Tanti Auguri, Ignazio!

Dear Ignazio –

wineWe have waited and waited for 21 years to celebrate this special day, even though we’ve only known you for a little over six of those years, it seems like we’ve known you forever. We didn’t know what a special day it was, back in 1994 on October 4th, when this beautiful boy came into the world, how he would transform our very being into the most joyous reason for living that there could possibly be!?balloons

To paraphrase your new song “The Best Day of My Life…,” we did not know that it was the best day of our lives when you were born. But after seeing you; how our lives have changed. We see the world from your eyes now, and want to share it with you.

igna flag

So, while you were off in Spain, enjoying your birthday paella, we celebrated your special day, here in Detroit, with a special birthday menu! To start off we honored the city of your birth, Bologna, with special Bolognaappetiz appetizers, brought by dear Virginia, hand-rolled herself, consisting of bologna, cheese, cream cheese, and olives! The next course was a beautiful Caprese salad,salad garnished with garden fresh basil from Sharon, with tomatoes and mozzarella brought by Magdalena. The main course, was, of course, Chicken Scallopinech mars Marsala, ala Ignazio (“just a little bit of cinnamon” – I added about two shakes!) and with a special added surprise ingredient by Jana! The Marsala with baby portabellas, was served with capastasarecce (homemade in Italian) pasta – Sicily inspired, by Barilla, along with fresh broccoli and carrots from Emilia. To wash everything down, we had plenty of wine and special Villa Pozzi Moscato from Donna, right from Sicily! For dessert, we had a very special chocolate cake with one of your favorite pictures of you on it, brought by Chris. We couldn’t forget the gelato! We had salted caramel, raspberry, and chocolate mint; from Sharon and Donna. Everything was delicious – if I don’t say so myself! Lol! And was enjoyed by all!igna cake

Although the weather was typical for a fall weekend in Michigan, with a gray, cool, and drizzly day, the atmosphere inside was filled with warmth, laughter, friends, fun, and food!

While waiting for dinner we listened to the concert from Verona, took some pictures, and of course, sang Happy Birthday to our dearest Ignazio!

Tanti Auguri, Ignazio  –  hope this link works, having tech difficulties with converting video…

After dinner, we enjoyed dessert and listened and watched the Pompeii video, which I finally got after 3 months – ok, long story, but it was definitely worth the wait!

My favorite one-liner of the evening, was “Jana, you have to hit play…” Ok, our special inside joke, but, seriously, we all burst out laughing!

I actually did have some red, green, and white star balloons brought by Chris, that I had tied outside to a bush so the newcomers could find the place. However, since it was rainy out, I did not take a picture and ended up leaving them overnight outside. I went out for several hours the next day and when I came back, they were still tied to the bush and I was going to take them down. However, by the time I pulled into the parking lot and got out of my car, a few teenagers had already grabbed them, were sitting on the curb across the street, and you could hear the “helium” voices!!! At first I was upset, but then thought about it… it’s just what Ignazio would have done! In fact, we have video of him doing just that last year! Lol!

me cake

Ignazio, many people tell you how special you are. All of you guys are special in your own ways… But, Ignazio, even with your jetlagged eyes and pouty lips; your eyes still twinkle, your lips still smile, and your cheeks cannot hide the dimples beneath them. Your face radiates joy each time you open your mouth to sing. With each tender note, you open your soul for all of us to see; you touch our hearts like raindrops falling to the parched earth.

“Per Te Ci Sarò”

“Vi proteggerà   Noi saremo lì per voi   Non lasciate che il mondo ti cambia   Lotteremo per voi ci   Noi saremo lì per voi”

Per sempre!

Birthday Blessings,blessings


51 thoughts on “Tanti Auguri, Ignazio!”

  1. Jana so sorry that I could not have been part of the party. You seem to always have such a good time. Thanks for sharing.
    Time is flying by so fast and before we know Gianluca and Piero will have another birthday.
    Some trivia. Working at the Food Pantry we get to see donated food of all types and the other day we all were wondering how you ate CANNED BALOGNA.

    1. Gina! Open can, slice and FRY it! Or food process it, mix with mayo, cream cheese and herbs and Voila! You have baloney dip! Endless possibilities! Or feed it to the dog.
      Jana! Nice party! Food looked scrumptious! And of course, the entertainment was top ” flight”. Too bad Ignazzio didn’t jump out of the cake! ( Don’t go any further with this, Lynn!)

      If anyone is interested. On
      http://www.radioitalia.it/radioitaliatv at 4pm EST today should be a prerecorded show with Il Volo. It’s supposed to be a live stream. I looked up the website and did the time conversion, so I hope I’ve got it right!
      Also, courtesy of Ansa.it ( an Eng language Italian newspaper on line ) On Sunday at Milan Expo, French and Italian bakers will attempt to make the world’s biggest baguette and Nutella will provide the spread for it! Wonder who wishes he was there! ( GG! ) Ciao!

