Often in the periods when there are so many interviews, many repeat the usual questions, so it happens that once you read an interview, you don’t find anything new in the next one. But I found this interesting interview that dates back to 2016 when the GRANDE AMORE Tour began which developed between Italy, Europe and America.

It is a very interesting interview that concerns the fine-tuning of the concert, it is very long and technical, so I have translated only the non-technical parts. I liked the opinion that is sometimes expressed on the boys and the final opinion on the entire show released at the end of the interview, by the journalist.

The interview was done for the Sound & Lite newspaper.

Sound & Light Newspaper Interview – Click Here

Birth 01

They call this “Pòpera” this resurgence of opera in the field of popular music and is a phenomenon that, in our humble opinion, returns a little faith in the ability of the general public to discern a true capacity for musical performance … because, taste apart, the talent and work necessary to develop virtuosity with the lyric voice as an instrument are undeniable. So far, in this latest return of classical singing, the foreign public has been more receptive than the Italian.

IL VOLO became the first Italian group in history to directly sign a record deal in America, before that in Italy.  

Since the release of the first album, this trio has been almost constantly on tour in North America, South America, Europe and Italy.

Birth 02

In 2012, in addition to a tour in Latin America and the Il Volo Takes Flight tour in the United States, the group also acted as shoulder on the American dates of a very rare (and very successful) tour by Barbra Streisand, which cemented their fame in the American pop. Since then, every year we saw at least two Il Volo tours on at least two continents. Having been taken away in America at the very beginning of their career and despite a large number of concerts in Italy, until the beginning of last year with the almost fortuitous victory of “Grande Amore” at the Sanremo Festival and with the consequent representation of Italy in the Eurovision Song Contest (third place, but with the prize of the press), Il Volo was still rather unknown in our country.

2015, on the other hand, marked the true return to the homeland, with their new album Sanremo Grande Amore which earned a triple platinum record, and a very successful summer tour, culminating in a big event at the Arena di Verona in September , re-transmitted in prime time on RAI 1. Well … better late than never: welcome home, guys!

Birth 03

We crossed this tour more or less halfway, on a date at the Unipol Arena in Bologna, where we found the production manager, Eliana Dalila Biondi.

“I have been working for Michele Torpedine since 2011, says Eliana. In 2013, during a tour in South America, he asked me to follow the production; I am Argentine and, as a matter of language, I was the right person for the role. In that case we did a tour with local productions, 28 dates in 50 days …

This year, instead, it was decided to take the step, organizing the tour in the arenas. We have prepared this project together with Francesco de Cave (lights and show-design) for a world tour, which starts from Italy and then goes to the United States and then back to Europe.”

Birth 04

With the whole production?

In Italy and the United States with the entire production, while in Europe with local production materials, even if we bring the direction, anyway with us.

Is this production a big leap forward compared to last summer?

Yes, also because that of this summer’s fundamentally focused on natural scenery: Taormina and other picturesque places where there was no need for much. The guys really don’t need much … they do the show.

The boys already seem very good at keeping the stage with professionalism!

They are very confident of their abilities, in the positive sense, so they are never arrogant. They’ve been doing this job since they were 14, so they grew up on music and stages. They have that security dictated by experience. On stage they create a very nice atmosphere, thanks to their jokes and complicity with the public: they are things created over time and in many live performances.

How many are you on tour?

About sixty, and if we add the orchestra of as many as 34 elements in each city … we arrive at a beautiful number.

Birth 05

Are the orchestras different at each stage?

Unlike last summer, where there was always the same orchestra, this year due to a calendar issue we chose to take local orchestras.

Logistically, for orchestral music rehearsals, how do you do it?

There is a lot of work that is done upstream. All the material of the repertoire is collected, and our musical director sends it in advance to the orchestras who do the tests independently. Then there were also rehearsals with the Maestro who, whenever possible, anticipated the production to be able to listen and guide the orchestras before the concert … maybe even the morning of the show or, even, in the case of back-to-back long, a few hours before the concert!

I ask Alessio Guerrieri, stage director, if it is difficult to manage, such as artists, Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

Absolutely not. Indeed: they are very good. They are not used to doing great tests … in fact when Francesco De Cave arrived, who was new to the production and was planning the show, he asked me: “But how will we explain a show to him in two days?” I reassured him by telling him that he had to do only the lineup and explain the dynamics of the show: the artists would do exactly what was required of them, and every time. In fact they come from a lyrical musical setting and training, so they have a completely different kind of discipline. Since they have to do a precise warm-up routine, they have to eat and do everything according to a fixed schedule. If the show is at 9pm, for example, you know they have to eat at 6pm, and they do the same things every day. They are very square and this is our luck. It is also important as a form of respect. If they give me the time of the show, I send the orchestra at 8:55 pm and the artists are on stage at 9:00 pm. To date we have never started a minute late. They are very professional and attentive to these things. And I assure you that it is not at all obvious.

Birth 06

How much does the show depend on the orchestra? (We asked the sound engineer of the hall.)

Very much of course for classic songs. They are songs that the singers sing singularly (in fact they don’t always sing in three, but they also make duets and solo pieces) mostly on classical works that almost completely depend on the orchestra and the piano.

We also ask the lighting operator for an opinion.

“In the show there is a good balance between the most static scenes, used on classic, beautiful, colored pieces, developed in depth along with the video, and the more dynamic ones of the pop songs, in which we also push a lot, because we have projectors able to move the scene a lot.

