Personally Speaking – dot com ~Jane

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Where can I get one of these

With same three guys

Dark hair


And all!!

I’m searching on line

But to no avail



I can find no dot com’s

That even come close

To carrying this work of art

That proud Italy boasts!

11 thoughts on “Personally Speaking – dot com ~Jane”

  1. Hi – has no one really posted a reply? I thought this was so adorable!! Yes, mirror, mirror – dove o dove??? Jana

  2. Ok, there it is. The reply icon was not showing for most of today. Don’t know why, but I thank you for your comment, Jana. 🙂

    1. Oh Jane and everyone! When I posted your feature this morning I forgot to turn on the “comment” button. I didn’t notice until this afternoon.

      I am so sorry! It’s so cute too.

      Truth is…I was trying to beat everyone to for the art piece. Couldn’t find it. Darn!

      1. Heh! Heh! And ya’ll are out of luck ! Cuz Pirate and I did an art heist in the dark of night and have the original and no copies to be had anywhere!! Will dicker!! What have ya’ll got?!!

        Marie! You OK out there? Pirate is really steamed! She wants her sword back!!

  3. This is very creative, Jane, & cute. If they can be found anywhere, it would have to be dream, because I would have to be dreaming to have even one of these guys at my house.

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