sort of threw me off & then I heard Il Volo & I have been hooked line & sinker ever since & NO ONE can replace them. So I’m hooked for life.
        My youngest son is sending me songs of there’s & he even followed & sent me videos of parts of Sanremo that I coul;dn’t get like after the winning performance etc. So he has even been won over & his friend as well.

    2. Funny you mention Il Divo. I recall telling someone about Il Volo and they said they reminded them of Il Divo, but younger. This person was my music director in high school. So, I looked up Il Divo and a few of their songs, even one of them singing O Sole Mio. I tried to listen objectively, but it was difficult, I’m sorry, but they just sounded so boring and dull, compared with Il Volo. Nope, not a younger version of Il Divo! So much better!!

    3. Regarding Il Divo I have 3 or 4 of their albums and also several DVD’s and have been to two of their concerts. They are a group that was put together by Simon Cowell and I am sure he has made a fortune on them. He hand picked them from a number of singers that could be compared to those trying out for American Idol. I was totally entranced by them for a long time but not so much now. Their concerts are very staged and yes, have become somewhat boring. To me, comparing Il Volo to Il Divo is like apples to oranges. You just can’t do it. Il Volo is vibrant,alive, joyful, endearing and with voices that you feel inside your heart. The Il Divo guys were older and very mature when they were joined together. They are today as they were from day 1. Il Volo came together as very young boys with the greatest potential imaginable. They have grown into amazing young men and their voices together just keep geting better and better all the time. I don’t know how they can keep raising the bar, but they do. We are all very fortunate to have watched them from their inception. Thanks to the Internet and the social media I’m sure we all feel we almost know them personally. As to the critics who have made negative statements about Il,Volo’s singing quality, all I can say is if they are good enough for Placido Domingo, they are certainly good enough for me.

      1. Amen to everything you said Mary! Especially the bit about Placido Domingo!
        It reminds me of that story Pavarotti tells about how they loved him in America but the Italiaans always told him when he sang a wrong note. I guess they are too critical!

  23. Found it Our Guys jazzed Caio Caio Bambina up a bit which is beautiful & gorgeous & terrific as usual & always.
    Jerry Vale sang it in Italian & English & its beautiful because his voice was magnificent as well.
    Now I am going to say it is the same song BUT if I am wrong so someone please tell me

    1. It was listed in the songs they were doing for the EP as “PIevo” (Ciao Ciao Bambina) sung by Domenico Mondugno in Sanremo. Believe it was 1984.

  24. Yes I guess other people are singing it as well but also listen to Jerry Vale he does a fantastic nob as well. Different tempo & slower. I WILL NEVER SAY OUT GUYS ARE NOT THE BEST. THEY ARE OUTSTANDING IN EVERYTHING THEY DO & SING.

    1. Ii loved Jerry Vale and had all his records (wish I had kept them). The songs on the EP are songs that won at Sanremo. “”Pieve” won in l959 and the author must have been a guest and sang it again at another Sanremo competition. I kept thinking about the new arrangements while listening to the boys and it kept taking me back to Sergio Franchi. Would be great if they sang some of the songs Jerry Vale and Sergio Franchi sang. Like I”Innamorata” and “Pretend you don’t see her”

  25. Gina that is supposed to be fantastic job, my fingers get carried away at times & this keyboatd doesn’t help

  26. What is the matter with these critics of Il Volo. Don’t they have ears? Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio have the most glorious voices, and they make my heart soar. I agree, Loretta, they are OUTSTANDING!!

  27. Great poem. I have the cd on my ipod and I am also replaying it again and again. Can’t get enough of the music. The songs are just simply beautiful.

  28. Loretta
    You can look up the lyrics to the different songs on the internet. Just put in name of song and ” italian to english” and some web sites will come up. I normally look at a-z lyrics or lyrics translate. Sometimes they have them listed beside each other which I really like.

  29. Be sure to check out lyrics translate site the song ‘l’immensita’. Such beautiful words and so true about the cycle of life. It shows both Italian and English version.

  30. Well finally!!! Hallelujah! It is 10:30 pm 2/25 and Amazon USA just sent me an email saying my Grande Amore EP will arrive at my address on March 3.

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