Journey into Music by Daniela

We are still in Verona, in the beautiful Arena.

The name of this program is SEAT MUSIC AWARDS Journey into Music.

The presenter is Nek. Many of you will remember that Nek is a good Italian singer who participated in Sanremo in 2015 and ranked second after Il Volo!!!!

Also this program is dedicated to the workers who work in the concerts and Nek, will interview the singers and also the various technicians who have the task of making everything work in a concert.


Nek = We will sing together on this journey this afternoon. Let’s start immediately with the best of Italian music.

They are three boys, they started when they were little more than children and now, they sing all over the world.

They are Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, they are IL VOLO.

(applause, Il Volo performs UN AMORE COSÌ GRANDE)

(at the end of the song, Nek returns to the stage with Alessio Gurrieri, he is the sound engineer of Il Volo)

Nek = Il Volo, a round of applause. Look who I have here? Alessio, the backliner of Il Volo.

G = Great Alessio, our sound engineer.

Nek = Hi guys, let’s get here in the center. For the people at home, he (Alessio) is the backliner of Il Volo, which means their guardian angel. When they go on stage, Alessio never abandons them. Now, Alessio you have to tell me how they sang today?

Alessio = Well, come on!!

Nek = We want to know the truth!!

G = I see Alessio is particularly excited today.

Nek = Sure, because he has a conflict of interest today (Alessio is also Nek’s backliner). But Alessio is too good.

Alessio = You set me up.

I = We shared many things with Alessio, starting with the chamomile tea behind the scenes.

Nek = I know, Alessio is like a father, to all intents and purposes he is also really a father.

Alessio = An older brother, come on.

G = There is a beautiful moment, come on, says Piero.

Nek = In fact, I want to know Alessio, you have seen them hundreds of times on stages abroad, but was there a time when something went wrong?
You have to tell us.

P = One day, we were doing the concert in Miami. During concerts, we have moments of solos, and in those moments, I go behind the dressing room, take and scroll through the phone. Relax.

I go back to the stage, I was about to start singing and I realize that I don’t have the microphone in my hand, but my cell phone, I turn around in despair and see behind me, Alessio’s arm, which sticks out with the microphone in hand. An angel.

I = But we’ve been through all sorts of things. Alessio helps us in everything.

Nek = Thanks for this testimony guys. Thank you, it was nice to have you here, I want to hear a big applause for Il Volo and for Alessio!!

P = I just wanted to say that music and concerts go on thanks mainly to people like Alessio.

Nek = Thanks to the workers of the entertainment world.

G = (to Alessio) we love you.

P + I + G = Bye Verona.

Another good performance from our guys.

We would be happy if we could see them every day, as in these last two days.

Let’s be satisfied with this, for now, and …… see you next time!!


Credit to owners of all photos and video.

42 thoughts on “Journey into Music by Daniela”

  1. Great article Daniela! The guys behind the scenes are so important to the show and too the guys. They keep the music coming!

  2. Daniela, thank you for this story. It is important to acknowledge the behind the scenes people whom most of us don’t know. Every person on the Il Volo team is crucial to an excellent performance. I trust the idled workers reaped the benefits of the show as was intended. Generosity knows no bounds.

  3. Thanks, Daniela–I can never get enough of them! I had noticed instantly how great the sound was in Tampa, and it’s always good on the videos, so Alessio is a treasure! (Of course, the great sounds coming out of their mouths make it easier for him, I’m sure.

  4. This is an awesome article and interview. The boys are always so appreciative of and gracious to those in the background who take care of them before, during and after their performances. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you!!

    1. Thanks Eleanor, when there are interesting things it is nice to understand what is being said and if you want to find out what happens backstage, at concerts, read the post I attached in the comment to Judi.

  5. Thanks for this Daniela! We have met Alessio and he deserves this recognition. He is a hard worker and is very good to Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio. I am sure they appreciate him very much!

  6. Thank you for sharing this with us they are so humble and so talented and have so much respect for everyone ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎵🎵🎵🎵

  7. Thank you, Daniela for sharing this translation and insight. Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca over and over again have displayed humility, professionalism, sincerity, and caring for others.

    It is not surprising that their words at the SEAT Awards would touch everyone, not only their fans but more importantly those for whom the event was being held. It was also obvious how much Alessio respects and appreciates them.

    Mary Jane Lavin

    1. It’s true Mary Jane, but what is obvious for us and for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, that is to be kind and grateful to those who work for us, is sometimes not so obvious for many other singers, who offend and insult their workers. .

  8. Thanks again Daniela, since the guys usually introduce the members of the band at concerts it would be nice if they would bring the staff out for a bow too.

    1. Rose Marie, there is a video, which I also attached to a post, where Alessio enters the scene to bring or collect something, and the boys stop him and present it to the audience. They took the opportunity immediately.

