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Hey Everyone!

How awesome were our guys at the Latin American Music Awards?  Receiving another standing ovation?  They were amazing!  I’m going to be posting pictures and videos in the next day or so, so look for that, but first, we have to pay the bills.

It is time for the yearly payment to WordPress for this site.   In the past, the board members have gladly paid the cost for providing this site.  It is very reasonable and for the love of Il Volo, we were and are happy to do it.  But many of you have continued to be so generous in your giving that we currently have more than enough donations to pay for the coming year and still have a good amount left over.  If you all would agree, we would like to use some of your donations to pay the subscription cost.

The payment is set for Monday.  Please respond with your vote in the comments.  And again, thank you so much for your support and generosity!

~ Your Flight Crew Board

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  1. I would personally like to thank all of you for the support you give in every way. Note that this is NOT a pledge drive. As Kelly said, ” We currently have more than enough donations to pay…”.

    For us, as well as all our writers and article contributors, this site is a labor of love. We continue to be ad free!

    Thank You again,

  2. i know I sent a donation but not sure what is was for. You are the best judge about the finances so you have my vote to do what is needed. If you ever need more funds please post it. FOR MANY FANS THIS SITE IS A DAILY CHEER AND A PLACE FOR IL VOLO INFORMATION. Your hard work allows the rest of us be part of the boys’ lives.

    1. Thank you Gina (a major article contributor).

      The donations were set up for the “Keepsake Book” we had published. Remember? Lijoy presented it to them at the concert in Italy. What we are talking about here are the “leftovers”.

  3. Yes, by all means! This site is the BEST. I would be happy to give yearly for this yearly payment. Please use the donations for the subscription cost and THANK YOU for the countless hours you all give here so that we may all share in the joy of IL VOLO in our lives!

      1. Yes, you ladies are the best!!! Use the donations as you need. Thank you for everything!!

  4. By all means use what you have from us! I want to see this site stay ADVERTIZZZZMENT FREE! There really is no reason why Board members need to shoulder the cost. Ask and your members will respond. I will gladly support the IL VOLO FLIGHT CREW, this is my lifeline to Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca

  5. Use the money as you see fit. This site is my morning happy time. I appreciate all your good work. joanie G

  6. hello–thanks for all your efforts i have a question cant seem to find out who won the international latin music awards went to the billboard site and the international winners were not listed do you know anything about who won? john kraus

  7. That is an excellent idea. You most certainly have my vote. My day would be absolutely ruined if I didn’t have this site to check in on every morning. Thank you to all the Board members and contributors. Like it has been said before, a day without Il Volo is a day without sunshine!

  8. Hi mariei never felt that I really belonged to the fan club even though I thought I did this is 1st time I saw fees mentioned ive been on your site for a long time and love it please let me know how i can belong too. Donna.

    1. Just by joining in the conversation, you are one of us, Donna! We asked for donations for the Keepsake book, and everyone was so generous, we had money left over, and people have continued to donate just because they want to.
      There is no fee to belong to Il Volo Flight Crew. 🙂 We welcome everyone who loves Il Volo and wants to make friends and share their Il Volo love with the world. 🙂 If one chooses to donate, we thank you so much, but it is definitely not necessary or required. Just enjoy the love, and welcome!

  9. Yes, I think it is a good idea to use donations to pay the fee. Personally, I see this site as a beneficial service that keeps me informed. Can’t get enough of our guys! In the future, I would be happy to contribute to the fees to maintain this site. Thank you for all you do!

  10. Quite a few weeks ago I emailed you to ask how I could make a donation and never received a reply. I offered to send a bank money order in US$ if I could be supplied with a name etc. where I could send it. The offer is still there but I do need the information. I have been following the careers of these guys since they first entered the competition in Genoa and have everything they have ever produced. I am only sorry I will not be around when their careers reach their full potential. I love them too. Lesley Newall.

    1. I’m sorry, Lesley. It seems we’ve had some trouble with our email address. :/. If you truly would like to donate, you can do so easily by clicking “donate” in the top left of your screen. Thank you for your thoughtfulness, but please only do so if you feel moved to. 🙂

  11. I would gladly donate when ever needed!! This is one of my “happy places”! The board is so dependable, use the funds as needed!! I’m more than “a little” unsure how to contribute, but just let me know how, and I’ll be there! Love youall! DOT…

  12. Marie and company: I will be sending in something for this great cause. Back in history when the official Il Volo web site was turning bad and they finally stopped the blog completely (I think they were mad at me) then Flight Crew picked up the slack or filled the void – THANK GOD ! Bravo to you all.

  13. comments about the Latin AMA’s – The guys were great in what they did except that Piero had a little rasp in his voice from the long travel hours. You can get what is called “Vegas Throat ” in Los Angeles as well because it is also a desert city (a little more humid). The guys did their job very well and what an ovation they got in the Academy Awards Theatre (Dolby). I was so proud. But I was not happy with the show. Too many times they made the artist cut a verse from the song they were singing and that is what they did with Il Volo as well – cut the second verse of Grande Amore so it would fit into the spot before the commercial. God bless the commercials – UGH. (I had other words but I needed to control myself).

    Back to the good side: notice that the singing quality was poor in the two acts before and the one after Il Volo. Our guys are the true professionals. Absolutely the best singers of the night. Bravo – again !

