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jane - Italian Hymn

This beautiful photo was taken of the fly over before the Italian Formula 1 Race, where IL VOLO sang the Italian National Anthem at the start of the race.  This got me wondering what the colors of their flag actually stand for.  I found there are several interpretations of this.



GREEN stands for Prosperity

WHITE represents Peace

RED symbolizes Sacrifice



GREEN stands for the beautiful meadows and hills of Italy

WHITE represents the snowy Alps

RED symbolizes the fertile soil of Italy



GREEN stands for Hope

WHITE represents Faith

RED symbolizes Charity

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Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca stood there with a hand over their heart (just as we do) as they sang their anthem.  It was an honor for them and a beautiful tribute to their beloved Italy!



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  1. Nice post Jane! Il Volo has all the symbolism covered. It’s no wonder Italy is so proud of them!

    This morning, after their performance in LA last night, we are proud of our beloved Boys! The singing was brilliant and they looked sooo handsome. Just the norm.

  2. Wow. All this time time I thought green=basil, white=mozzarella, and red=tomato sauce–YUM!!😉

    1. And you were right, Vicki! Pizza Margherita: tomato sauce, mozzarella and basil! The national pizza of Italy! Ate plenty of that when I was there. Matter of fact I ate my way from one end of Italy to the other and still came home having lost weight! Figure that out!

  3. Thanks for your post. I went and looked up my birth Country’s Flag. I am so grateful for all the postings because it makes me go out into the internet world and learn more.

    Lithuania Flag – Colors – meaning and symbolism
    yellow symbolizes the sun, prosperity, golden fields and goodness
    green stands for forests of the countryside, nature, freedom and hope
    red represents the bravery and blood of those who have died defending Lithuania

  4. I just wrote a comment & lost it in the posting! I hate that. Thanks, Jane for the flag info! I love all the Italy blogs! Our guys looked so great singing their National Anthem!!! Last nite’s performance was their usual perfection!!! Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero your amazing voices just sound better & better!!!

  5. Anne, I did the same thing! Jane that was a beautiful post! Thanks! Vicki, I love the way you mind wanders to FoOD entirely too much! That performance last night was a mind blower! I’m as proud as a self proclaimed Nonna can be! !

  6. Jane, nice post. Always interested in background info. Now, my two cents (or more!). When we were in Florence we visited the Doumo, the main cathedral of the city. The facade is covered with green, white and red marble tiles signifying faith, hope and charity. I had seen pictures of the building but wasn’t ready for the sheer beauty of it! It took my breath away!

    Last night’s concert was a triumph for the Guys. The standing ovation they received was a recognition of their skill and talent not only by the other performers and winners but by the members of the audience who represented the broadest spectrum of the music industry. The people who came to their feet were sending a message not only to Il Volo but to everyone watching that they were something special!! On one of the other websites there was a photo of the Guys doing a group hug after their performance! They knew what they had accomplished! This is a very big deal for them!

  7. Yes well said i Lynn about IL Volo at last night’s concert they were brilliant as usual I know we all know how brilliant they are but now the whole industry is finally catching on to our guys. Well done last night guys. So happy for you.

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