      1. Daniela, Yes of course, I remember now. Also thanks for including the link to Birth of a Concert.

  9. Thank you for this wonderful article, Daniela. I enjoyed learning about the behind the scenes experts who ensure perfect sounds for our Il VOLO.
    I also laughed out loud when I read Piero’s recounting his story about coming to the stage with his cell phone instead of his microphone. Saved by Alessio!

    1. Vichi, Piero’s story, is too good and makes you laugh, but it also makes you understand the importance of a person who can avoid embarrassment for you.
      If you want to find out more about the backstage of the concerts, read the post I attached in the comment to Judi.

  10. Thank you for the beautiful article. It’s great that in these difficult times the boys think about people who support artists and without whom concerts would not be so beautiful, and now they find themselves in a difficult situation. Ganluca, Ignazio and Piero appreciate their work very much, that is wonderful. Grazie mille Daniela and Pat.

    1. Right, Jolanta, it’s nice to be grateful for the work of these people. Furthermore, this event aimed to raise funds to help the families of workers, who in this period of Covid, have no salary.

  11. Daniela, I managed to set up the live performance at
    noon on Saturday. Fires here in SF BAY Area did not
    allow for outdoors. Very heavy smoke for days now.
    So the performance was the high point of the week.
    Your translation of the interviews was so welcomed.
    You never let us down. You are a gift !!

  12. Thanks so much for the link to your “Birth of a Concert” post, Daniela. It looks terrific, and I’ll look forward to reading it later today. (Obviously, I still have a lot of worthwhile catching up to do on your past posts!)

  13. So, Daniela, the Birth of a Concert post was excellent (and quite long–what a lot of work for you)!! And (again re the Feb. Tampa show) I thought the lighting was terrific, along with the sound, the program, the staging, the orchestra and of course, the guys! I had my younger, rocker brother with me and he loved the show. I’m not surprised about all the equipment trucks. Just doing our band shows, we bring suitcases of music, lights, fronts (the stands with the name of the band), speakers, mics and stands, chords, etc., etc. Thanks so much for the link to this post. What a wonderful, and well-deserved tribute to our guys and their team.

    1. Thanks Judi, I’m glad you liked it !!
      In that post there is the photo of Eliana Biondi, I was at the Marostica concert and we were waiting outside the square for the concert to start and she passed me by, I said “Eliana Biondi!!” and she came close to me, she shook my hand, and told me if we already knew each other. Actually, I recognized her thanks to the photo, but I realized that she is a very friendly girl.

  14. Thanks again Daniela for another translation. We know Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca appreciate all the people that help make their shows so wonderful. I enjoyed reading your previous post from 2019 also. It’s nice to hear others comment on how easy it is to work with them even when it may be something new or different. We know how disciplined and serious they are when it comes to their music. They always want to give their best and they certainly do!

    1. Margaret, I’m glad you read and liked the previous post too.
      I am convinced that we like to know everything about them, and we are happy that there is an excellent team of workers and friends.

  15. That’s such a nice story about meeting Eliana Biondi, Daniela, (and good that you greeted her)! It must be that all the people on this team are nice and friendly people. Would you believe that I’ve been to Marostica? We were visiting Asolo, which is nearby (our town of Sarasota bought the old Asolo Theater many years ago) and I had read Marostica was a very pretty town, and it sure is. Never dreamed our guys would be doing a concert there–much later, as this was 2000, when they were babies!

  16. Thanks so much for sharing this, Daniela. Ignacio, Gianluca and Piero seem very, very appreciative of their wonderful technicians. I am a sort of new fan, or rather a returning fan after 2011. And what a wonderful catching up with their music I have to do. Now I have a bit of time and can resume my Italian course. They have toured America extensively. Nevertheless, I always feel that I am a kind of outsider, having no Italian ancestry and only a tourist and historical connection with Italy. But, oh, how I do love their music – and they are so endearing!! Dena Pitchfork, Mercer Island, Washington, U.S.A.

    1. Dena, you have a lot to recover, and you will see that time will pass pleasantly in their company.
      You don’t have to feel like an outsider, they love their American fans very much and not because they have Italian origins, but because they have always shown so much affection to them.

  17. Well, Daniela, you gave me another treat. What a great way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon–reading your Marostica post and watching your videos, and what a great job you did on those videos! It was wonderful to be able to see the ragazzi up so close, especially so I could really keep an eye on Ignazio’s antics! And it was so nice that you filmed and translated their jokes and remarks in between songs. Marostica looked gorgeous too. And I liked the cute photo of you before the show. Many thanks for adding this link for me!!

  18. Thank you, Daniela, for another great article. You never disappoint😊. I’m glad the background people are recognized for their contribution to the Il Volo performances. It takes a village to make it all work😁

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