You Go Guys! ~ Marie

They’re in Hollywood!  And….

Il Volo

Il Volo Performs Tonight, October 8th, at 8 o’clock On Telemundo TV!

Latin amer

Latin American Music Awards Artist confirmed Il Volo

Rehearsal Video:

(I can’t find a live stream for this event)

ann small 1


Grammy Soon?

billboardOCTOBER 7, 2015


NUMBER ONE THIS WEEK (no surprise)!


“This week’s top-selling classical albums, ranked by sales data as compiled by Nielsen Music.”

(They’re #1 every week for us!)

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(October 6, 2015)

As part of NIAF’s lineup of celebrities, actors Danny Aiello, Chazz Palminteri and AnnabellaSciorra; singer and songwriter Giada Valenti; performer Tom SinatraThe Washington Chorus;The Sicilian Tenors, Aaron Caruso, Elio Scaccio and Sam Vitale, will join Il Volo tenors Piero Barone and Ignazio Boscetto, and baritone Gianluca Ginoble, as part of the weekend performances.
Back by popular demand, the Foundation’s Friday evening extravaganza will feature SNL legend, NIAF Celebrity Ambassador, actor, entertainer and radio host Joe Piscopo and celebrity guests for a celebration of Frank Sinatra’s 100th birthday.
For more information:

(Not certain when Il Volo will perform)

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Oh, and Don’t forget….

Il Volo will also be performing on the red carpet at the 71st Columbus Day Parade, the largest celebration of Italian American heritage and culture in the world that is organized by the Columbus Citizens Foundation. The Parade takes place from 11:30 am – 3:00 pm on Monday, October 12th and will be broadcast on ABC starting at noon.

(Of course, Chris Columbus was Italian!)

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12145192_985243188164807_1991557548_nGianluca’s mom posted this photo of a personalized wine bottle commemorating Il Volo Live 2015 Tour…A gift from Maestro Diego Basso, who conducted the orchestras this summer in Italia.

(Eleonora, I want one too!)


33 thoughts on “You Go Guys! ~ Marie

  1. I looked for the parade in the afternoon on Monday, but found it being shown late night Monday into Tuesday at 12:05 am until 1:35 am in the Comcast Chicago area. It is on channel 7 (ABC).

  2. I love when the boys are busy. Keeps me on my toes. I have become ‘addicted” that when they are in a ‘quiet’ period I get withdrawals.
    Thanks for putting all the events in their proper order.

  3. I can’t help but think that Gianluca is going to be delirious with joy at being part of that Sinatra celebration. I hope its being filmed.

    • Ah Pirate, everything they do these days gets filmed. Good for us! There are currently 471,000 hits on Youtube and 42,200,000 on Google! Chances are good it will be somewhere.

      • Marie and all, I need to tell you my latest IL VOLO experience. I hate and struggle with mornings. I am a night owl so I try and make my wake up be a good experience ( most of the time) Yesterday I woke up to hear this lovely baritone voice singing so sweetly, ahhhhh, made me all snuggly in bed perfectly happy to take a few winks more…Suddenly this crazy tenor belts out ” VOOOOOLARE… THEN COME DRUMS AND ANOTHER CRAZY TENOR STARTS IN THEN ALLL THREE ARE SINGING FULL BLAST AND MY HIPS AND FEET WANT TO DANCE TO ALL THOSE DRUMS.
        Yeah, that was how my morning began. I heartily recommend VOLARE as a great song to wake up to, maybe not quite at the volume I used but still, it was fun to dance my way to my shower for once. Just don’t try and dance in the shower.

      • I’m trying to learn how to dance while driving!!! Not so good so far.
        I think other drivers like my attempts though. They all watch for a minute. They even point me out so their passenger can see!

  4. Hey Marie I love the fact that IL Volo keeps coming back to the U.S. for various events. I just hope the guys can put up with the jet lag must be awful. Love to all the Flight Crew and Love to IL Volo be safe.

  5. The Beautiful Pacific Northwest is where they would find wonderful rest. A beach house would be nice, Ignazio could ride a horse on the beach, Piero could play in the ocean ( I would be ready to rescue him) and Gianluca can do whatever it is that Gianluca does when he has free time.

    You could all come visit too!

  6. The boys and all you girls would be more than welcome to Deerfield Beach (handy for Miami) In Florida. Plenty of sun, surf and great restaurants. All would have a great time !!

  7. Marie! You go right ahead and dance and drive at the same time! Live dangerously! Why don’t you try taking a selfie st the same time, too! Goofy!!!

  8. I just heard Il Volo sing “GRANDE AMORE’
    on my channel 192, NBC, Universo. They
    received a STANDING OVATION and to me
    were the best performers there……I think I
    am prejudice and just prefer IL VOLO
    over any other singers…..They are so sweet,
    talented, handsome and I can understand
    their vocals so well…….They are special
    people and singers and are tops in my
    books……(Ch. 192 in Okla.)

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