Il Volo Professional ~~ Latin American Music Awards 2015

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Hey Everyone!

I generally put performance videos more in the middle of a post, but I know that not everyone has Telemundo and might not have seen the video.  I have a sneaking suspicions that most have already seen it, but just in case…     😉       Thanks, TheIlVoloversMx, for posting it!

I’m going to get out of the way and let you enjoy.   Keep coming back to this post.  Our friends at  Il Volo ~ English Translations will be posting more videos today!

Toward the middle of the page, LiJoy asks a question.  Let us know your answer in the comments below!

~ Kelly



Il Volo America Video Diario Prima Puntata ~~

Red Carpet

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Il Volo Performed Grand Amore on the Latin American Music Awards~~ All About Ilvolo

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11 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Latin American Music Awards 2015”

  1. I was so happy for them when the audience gave them a standing ovation. They were the only ones to sing without gimmicks. Such beautiful voices. I am so glad they share their music with us.

  2. Nice post Kelly, Thank You! I’ve been out enjoying Ohio fall for the past few days and now I’m caught up.

    As to Lisa Joy’s question…I can’t even imagine what they’re thinking, but my whole chest fills with pride for them …and for us for choosing to follow such wonders as Il Volo! I try to imagine when the first time they stood there like THAT, seeing and feeling THAT and knew they had really MADE IT!!!

    You Rock, My Lovely Boys!!!

  3. Marie, I have nothing to add to your answer to Lisa’s question! I personally couldn’t be more proud of them!♡♡♡

  4. I don’t know if at that moment they could think at all. They probably just soaked it all up and I hope they can remember it. When the song ended, I screamed “stand up people, and clap for them” and they sure did. I was so happy and proud of them.

  5. I have written a comment on another posting but in short:
    I watched the whole show except for the last 20 minutes and it was interesting to see what just the singing comparison might be. So many acts depended on a lot of flash that covered up not much substance at all. Il Volo had some good theatrics and effects but not over done. The point is that without the cosmetics Il Volo actually has the highest quality substance to show. Frankly, they could have turned off everything except three spot lights and the orchestra and Il Volo’s pure, pure quality singing would have made the day. (now you guys knew I would say something like that, I bet)
    However, I must be honest, Piero was dealing with a little raspy sound at two places in the song. This was most likely due to the long flight and not much down time with all the interviews they did while in LA. Still, all in all, they sang much better than any act before and the ones after. Grande Amore is a solid song for them. Shows them off to great advantage.

    Standing ovation ABSOLUTELY DESERVED – Hey! this is the place where the Academy Awards – Oscars – are done (Dolby theater). This is great.
    Il Volo will be performing their entire concert in the same place March 26 the day after they leave us here in Las Vegas !!! YEAH !

    1. Thanks, Myron! When people are surprised that I’m not as into the Top 40 and want to know why, I always point to Il Volo: an example of how to truly work at and be dedicated to perfecting a craft. You simply can’t beat it.

      1. You said it. All the cosmetics cover up the fact that the voices are so poorly prepared or have no real good sound at all. And of course, there is also “auto-tune” – the program that will make your voice sing in tune when it is not. With our guys you take away the special effects or audio cosmetics (which they don’t use very much) and they actually sound better ! ! ! HA !

  6. I think they heard you scream Linda.
    I was so happy when the audience
    gave them a STANDING OVATION.
    That audience let them know they
    loved them, and looking at the
    faces of IL VOLO you could tell they
    were thrilled…..Guys, you gave a
    great performance…..Thank you
    Myron for your good comments.

  7. How many times have I watched this performance?! Love it! Spectacular. And thank you so much for sharing the English translation. Funny how I can feel the energy of a song, and then seeing it in English is even more intense!

    For those, like me, who didn’t see it on Telemundo, I noticed that their original recording synched up the sound with the image best. (But there are ads to wait through.)

    Celebrating Our Guys, as always.

    Grande Amore,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

    1. I said the same thing about feeling the energy, but knowing the word adding a special something. I was thinking, “Yes! Sing it to me!” Lol

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