piero and babyThere was another cute picture of Piero holding a baby…so sweet. All of the guys seem to love babies. You can see it on their faces. They know how to handle them, too. I’ll bet they have never dropped one.

When they came to the Mall of America, we had to stand in line to go up to the table for the autographing of the album, and when we got there it was rush, rush. Then when we were back standing in the crowd and watching, we noticed that do they 7people with babies got a lot more attention. The guys would hold the babies and coo to them, the mothers also being involved. Well, Allene and I decided that the next time we were in that kind of situation, we would have to bring babies. Trouble was, where would we get them? Nobody we know would let us borrow one. I wondered, “would a puppy do?” Probably not. But now that there is a new great-grand baby in my family, I might have a chance.

g - with babyI know that Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio will all be great fathers. Just look at their role models….three fathers who have shown their love for them in supporting their careers by providing what they needed as they grew and developed, and then as their careers blossomed they were always there tirelessly traveling to keep an eye on them. I think that Piero’s father even prepared meals for him on the road. And Gianluca’s papa was always watching over the guys, seeing that everything was okay. We’ve seen Vito in the background, too, keeping tabs on Ignazio. Now there’s a job!!

Isn’t it great the way the guys show affection for their fathers? So much hugging and all with childrenkissing without restraint or embarrassment. I know it’s the Italian way, but it is obvious that the love they feel is real.

Yes, our boys will be great papas some day. It’s in their genes and in their hearts. Some lucky girls will capture them, and then there will be lucky babies. I’ve always said that there is nothing these guys can’t do.

from MaryI can see Piero singing an aria in the opera house with a baby in one arm while gesturing with the other. Ignazio will have to balance his baby while getting pizzas in and out of the oven all the while singing bel canto to entertain the patrons of the Pizzeria. Will it tarnish Gianluca’s sexy image if he is sitting on a stool crooning a love song with a baby on his lap? No way.

Will I be able to see these things from my vantage point way UP THERE? I hope so. But for now I can only imagine what great dads our guys will be. They have the backgrounds and their own loving hearts to accomplish it.


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  1. Thanks for the post. Now ladies let see what all of us think the boys should have for the mothers’ of their babies. Tall, short, funny, sexy, a singer, a good cook and so on. They were great in NY in the Parade. Remember to vote.

      1. I think that’s a good thing…:) If we knew what you were going to say next we might run and hide!

      2. Ah, Marie, you know why I love you so much? Because you say things that I might think but I wouldn’t SAY! 😀

    1. I tried voting multiple times by
      clicking to the right side of
      IL VOLO and it works for me.
      Just click many as many times
      as you want (I’ve clicked up to
      100 times) and then click on
      VOTE….I hope it works for you
      as it will increase IL VOLO’S
      chances of winning.

  2. Mary, this is so sweet. I loved it! Let’s see…if you bring your new great grand baby and I’ll bring my new grand baby, we could each take turns and pass the baby back in the line of ALL the Flight Crew Members as we Meet and Greet in Vegas!! That way EVERYONE would have ample time with the guys as they coddle and snuggle our babies! (But first we have to get the mother’s of those babies to agree to this plan. 🙂
    You are right…all 3 will make wonderful fathers!!

  3. Wonderful, Mary!!! I hope & pray that these young men find the love of their life & are happy in a beautiful marriage!!! I, like Mary will have to be watching from above! Our guys are so special there has to be three unique women out there for them!!! To see them married with babies would be wonderful!!! They are so sweet with babies & little ones!!! Agree, Mary, they will be great fathers!!! May I say again, I just love you, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!!

  4. If I have my figures right, there will be ample angel watching over these three! I’m in no hurry, and I have 9 grandchildren and 7 great grands to check on, however, when that time comes I know I’ll have help! Mary, you brought a little tear to my eyes! Such a sweet post!! Thanks! Isn’t there a song,”I’m Gonna Live Forever”???♡♡♡

  5. I agree with you guys about watching from “up there”. I may be there first as I will be turning 87 in March. I consider the Las Vegas concert my last hurrah. I’ll let you know how good the vantage point is up there . Joanie G

  6. Love Mary’s post I know when I see pictures of the guys with babies or little kids I think of how amazing they are going to be as fathers. The thing that gets to me is how tender they are with little ones. I can’t wait till my Piero has a little one of his own. Oh Me.