    1. Yes, Myron, I noticed that “rasp” in Piero’s voice, too…but the Guys were still the best act there. I found myself wincing through a lot of the other “artist’s” songs. These shows only prove what we already know…that Il Volo is in a class all by themselves, and that even their peers know it, proven by giving them the only standing ovation of the night!

    2. Myron, thanks for your input. Training and practice combined with talent will take the Guys all the way to the top. We have to remember the boys started very young with voice and music lessons and practice, practice, practice! They also have a whole “machine” behind them bringing them along to this point. They have been groomed, packaged and guided to be the dynamite the are!
      I’ve been racking my brain to remember the title of a book I read last year about the pursuit of excellence. The author suggests that people who reach the pinnacle in their fields only reach that point with the combination of talent, training and 10,000 hours of practice. And we know who’s got that, don’t we? Go Il Volo!!!
      And don’t forget. I’m more than willing to loan my Bail Fund to you in case you have to retrieve anybody out of the slammer in Vegas! Hah!!!

  14. Hey Kelly I would love to donate but I don’t know how to set up a Paypal account because my husband already has one and I don’t want to use his but I can send you a check or money order wherever you want. Just let me know where . Help me help you. Thanks and keep up the amazing work

  15. And, yes, Ladies, I vote for you to use the “leftover” money to pay the bills! Much love to you all! <3

  16. Oh Yah! You go ahead and spend the dollars any way you see fit! I do not put any of my credit card info over the internet. Therefore I need an address and who to make it out to. I’ve enjoyed this blog so much and very much want to contribute. I sent an email twice requesting in fo. Either that or I fly to Ohio on my broom and get you, Marie! And you don’t want that! (We’ll probably end up going out, getting into trouble and having to use the Vegas Bail Fund!) Anyone else not getting an email address can come, too! Let’s go terrorize Marie!!!
    Maybe we ought to also establish a contingency fund to bail out anybody who gets into trouble in Vegas???

  17. Where would someone who does
    not use Paypal send in a donation?
    I would prefer a mailing address if
    that is possible. I so appreciate
    all the information and music I
    receive from this blog. Our guys
    were so professional at the Latin
    America Awards, their singing was
    exquisite, amazing. They are the
    best both in singing and entertaining.
    I read about them and listen to them
    every day. No day would be
    complete with my IL VOLO fix.
    Thank you ladies and fan club for
    all the hard work you do. I do
    so appreciate it.

    1. Ok folks here’s my address:

      2746 Maple Ave #321
      Zanesville, Oh 43701

      If a murderer is writing this down, you should know I have a gun, a sword and a Doberman big enough to swallow your head.

      1. Thanks, Marie!
        And don’t you worry for a minute! I’ll be right out to stand guard!
        The gun goes back to the pawn shop. The sword goes back to Pirate. How did you get that, anyway? She’s been looking for that for weeks! And as for the Doberman, I’ve got a bigger bite by far. Just ask the last person I took a good nip out of!!!

      2. Thank you Marie…..
        Of course you should
        use the money for
        the site so we can
        stay informed….
        I look forward
        every morning to
        see what news the
        Flight Crew has
        about our young
        you for all your
        hard work……
        It is
        many times

    1. Me. The account is in the Name of The Il Volo Flight Crew under my name. I will return it to our Paypal account.
      Kelly, do you agree?

      Just so you know…We are both involved in the account. Kelly pays our bills (Yay!). I send the $ from our Paypal account to Kelly’s and she “writes the checks”.

      However, if there is ever enough money in the account to get me to Marsala….
      Ciao, Ciao, Baby!

      1. I’m going with you, Marie!!!!!!!! 👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻👨🏻

  18. I vote to use the money however necessary. We love this site and appreciate all the hard work, time and effort it takes to keep it up. since all work is voluntary and no one gets paid it hardly seems fair you guys also are out of pocket for the web fees. jUST ASK WHEN YOU NEED SOMETHING! I know we will all contribute,,,
    Hey Marie, I love the side decoration on this page!

  19. So happy there is enough money to cover the cost of the site so you don’t have to pay the entire amount. You already do so much and I so much appreciate all the wonderful stories, articles and information and feelings that are shared here. I also had emailed a request for an address when you were making the Keepsake Books. Thanks for letting us help contribute in a small way to Il Volo Flight Crew.

    1. We have enough now, Lucky. If we need some we will ask. It looks like we won’t have a problem with financing this site.

      Thank you for offering. Thank You everyone!

  20. I have been out of town, forgot my WordPress password, or I would have SURELY been the first to say ABAOLUTELY use the funds in any way you see fit. I am not going to repeat it all, but I second every wonderful thing everyone has said in reply. Once again, Il Volo was the CLASS of the whole operation!!!

  21. Of course you can use any leftover funds however you see fit. Please don’t hesitate to post request for any donations you might need. I love this site for it’s the only place where I really get my laughs reading all your banters. You guys are so funny. The news regarding our guys are incredible always. I am so excited to meet those who will be in LAS VEGAS in March. People are rolling their eyes at me when I talk about IL VOLO’S talents, their good looks, etc. I really don’t give a D—. I keep talking anyway. I recorded the Latin American Grammy’s because I was in las Vegas the whole week. Lost but had great fun. Now, I can enjoy their performance whenever I want.

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