      1. Lynn, boys also will sing Volare among the artists of the national solidarity campaign “300 choeurs pour + de Vie!” The event will be broadcasted by the channel France 3. (20:50, European time). The program was recorded a few weeks ago. And NIAF for the first time will be supported by Rai Italia.

    2. Hi Gina – yes we always have good food and good fun! 🙂
      Can’t wait for Gianluca’s birthday for 2 reasons – 1. it will be the anniversary of our little group meeting for the first time! 2. only a few weeks til they come to the Fox!! 🙂

  2. Jana, this is wonderful! You girls know how to throw a party! And he is definitely worth throwing a party for!!! Yes, I could just picture him sitting on your steps speaking in Donald Duck language while you wonder where the helium went! 🙂

  3. Am having a heck of a time here as my posts do not go through the first time. Having to re-enter everything. Wonder why?
    Jana, this is wonderful. You girls sure know how to throw a party and he is definitely worth throwing a party for! I can just picture him sitting on your steps, talking Donald Duck language and you wondering where the helium went! 🙂

  4. What a marvelous time you girls had celebrating our handsome, always happy go lucky birthday boys 21st !!! He would have had a blast if he was there celebrating with you !! However, he most definitely was there in spirit !!🎂🍷🎈🎉🎂

  5. Jana, If I can get a word in edgewise between all of Jane’s postings….ha(she knows I love her)…..Your party sounds like so much fun! Tell Ginny and Chris hi for me. It was so great getting to know them. The MN girls are getting together again next week to hear about Joyce, Bonnie, and Dorothy’s adventures in Italy this summer. I don’t think it will be as elaborate a party as yours, but there will be lots of Il Volo. Dorothy was actually at the concert in Verona! Anyway, loved your writing, Jana. If you are settled in your new place maybe you will have time to write more. See you all in Vegas!!!

    1. Mary ! STOP TORTURING ME!! Dorothy was actually at the Verona concert?? Sob, wail, whine! I’m so jealous!! I would have killed to be at that concert! It must have been electrifying and an experience of a lifetime!
      And the girls in Italy this summer??? Another “left behind” sulk for me! And another party??? Terrific food, great company and Il Volo! The pain of it all! I guess I’ll go eat worms!

    2. Oh gosh, you know someone that was actually at the Verona concert? Had to be awesome. I am lucky enough to have it on DVR though, so I can watch it any time I want! Thanks, Mary!! I have to say, I forgot how much I enjoy writing these posts and yes, things have seemed to settle down a lot. There is still a lot I really want to get done, but I guess I’ve done enough to make my life functional at the moment! Will be great to see you again in Vegas – can’t come soon enough! Just want you to know I have the jewelry box you all gave me front and center on my dresser – not far from the frame of the guys. Ginny also gave me a picture she took of me and Ignazio at the meet/greet. It was when he was saying “molto, molto, bene!” 🙂

    1. Joanie – mi dispiace!!! If you are anywhere in the Detroit area, you are always welcome! Magdalena came all the way from Toledo! There’s always room for one more! 🙂 Our next party is Gianluca’s! Feb 11?

    1. yeah, it’s one of my fav pics of him!! he must like it too, as it’s the one he uses or used on one of his social media sites…

  6. Jana, your party sounds wonderful! I know from our Minnesota Eight get-togethers, there is nothing in the world that is as fun as doing noting but talk about our beloved Il Volo. I enjoyed meeting you in Detroit, and hope to see you again in Las Vegas.

    1. yes, will definitely be in Vegas!! So looking forward to that, of course will see them first in Detroit. I already warned a few other friends of mine that Ginny and I will be dancing in the front row! lol! 🙂

  7. Jana, your post was fantastic!! Sooo happy you ladies got together to celebrate our wonderful Ignazio’s birthday!!
    My husband and I fell in love with Ignazio the first time we saw Il Volo on tv!! Oh, those dimples and flashing eyes!!
    We love all three, of course, but we definitely are drawn to Ignazio because of his love of life ! He has so many talents that I can’t even name all of them!!
    Thanks again for your post!!

  8. I saw concert at Radio Italia (streaming), was beautiful and very lovely. 🙂 It was a pleasant evening with Il Volo ! <3 Thank you guys for the nice gift, at the last song Grande Amore, I had shiny eyes….. I know it was a coincidence that this program was broadcast tonight, but I felt as if it was a concert for me. 🙂 I have now a better mood and I feel better, although after the illness, I am still not hundred percent healthy. For me, one year ends today,so it was nice that there was the concert of my favorite singers 🙂 , and tomorrow starting my new year……And finally I can say on Monday will come to my home CD Grande Amore International Version !!!! <3 O:-) 😀 So happy! 🙂

    1. Určitě zpívali pro tebe,bohužel jsem neměla možnost koncert vidět,ale ten tvůj hoch na tebe opět mrknul těma svýma krásnýma očima a tobě se zatočila hlava – nemám pravdu ? ? ?