  7. Thank you, Mary, and you, too, Jane, for offering to share your babies with all of us.
    Wouldn’t that be fun, passing these babies down the line as we meet our beloved Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio?. And not be rushed out of there like- well – a herd of cattle as some have said. And I wonder, will there be a place UP THERE for all of us Flight Crew Members to all get together?

      1. Marie, we’ll be saving a place for you with all of the Flight Crew members who made it, and OF COURSE we all will be wearing our Il Volo T shirts…we may have to cut “wing holes.”

    1. WONDERFUL article, Lydka! Thanks so much for sharing this here. Love hearing Gianluca’s perspective on so many things. Have to remind oneself that he is just 20! So wise for 20!! 🙂

      1. Thank you Lydka.
        It’s amazing that
        Gianluca has such
        wisdom at his
        young age. Seems
        like he always
        makes the right
        decision. He seems
        to always know the
        right thing to do
        and it comes
        from his heart.
        I get teary eyed
        when he sings
        to a young girl
        and looks at
        her with such

  8. You have all seen this one: recent concert where Gianluca is singing “Can’t help falling in love” and after a while he walks out in the audience and finds a little girl whom he invites out to the aisle to be with him as he sings to her. The audience just melts like hot butter when he does this. He shows such tenderness and care and his gestures and hug and kiss are perfect.

  9. Thank you Mary !! They are so sweet and tender with babies and young children !! I would love to be a bug on a wall when they see their newborns for the very first time 😂

  10. That was a very interesting interview with Gianluca. Thank you Lydka for giving us the link. It made me very happy when Gianluca said our guys were planning to stay together forever!

  11. Thank you for this lovely subject. I have always thought they are so good and loving with children and babies. They take extra time to talk or hug and kiss them. They seem to be so comfortable holding them and talking to them. It is just another wonderful part of their personalities. For men so young or even older, I think this is very unusual . The thought has also crossed my mind that it would be a good idea to bring one of my small grandchildren to see them. I have shown parts of their concerts to my 5 year old twin grandsons and they watch for awhile and they can pronounce their names which makes me laugh.

  12. Mary, Thank you for this very special post! And especially to all who replied. All of you are such dears! I’m glad to have met this group! And I’ll Volo is very blessed to have all of you watching over them!

    Just wanted to let anyone interested know that Il Volo ” Un’ Avventura Stroadinaria” their book in eBook format (for Kindle) will be released on Sept 29. I checked Amazon and it looks like they will have it. However, it’s in Italian! So, unless anybody wants to tackle it we’ll have to wait for the Eng version. Oh! Woe! I’m a hard core hard copy kinda girl! Ebook only under extreme duress! Ciao!

  13. MARY!!!

    A very poignant perspective you have prepared and presented. OK, enough ‘P’ words for the moment. I shared once before in a thread on this site, that the great love and affection these young men openly demonstrate for each other is a beautiful testament to their families of origin. They were brought up to embrace their emotional core and to not be ashamed to express it at will, in whatever circumstance or environment that develops. Not that this type of behavior can be completely learned, it has to also be endogenous to the individual. Nature and Nurture, if you will. They’ve got some mighty good “genes”, too.

    My preamble was to make this observation about “the boys” as it pertains to your article, Mary. Family and Fatherhood,…for The Flight,….in the Future, lol. Let’em be young musical pioneers first, before becoming young musical parents!!! No doubt these young men impress us with their skill sets around babies, kids, young people, mature people, fans, the media, bus-drivers, and everyone else that happens upon them. Have we ever witnessed them not being genteel, kind, and thoughtful of those around them,……?

    My point is this Mary, wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in that delivery room waiting area when one of these three young men is about to become a father??? Don’t you know for everyone else there in that waiting area who is not part of the Barone, Boschetto, and Ginoble families,…it will be hard to determine just which of the three guys standing there is actually the “daddy-to-be”!!! These boys are so close to one another, and frankly always will be, that the excitement and joy of pending parenthood will be unequivocally shared by all three no matter which one is the actual “father-in-waiting”.

    All three of them will attend the births of each others children, will be part of each others weddings, will vie with each other for Godfather status, lol, and will be the best Uncles each others kids could ever want. Il Volo are not just three young men that perform together, they are family in every sense of what that word implies. In all of life’s great events they will be there in heart, body and faith,…one for another. These boys are bound together by a love for each other that I’ve never witnessed before in the entertainment industry. You can see it in their eyes when they look at one another, and you can feel it in your soul when they embrace each other as brothers on and off the stage. I love these boys for being authentic and genuine.

