Columbus Day Parade


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Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga.

Thank You for this information Gina!


You can view the parade LIVE ONLINE from 12 noon to 3 pm on

Event: Columbus Day Parade Location: New York, Fifth Ave. from 44th – 72nd Streets. Date: Monday, October 12, 2015.  Hours: 11:30 AM – 3:00 PM Broadcast: WABC-TV, Noon – 3:00 PM 

The annual Columbus Day Parade is the world’s largest celebration of Italian-American heritage and culture. As Grand Marshal, Alberto Cribiore will lead nearly 30 marching bands, over 25 enormous floats and hundreds of performers up Fifth Avenue in a non-stop parade of family entertainment and Italian-American celebration. Il Volo, the critically acclaimed Italian trio, will be leading the performances, fresh off their recently announced worldwide tour. ………

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  1. Got to go to do my share at the Food Pantry but will hurry to come and watch. I hope the boys perform early.

  2. Thanks Gina! And thanks for volunteering at the food pantry.
    On the All Things Il Volo Facebook page there is a great selfie of Piero and Gian with Lady Gaga at the Columbus Day dinner. Gorgeous!
    There is also a clip of the Guys singing, contributed by Lidia Bastianich. She is a famous Italian chef here in the US. She has several restaurants, best selling Ital cookbooks and a show on PBS. She also cooked for Pope Francis when he was in New York on his visit here! Go see!

    1. Woman named Lydia can only be successful, beautiful, intelligent and smart. 😀 I saw Ms. Bastianich at Il Volo a New York Speciale Porta a Porta on RAI Tv and her website. Here are some interesting facts about name…
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      Srdečne pozdravujem ! 🙂

  3. I’ll check it out also at 9 A.M. I am originally from Boston which has a large Italian population. They were over by the old north church. Joanie G.

  4. Just got home and checked the pictures and now will see if I can find the parade.

    1. And didn’t you just love it when Cuomo said last night at the gala it was hard being a man in the room with them because all the ladies were swooning over them?
      Even the MEN know they are special!

      1. Second that Penina! I can’ t say enough about Gov Cuomo. He spends a lot of time up here in the Adks skiing and hiking and just taking time off. We see him frequently around town. He stops in at our local newspaper to chat and keep his finger on the the pulse of things.
        When hurricane Irene hit up here we really got trashed! Roads, bridges, houses, our treatment plant was flooded. We had to boil water for weeks. Gov Cuomo was here every weekend checking damage and repairs and making sure millions of dollars were directed here. And we’re still not back to normal!
        I live near and work in Lake Placid where the Winter Olympics were held in 1932 and 1980. The facilities are still used to train athletes from around the world. We hold World Cup winter events as well as other major events throughout the year. The Gov has made sure millions have been invested in keeping our facilities current and competitive as well as much of our infrastructure.( Our airport can handle 737 jets, former Pres Bush flew in on Air force One! )
        Enough bragging! The above photo couldn’t have been more perfect! Who put that up? I wonder if it was the Guys first experience in a parade like this? I hope so. One more reason for them to keep coming back again and again to the US. After all, they belong here, don’t they?!!🗽🇮🇹🇺🇸

      2. Since the parade was over I posted two photo’s of those three amazing young men. Also, look below for their triple platinum “Grande Amore” performed today!

      1. Marie! Thanks! Now, can we have the other two songs? Might as well be greedy! And maybe a Maserati?!!

    1. Well, Sweetie! You have now! ( Didn’t take much to get Marie on the stick! ) Actually I was begging for the other two vids for you! I’m never greedy for myself, never, ever!! But I do want a Maserati. Very useful up here in all this snow. Maybe put a plow on it!

  5. They were fabulous as always, they sang Grand Amore and if you were at that parade and never saw them before, you got a treat and fell in love with Il Volo … They came back in the middle of the parade and sang “Delilah”. Then Volare… One of the lady announcers said that it was like having the Beatles there, that the crowd swarmed the stage and they had to have crowd control… They are so gorgeous that they made the Maserati they were sitting in look even better than it does on it’s own….. Even Maserati looks better with Il Volo in it… The one thing I can say honestly, there was not one act that could compare to our guys… After seeing and hearing Il Volo on stage, I am surprised that anyone even tried to follow them… After all, there is no better voices in this world than Il Volo… And I must say, not only do they have the best voices but they are certainly easy on the eyes for they are beautiful inside and out.. .Oh and they always smell good too!!!!

  6. I am so proud of IL VOLO and their
    music and personalities….There was
    no comparison for their performance
    in the parade, they were the best.
    I agree with you Jeannette they have
    the best voices and I just love to look
    at them…..The U.S. and the world is
    reaching out for peace and love and
    these young men give the best
    example of anyone I know of…..
    They just happen to be handsome,
    cute, good looking, pleasing to the
    eye all at the same time. I am so
    looking forward to their concert here
    in Oklahoma. It will be my FIRST.

      1. I needed more
        adjectives, I am
        sure I didn’t use
        enough. I am
        looking forward
        to my first big
        concert. I
        don’t want to
        forget any of
        it. Might be
        my only one.

  7. Thank you, thank you and again thank you for all this information and for the three sons of Il Volo. Appreciated very much. I just love them!