      1. 😀 Záverečná pieseň Grande Amore mi nahnala do očí slzy, som akási sentimentálna teraz. 🙂 Pekná pieseň s emóciou v sebe ma často vie dojať k slzám….Preto milujem hudbu, lebo vie vyvolávať rôzne pocity, myšlienky, vie liečiť, zabávať…. 25.10. budú opakovať tento koncert, môžeš si ho pozrieť, na Radio Italia stránke.

  9. Does anyone know what new Il Volo CD has the 4 extra new songs on it that make 20 sons on that CD. Gianluca was explaining that to an interviewer but the songs aren’t mentioned so has anyone ordered that CD? Was he referring to a Spanish version? I did see it advertised but don’t remember where.

    1. As far as I know Loretta, none of the CDs have 20 songs–unless he was referring to the Elvis tribute album that comes out later. I don’t know how many tracks that one has, and I think Il Volo sings only one song on it. The other 3 I have. The Spanish one has 13 tracks. The Grande Amore International has 16, and the Amore Si Muove one also has 13, but they are not exactly the same ones as the Spanish one.

    2. I think the Pompeii DVD has 20 songs on it, but 3 of them are actually repeats in a different language?

      1. Yes.There are 20 on Live from Pompeii. And three are repeats. And three are solos. Outside of the solos, there is nothing on it that is not on one of the other 3.

  10. Pssssst! Everybody! Tomorrow is Lydka’s birthday! Oct. 17. It’s 3 AM right now for her over there. But everybody wish her a “Happy ” tomorrow morning! Buona notte! Lynn

  11. PIRATE!!
    Noooooooo!! I’m not going to Vegas!! And I’m soooo upset!! I would love to be there as much to go to the dinner and meet everybody as to see I’ll Volo! I’ll head up the “Left Behind ” committee! And I’ll see IV in Albany. Probably eat dinner BY MYSELF!!
    And remember my Bail Fund is available for Vegas in case anybody manages to run amok out there!! Myron will be in charge of it!!

    1. Lynn, I’m not going to Vegas either….so we are in the same rotten stinky boat. We won’t be there to meet all our fellow Flight Crew folks nor will we be able to stop Marie from doing something sneaky like kidnapping Mr.Dimples. But ….we can valiantly share our pain together you and I and a bottle of rum.

      1. Pirate! What’s that old pirate ditty? Something, something and a bottle of rum? Can’t remember. We could email back and forth with rum drink recipes ( I’ve got a bar guide!) You make one then I’ll make one ’til we’re pretty well shnockered!! (sp?)
        No way is Marie gonna cart the Marsala Prince off!! Gotta come up with a plan to thwart THAT nefarious plot! It figures she’d try something so bold! Nervy wench!
        Although, after thinking it over, we might not have to take action! He may be absolutely gorgeous and sing like an angel but he’s a hyperactive squirrel who makes a constant, infernal racket and can’t stay still a minute! Might drive her out of her mind and in short order back he’ll go to Piero and Gianluca! Methinks we have nothing to worry about, my sweet!

      2. I’m not going either! I still am hoping for live streaming–and replay so we can watch it over and over again!

      3. Sorry, Penina – you know what they say, “what happens in Vegas…” Lol!
        As for “mom” and her large cage, I promise to try to keep her in line while we are there!! 🙂


    2. Lynn, so sorry you and Pirate and I’m sure many others won’t be able to make it, but I hope you can find someone to eat dinner with? there must be some other fans in the area?
      I really didn’t think I was going to go to Vegas either, was kind of a freak thing that happened and I ended up changing my mind. But am glad I made the decision to go.

  12. Dear Lydka: For your birthday –

    God has made
    some wonderful things —
    Birds and bees
    and butterfly wings.
    Springtime showers,
    flowers, too.
    And special people
    just like you.

    Wishing You the Wonderful Birthday
    You Deserve

    I hope you have a special day for
    your birthday. I enjoy your posts
    so much. You are special.

    Gale Wall

    1. Dear Gale,
      THANK YOU for the beautiful birthday wish !!!!! 🙂 🙂 I really appreciate it and I have tears in my eyes……Once again many thanks.
      I wish nice day, only best things in the world and blessings. <3 <3 <3
      Lydka K.

      1. Lydka – yes, hope you had a wonderful birthday. I was not aware of your health issues, but I hope they continue to improve with the boys’ blessings each day!

      2. Thanks Jana,treatment goes slowly, but it is better. I sincerely greet you and wish you nice days. 🙂

  13. Sounds like it was a wonderful party to celebrate Ignazio’s birthday. He is certainly one of a kind and a true blessing. You can’t help but feel great when you see his smiling face even while singing. It is so nice that you can get together and enjoy each other and of course these three special young men!

    1. Thank you, Margaret! Yes, I feel molto, molto fortunata to have found these wonderful ladies to share my passion with. No one understands but another ivolover! We certainly have a unique club! 🙂

    1. Joanie,thank you very much for your nice words 🙂 I wish you with all my heart only the best ! 🙂 I send you warm greeting. 🙂

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