    I have been taught to cherish and honor my friends differently since Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero came into my heart.

    Godspeed, Il Volo

    1. JIM!!! Thank you for your response. Your insights and beautiful writing greatly enrich this topic. I wonder if I COULD come back as a fly on that wall to witness the birthing event. Dare I request it? I wonder who that cricket down in the corner is? I truly appreciate your giving the Flight Crew another taste of your writing talent–we would like to have much more of it.

      1. Very kind of you, Mary. Thank You!!! Not sure I deserve the accolades. But, these fellows are such a unique tripartite parcel of talent, lol, that it makes it easy to wordsmith a tribute to them in any fashion or manner possible. I love these boys like sons I never had. Each of them will make their fathers, doting grandfathers for sure. Loved your article!!!

    1. You’re most welcome Ms. Marie.

      The contributors to this site, put forth and illustrate such sincere and supportive articles about Il Volo, that I am always thrilled to offer my humble replies to further edify the mission and purpose of The Flight Crew. I wear my wings proudly as a member of this site.

      1. Jim! Are you a him or a her? I forget when I address the ladies and Myron there might be a gentleman or two lurking about in the group!! Don’ t want to leave anyone out! Lynn

  14. Lynn,…lol,….I’m a guy!!! And, it’s cool with me that I’ve got a ‘pink thing-a-ma-bob’ beside my name on here, lol. I’ve always felt ‘included’ by all of your references, in all of your posts. I enjoy your comments, musings, and thoughts about these kids we all love so much.

  15. Yes, it is a cycle of life. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca will have that time in their cycle to become the best fathers to their children. We have seen them in different atmosphere with children and they are just fantastic. We even see them with their own family members how loving they are. Yes they will be good fathers. I need to thanks Jim for saying it just perfect. Good article. Thank you

    1. You’re most welcome Mayara. These young men have brought so many folks together,…not just through their music as fantastic entertainers,…but through their actions as caring and loving young men of Faith and Peace.

  16. I envision Ignazio, however with a little Ignazio sitting happily in the baby carrier tied to the front of papa Ignazio. Our Ignazio is directing a concert orchestra. Looking carefully, one can see little cotton balls stuffed in baby Ignazio’s ears!

  17. Thanks, Mary, for such a beautifully written article. Jim, you really have a knack for combining words to make them sound like poetry or music. I love to read your entries on the Flight Crew. Since I will be attending my first IL VOLO concert & Meet & Greet in March, I considered for a few moments bringing my twin grand babies, who will be just 8 months old by then. But I am going to have a hard enough time sitting still myself, so I know I won’t be able to handle 2 babies who won’t be able to stay quiet. I’ll just have to introduce them to IL VOLO when they are a little older, I guess. In the meantime, I have been humming little pieces of “Core N’Grato” & “O Sole Mio” to them as lullabies.

    1. Lynn, thank you so very much for the generous compliment. Why don’t you have a family member take a snapshot of you holding the twins and “humming” those two songs to them as they fall asleep in your arms. Print the photo as a 5″x7″, and write the names of the two songs, one song name over each twin’s head, and present it to the boys at the Meet & Greet as a loving tribute to them, and then razzz them a bit by telling them you’re preparing their next generation of fans in your own family. I think they would be honored and impressed by such a gesture!!!! It will certainly get you a kiss and a hug!!!!

      1. Great idea Jim! If I had a baby in our family right now I think I would do that as well!

      2. Thanks for the great idea, Jim. I will do this, and let y’all know in March how many hugs & kisses I get! There are still seats left in New Orleans ( even some Meet & Greet tickets when I checked earlier this week). I hope some of you can come on down here. It will be warmer than the frozen “Nawth”, & even a lot of fun, even if it is during Lent! I would hate the Guys to look out & see any empty seats when they come to New Orleans. Check out Ticketmaster-Saenger Theatre.

  18. I love all the comments here and agree with them totally. I don’t think we have ever seen artists show so much of their natural instincts and the affection for each other, their families and friends, we as fans even feel their love for us and as for children, well it certainly is in their genes to love and nurture them. God Bless them for they are truly wonderful young men. x  x  x 

  19. LYNN, that’s wonderful and I’m feeling “Lucky” for you!!! I wish I could be there, me and you would steal those boys away and run’em down to the Cafe du Monde on Port of New Orleans for some chicory coffee and sweet beignets!!! Let The Good Times Roll.

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