  8. Thanks Marie for posting their songs being sung! Fantastic! And yes, did they ever look way beyond cool sitting on that car!!! 🙂

  9. Gins or anybody out there! Help! I’ve lost the site where we vote for male group song, etc! Dumb!

  10. Ciao a tutti! Thanks for the videos. I missed Volare, was at work streaming from my phone, cleaning out my email at the same time. I had over 5,000 emails and after two hours, I’d only made it to the “Ps!” Yes, awesome as always. Got a chuckle when Ignazio’s voice cracked at the end of Delilah! Had to turn phone off, battery getting low and am sure was using up most of my GBs! Was nice to hear the commentators say such nice things about them. Was a nice parade also, enjoyed listening and watching at work. Ciao! Jana

  11. I went early into the city and was lucky to have a seat in the grandstands off to the side and not very close to the stage. It was great seeing Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca go by in the Maserati. I didn’t realize they would be in the Parade also. They sounded and looked wonderful! Since they performed their songs at various times, they were transported in small carts back and forth to the stage. I was very fortunate to have Ignazio sign one of my Grande Amore CD’s and Gianluca sign my SanRemo CD. I couldn’t get close enough or have time to reach Piero. They had people trying to get them back and forth quickly and trying to discourage fans from stopping them. All three were friendly and kind to all who spoke to them but had to be moved along quickly.
    Since I was very early, I went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral which recently had a $175 million renovation. It looks so beautiful on the outside and inside. A Columbus Day mass had just started and I had time to stay for mass before going to the Parade. An all around great and beautiful day!

    1. Oh Margaret! You were so lucky! What a wonderful day for you! To get that close to the Guys and have them sign your CD’s. And see them riding in that Maserati, too! WOW. And mass at St. Patrick’s. I was there a long time ago. The next time I go to NYC I have to make a point of going. Cardinal Dolan is in Rome for the Conference of Bishops or you would have heard him give the sermon and concelebrate the mass. He is a very dynamic, charismatic pastor and all of New York is his parish no matter what faith one follows or doesn’t! He doesn’t give you a choice!
      You must be just exhausted. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about you day! Ciao and dormi bene! (Sleep well ) Lynn

      1. I’ll add my thanks to Margaret for sharing your wonderful day!! The Guys AND mass at St Patrick’s! A new one for my bucket list! The mass, not the Boys! They are already all over my bucket list!

  12. I have found I can vote more than
    once at a time. I tap to the right
    side of Il Volo slowly one after
    another to the number I want
    and it seems to take almost
    every vote. Try it, I could be
    wrong but it surely adds up.

  13. I have a touch screen laptop,
    but I’m sure if you tap the
    mouse by Il Volo, you will
    get the same results.

      1. Hmm!! Seems to me some of this group are a little lacking in scruples when it comes to Il Volo!!
        ( IT WORKS!! ) Heh! Heh!

  14. It just so happened that I was flying from Florida to NY to visit with my kids for the Columbus Day Weekend and low and behold I find out that Il Volo will be in the parade !! Was that luck or what !!!
    My kids were good sports and went with me even though I knew they would be bored to death. We met up with Madeline Vitella (we had not been together since our trip to Italy !! ) and her daughter and we all sat in the 3rd row in the Grandstand at 68th Street. The boys performed between 68th and 69th Streets. Madeline had gotten there early and was able to see the boys do their sound checks which was very exciting for her !! We got there about 11:15. In a very short time the guys who were leading off the parade right behind the motorcycles and mounted police were approaching us and we were ready for them !! Madeline had an Il Volo shirt on ( mine unfortunately was at home !!) and we held up an Il Volo scarf that she had gotten at a M&G !!! We were holding up the scarf and yelling GIANLUCA on the top of our lungs !!! He looked up from his phone and a big smile lite up his gorgeous face !!! He recognized us and pointed,waved and blew kisses to us and even as they were passing us by he kept looking behind him and continued to blow kisses our way !!! Absolutely Adorable !!! Piero also saw us and gave us a big smile and a wave !! Unfortunately Ignazio was looking in another direction. We could see them on the stage but we couldn’t hear them sing very well as there’s was lots of noise and music from the parade. Delilah was a little bit louder then Grande Amore but we had to leave before Volare which I heard was the loudest. All in all it was a fantastic day and very exciting to be able to eyeball our precious ones and a thrill that Gianluca recognized and acknowledged us !! There are photos we took on FB or our timelines (mine is Joan Brenin). I don’t know how to post
    them here !!! I’m sorry that this post got so wordy but I really wanted to share our special day with my Flight Crew family 💕💕

    1. Joan, thank you that you shared with us your experience. 🙂
      I can feel from your words joy and enthusiasm and I am happy that you have seen boys again and for you must be very fantastic feeling to know, that Gianluca recognized you. 🙂 It certainly was a moment that you will remember forever and will remain in your heart forever inscribed. 🙂 Certainly the pictures are nice (I’m not on Facebook) and will be a good memory of this day. 🙂
      I wish you all the best and sincerely greet you. 🙂

      1. Thank you so much Lydka !! It was a thrilling day !! No one loves their fans as much as our three endearing guys do and in return we love them right back !!! 😍

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