My Flight Crew Family,

This morning, Linda Snyder, my best friend and the smartest woman I ever knew, passed away.  She loved our Boys as much as any of us ever could.  We met because of them. December would have started our 4th year of wishing each other good morning to begin our day and Hugs at night, including last night.  Most of you “knew” her.  I loved my dear friend so much.  The world will surely miss this amazing, gentle woman.


From a meet and greet in 2013 when Linda was too ill to attend the concert.  How appropriate:

DSCN0197 - marie

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  1. Dear Marie & Linda Snyder’s family & all Flight Crew members who had the honor of meeting Linda in person: I am so sorry to hear of her passing away. I went back to re-read some of her early contributions to the blog, “In Case You Missed It”. Linda really kept us updated on happenings with IL VOLO. Like Mary B. said, we are grateful for her role in the birth of the Flight Crew. Rest in Peace & Love, Linda, and please keep our “Boys” in your sight.

  2. I am too sad! I regret I never get to meet you, Linda, in person. I will always remember our time together – through emails and Skype. I will remember our laughs, our discussion, ideas for this blog…Love you and I will miss you…

  3. Dear Marie, Linda, and all,

    Marie, thank you so much for sharing.
    I am sad for Linda’s crossing and yet certain that she is on the other side joyfully happy dancing to IL VOLO.

    Marie, I feel for your beautiful heart missing your precious friend. What a magnificent connection you two shared!

    Linda enlightened us all, even those of us who didn’t know her personally as you did, Marie. I well remember her fantastic articles.

    Perhaps Linda will send her friends some Light from the other side… whether it be in the form of memories or a line from a song that is just “so Linda” or a hummingbird or butterfly or rainbow.

    God bless Linda and all her loved ones with peace,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  4. So sorry to hear about Linda’s passing. I remembered that she did the ” In Case You Missed It” posts. I checked and her posts are here. I had a good review of what she wrote and the pictures that she posted. She kept us updated with what was going on with the guys. She did love our guys. I’m very grateful for her contributions to this site. I’ll pray for GOD’s comfort for her family and friends.

  5. Marie, I know Linda’s passing has touched you deeply. I will remember Linda for her special sense of humor.. We can be happy she had the glorious music of Il Volo in her life that brought her special style to us and this space. Linda keep singing!
    Michele mfa

  6. I am so so sorry to hear this. Thank you for sharing this with all of us. May she rest in peace and may her family be comforted.

  7. I an deeply sorry & surprised to hear of Linda’s passing. I enjoyed my conversations with her when she was posting for “In Case you missed it”. I had hoped when she was posting here awhile ago that she would be coming back. I’m sorry Marie that you lost your best friend. My prayers go out for her & for her family

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