Il Volo Professional ~~ WELCOME TO SAN REMO!!!




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Gaspare Russo Facebook


Hey, Everyone!

It seems like it’s been a long time since They Guys announced that they were going to be performing in San Remo.  But the festival is finally here!

Click here —> San Remo Photo Gallery ~~ Athina via LiJoy


They Guys arrived safely Sunday, and have been preparing for today…which is tomorrow now…I think…   😉


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“I will explain the details a bit regarding ‪#‎IlVolo‬: ‪#‎Sanremo2015‬ starts on Feb 10th (where we will see the performances of 10 artists of the category BIG with the unreleased songs) but IL VOLO will perform ‪#‎GrandeAmore‬ on the second evening (Feb 11th, on Gianluca’s birthday!) along with 9 more artists of the category BIG. On Feb 12th, the boys will perform ‪#‎Ancora‬ (it is the 3rd evening of the festival and the evening of the covers). On Feb 13th, the artists of the category BIG perform again so we will see #GrandeAmore once again! By the end of this night there will be 4 eliminations, and the remaining 16 artists (BIG category) will be judged on Feb 14th for the final winner so fingers crossed for Il Volo!”

~~ Athina via LiJoy

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Click here —> San Remo Program ~~; Athina via LiJoy



Click here —> Interview with Il Volo ~~; Athina via LiJoy



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Click here —>  Article About Il Volo ~~


And now…It’s Time!!  They Walk The Red Carpet!!  I Love It!

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Good Luck, Guys!  We are so proud of you!



25 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ WELCOME TO SAN REMO!!!”

  1. This is SO exciting for them !!!! I feel SO excited for them !!! I see it listed on RAI1. Sanremo for 30 minutes at 2:30 EST and 65^Festval Della Canzone at 3:00pm for 2hrs 25 min EST. It is listed every day at the same time. Impossible to record it all !! I’m sure there will be lots to see on YouTube.

    1. Thanks for the heads up Joanie! I was planning to see what I could find on Ra1 tomorrow around 2:30 anyway, but this just gives me more incentive. I hope I can find it on the computer.

    1. You mean ahead of EST, I think, Ann?

      Darn! I have a conference call at that time.

      If it makes RAI, I’m pretty sure it will be held in the archives, too.
      … Ya think?

      ~ Jeanine

      1. Jeanine, I’m just going to call Comcast now and order the Italian channel for 4 days of San Remo on RAI. They only charge you for the days you use. Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s 6 hours ahead eastern time.

  2. Thanks Kelly for the heads up on when the guys will be singing. I look forward to seeing the guys on You Tube too. I just hope they stay relaxed and sing like we know they can. I hope they know how much we love them and want this one for them. They are already winners to me.

  3. This is such a wonderful write-up with fantastic photos! Thanks to all of you who contributed to it!

    I’m getting emotional again. Lots of tears. Is this a repeat of Radio City Music Hall emotions?

    Anyone else feeling a lot of intensity?

    Perhaps also because San Remo has come at this special time of Gianluca’s 20th birthday.

    And maybe, for me, emotions around family. It’s hard to see my mom deteriorating with Alzheimer’s and my dad’s stress through the roof. (I welcome prayers, if you’ve got one or two to spare.)

    As I said in my wishes to Gianluca,
    May your wishes soar on the wings of eagles and all come true in God’s good timing!
    San Remo for Gian’s birthday would be very good timing! 😉

    Amore, anima e cuore,
    ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. Jeanine, I will say a prayer for your family. Stay strong my dear. Gianluca will have a memorable 20th birthday. Even better if they are chosen as winners. If not, they are winners to all who follow them and adore them. My great grandson, Gerhardt , was born on 2/11. He will be 2 tomorrow. Good luck.

      1. Thank you so much, Prese!

        Definitely winners from birth.

        And your grandson Gerhardt! Those 11 babies are inspiring, just like our Gianluca!

        ~ Jeanine

  4. RAI is offered on Comcast cable. According to the program listing it is scheduled to begin at 2:30pm (eastern standard time) a go to 7pm. I’ve been able to see the listing through Wednesday and it starts at the same time Tuesday and Wednesday.

  5. Some of us here in Las Vegas are getting together at a Sicilian Restaurant to celebrate Gianluca’s birthday and the performance at San Remo. From what I have read there are other people around the country doing the same thing. I think it would be exciting for him to know that people all over the USA/Canada are doing dinner in his name !!! What an excuse !
    Win Win Win

    1. Celebration in Vegas! Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wish I was there. Wish you would tape your gathering Myron. I subscribed to RAI for 4 days and it is on my tv now – Happy Birthday Gianluca and good luck our Guys at San Remo. I have been there it is beautiful. Won’t leave my tv now!

    2. Myron, I just now (3 hrs ago) got back from a 3 day trip from Las Vegas. Stayed at the Paris and lost my pants. One day, I will have to meet you. Wish I could join you and your friends to root for our boys. Oh well, I will have my own party then. Good luck to the three most talented singers in the world.

  6. Our Guys were on the Red Carpet going in with flowers in their hands and Ignacio has talked briefly several times. There doesn’t seem to be any real competition. Like an American Idol audition.

  7. I searched for RA 1 on the internet and ran into a site and it gave me access to the events going on at Sanremo. I had the chance to hear the many guests and eight of the “20 stars”. I believe something ‘crashed. Will try tomorrow again. I missed Chiara and Grignan. I do not know what I expected from this evening but was disappointed. Enjoyed Romina Power & Albano reunion performance and also Tiziano Ferro. Will keep my comments for the rest for now.

      1. I do not know if it matters but I my server is Grande and I do my search thru “Web search”. I also use Fire Fox. I just entered “RA 1 Italy” and the first two sites that I tried gave me RA 1 and Sanremo.
        You will get squares with the singer’s picture and name and jut click and it will start. The two sites I tired and it worked are: “ Homepage” and Rai 1 online TV live from Italy” Hope it works for you..

  8. I just saw our Beautiful Boys sing Amore Grande on RAI. Oh my goodness, they were so serious. I have never seen them like this. They sang like they have never sang before. The audience was applauding during the song. The announcer wished Gianluca a happy birthday and Gian started crying and hugged him! He, they, are totally awesome. There is no one like them. I had to cry with so much love for them.

  9. I just listened to the boys five times. They looked so handsome and sang their hearts out. Loved the song the way they interpreted it. I operate the internet on pure instinct so do not know why I keep getting notices from twitter that I voted. I did ‘vote’ but could not sign in since I do not have the right phone number.
    Anyway enjoyed today since Il Volo sang.

  10. Our Guys were magnificent, powerful, emotional and gorgeous !!! Gianluca’s show of emotion did me in. I still can’t stop weeping. This was a Double Header—-Amazing Talent + Amazing Song = Win,Win for sure !!!

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