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Il Volo Professional ~~ Latin Music Italian Awards 2015

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“Best international male artist or group” for Ilvolo 
“Best international male video” for Grande Amore 
“Best international song of the year” for Grande Amore


Yes…I’m late.  I’m sorry ,Guys.  You remember this award from last year, right?  This is a just for fun and bragging rights award, that IlVolovers turned out in force for.  With the guys up for 3 awards this year, think we can do it again?  Visit:

Latin Music Official Website

and cast your vote!  Lets support our guys and bring home the win…just for fun!

~~ Kelly

Il Volo Professional ~~ WELCOME TO SAN REMO!!!




Gaspare Russo Facebook
Gaspare Russo Facebook


Hey, Everyone!

It seems like it’s been a long time since They Guys announced that they were going to be performing in San Remo.  But the festival is finally here!

Click here —> San Remo Photo Gallery ~~ Athina via LiJoy


They Guys arrived safely Sunday, and have been preparing for today…which is tomorrow now…I think…   😉


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“I will explain the details a bit regarding ‪#‎IlVolo‬: ‪#‎Sanremo2015‬ starts on Feb 10th (where we will see the performances of 10 artists of the category BIG with the unreleased songs) but IL VOLO will perform ‪#‎GrandeAmore‬ on the second evening (Feb 11th, on Gianluca’s birthday!) along with 9 more artists of the category BIG. On Feb 12th, the boys will perform ‪#‎Ancora‬ (it is the 3rd evening of the festival and the evening of the covers). On Feb 13th, the artists of the category BIG perform again so we will see #GrandeAmore once again! By the end of this night there will be 4 eliminations, and the remaining 16 artists (BIG category) will be judged on Feb 14th for the final winner so fingers crossed for Il Volo!”

~~ Athina via LiJoy

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Click here —> San Remo Program ~~ blogdicultura.it; Athina via LiJoy



Click here —> Interview with Il Volo ~~ gossipblog.it; Athina via LiJoy



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Click here —>  Article About Il Volo ~~ roseto.com


And now…It’s Time!!  They Walk The Red Carpet!!  I Love It!

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Good Luck, Guys!  We are so proud of you!