Il Volo Professional ~~ Latin Music Italian Awards 2015

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“Best international male artist or group” for Ilvolo 
“Best international male video” for Grande Amore 
“Best international song of the year” for Grande Amore


Yes…I’m late.  I’m sorry ,Guys.  You remember this award from last year, right?  This is a just for fun and bragging rights award, that IlVolovers turned out in force for.  With the guys up for 3 awards this year, think we can do it again?  Visit:

Latin Music Official Website

and cast your vote!  Lets support our guys and bring home the win…just for fun!

~~ Kelly

17 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Latin Music Italian Awards 2015”

  1. Yes! I have been able to vote more than once too!

    Scroll down on the list to the “International” Category.

    Current standing – (10/7 at 10:16 EST):
    Intern. Male Artist or Group – 44% (Super junior is ahead)
    Intern. Male Video – 60.75% (leading)
    Intern. Song of the Year – Grande Amore – 77.11% (leading, of course!)

  2. The scrolling down is a big pain, but we need to get with it because (as Marie just posted) they are behind in the Best Male Artist category! And we KNOW they are the BEST!

  3. Il volo will be performing on Telemundo tomorrow Thursday 8pm est and hopefully accepting 3 awards…..they certainly deserve them !! Happy smiles and jumps Guys.

    1. Unfortunately, they’re not nominated for anything this year but I bet they’ll be nominated next year. (The awards that everyone is voting for is different)

  4. They are in the 70% already for two of them and way ahead. The 3rd one they are in 2nd place. But if all the lovers of Il Volo vote they could be in first place. Lets vote for these wonderful guys!

  5. Does anyone know a live stream site on the internet where I can access Telemundo? I don’t have it on Dish TV without a subscription. I ‘ ve checked all the live stream sites on the internet I can find and no go! Thanks! Lynn

  6. On the US Billboard chart Classical category Grande Amore is #1 album. Grande Amore single is #6 and L’Amore Si Muove single is #14 for this week! The guys must be in a state of bliss!

  7. I must be out of my mind!! I just called Dish TV and had them add the Latino package to my programming just so I could get the Latin American Music Awards for tomorrow night ! These Guys are so worth it! Just think how gorgeous they are going to look in Armani ! I got the customer service rep I talked to all excited about Il Volo so she’s going to watch the awards just to check them out! Betca she gets hooked! Ciao!

  8. Sometimes this ‘awards’ voting can get to be a pain but now then ever the boys need to know that all the fans are behind them. When you are 20 ,21, and 22 and the world is trying to benefit by hurting you it DOES HURT. So i feel as a devoted fan I can keep voting. I believe this goes on till December.

  9. I just voted & they are leading in all three now!!! Hope I can see tomorrow nite’s show!!! The photos comming in from the Dolby Theatre are great!!! Guys are looking good even tho Piero complained about the jet lag!!! Lots of pics with pretty girls! Our weather warmed up again!!! Hope they get to swim or go to the beach!!! I will keep voting!!!

  10. The guys, once again, are behind by 2000 votes. Comom ladies, this might just be for fun, but it won’t boost their morale if they lose after the week they’ve been through. Super Jr. can’t compare, especially in the international category!

    1. Yes. Telemundo at 8 EST. My TV listing shows an Awards Show 7 to 8 and then again 8 to 10. I am Central time.

  11. If you are in Comcast viewing area in Chicago, there will be a red carpet show at 7pm, followed by the awards show at 8pm and at 10:30 a VIP access show. This is on channel 14 WSNS.

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