The pieces of the solos, which are almost all purely lyrical, are in fact illuminated with very static and intimate, almost theatrical scenes. When there are the pieces in trio, plus pop, there is a director behind them and the director has also coordinated and agreed the movements of the artists on stage.

Paradoxically, says the engineer, despite their young age, they have several years of experience on stage. The presence is there, and the public greatly appreciates it. Everywhere we did the full: it is a confirmation of the fact that they are also strong in Italy.”

Birth 07

The show

Despite my personal tastes, I respect the musical talent of any kind without reservation and I appreciate a majestic performance of any kind. I didn’t know Il Volo before and when I was told what kind of concert it would be, I was very afraid of having to suffer the evening.

Instead it is a really pleasant concert. It was taken for granted that the boys were good at singing, but the lineup includes so many songs with an almost universal familiarity that the interest never drops – even during the moments of speech, in which the artists show total control of the stage and the audience . I am amazed by the audience, made up equally of teenage girls and elderly men out for an annual evening, often with the two categories combined in groups of grandparents with their grandchildren: universal appeal!

The mix is very well done, with an orchestra that even seems to come from recorded tracks (called as a compliment!) and a very sensitive hand in following the dynamics of that type of voice taken with handheld microphones. The sound in the room is very beautiful, especially in the platea (the central and lower part of the theater). We believe that a couple of delays would not have done any harm to offer a greater direct / reflection relationship at the back of the room.

The visual spectacle is truly remarkable. The effect of the video that comes out and incorporates the orchestra is really effective. The inevitable central staircase to the Broadway, with skyline in LED, immediately imposes the tone of the show, but it is anything but a static set design. Even the light design is very flexible: sometimes it offers bandstand show lighting, with colorful or white scenes combined with graphics and lights, in others it looks like a pop or rock music show with backlight. Congratulations.

Birth 08

Even if it was news, a little technical and related to the tour already happened, I hope this interested you.

I was pleased to read the admiration there is towards our kids, from the technical team that supports them on their travels.

It is a very important thing and makes us understand the harmony in the team, also due to the seriousness of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, guys sometimes jokers, but also real professionals.


Credit to owners of all photos.

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    1. THANKYOU for that summary of Il Volo concerts. I was thrilled to read that an orchestra accompanies the trio

  1. Thank you, Daniela! I really enjoyed your article & thank you so much for your great translation. I am so looking forward to seeing & hearing Il Volo when they come to the USA!

    1. Thanks a lot, Susan, I’m glad you liked it, I was afraid it would be of little interest.

  2. This was a very interesting post! We know about our guys professionalism, but when the good comments come from other people, especially from the Italian press, it is just awesome! Thank you, Daniela!

    1. Emilia, I also like to read beautiful Italian compliments, and I always think “finally”

  3. Thank you so much for this article! It helps us know what goes on behind the scenes. I pray I am able to come to see them when they come to the United States!!
    Thank you for all the work it takes to keep us informed! God bless all of you and your families!

    1. Joan e Jim, I’m happy to have you interested in this interview.
      Thank you very much for the compliments.

  4. This was a very interesting and enjoyable article to read. It was a bit technical, but I’ve often wondered how a concert was all put together.
    It was impressive to read about the professionalism of the guys. I’ve also wondered how they organized their lives so they would be at top form to go on stage. No matter how often they to go on stage, it requires consistent energy, focus and concentration to do every show well.
    Thank you Daniela.

    1. Jeanette, I tried to cut the parts very, very technical. To me, too, it is pious to read about the professionalism of our boys.

  5. Thank You Daniela for all the information on IL Volo…we here in the US are waiting for their return❤️❤️❤️

    1. I know it well, Debbie, I will be very happy that day when I tell you the tour dates.

  6. Thank you Daniela for translating this article, I really enjoyed it. It is always very interesting to learn something new about the hard but beautiful work of our boys. They are real professionals. Thanks again for all your work you do for us. You are a good spirit of this site, thanks to you it is so interesting and beautiful. I’m really happy I’ve found THE FLIGHT CREW. Kisses to all of the crew.

    1. Jolanta, how many compliments, you make me blush.
      I am very happy that you appreciate the things I translate to you.
      I am very happy that you like this site.

  7. Daniela that was a very interesting article. I liked one of the first observations about the true capacity for a musical performance
    “the talent and work necessary to develop virtuosity with the lyric voice as an instrument are undeniable. ” Makes me think of the guys competing against rappers at San Remo and probably how much more it takes to sing the genre of Bel Canto and pop opera. And 60 people plus orchestra to put on one of their shows is kind of mind blowing. but what a great job they do and everything looks effortless. Of course the professionalism of Gian, Piero and Igna are what helps make it run. They are the true professionals. Thanks for finding and translating this article.

    1. Janet, I have to tell you that I liked that sentence too, recognizing the value of these guys. There can be no comparison between the type of singing performed by our boys and that of the rapper …… the honesty of those who wrote this article, I liked it, so a journalist should be, not to be influenced by his taste personal, but evaluate what he is listening to. This journalist, was able to evaluate, indeed admitted that perhaps he would be bored, but it was not so.
      I liked the affection of the whole team working for a concert.

  8. Thank you for this very interesting article Always glad to read anything informative on the boys

    1. Beverley, we like to read any news on IL VOLO, but when they are compliments, we are happy, as if they were made for our children.

  9. I very much enjoyed reading this, Daniela! Very sweet of you to translate it. I was also struck by the words, “the talent and work necessary to develop virtuosity with the lyric voice as an instrument are undeniable.” Such truth in that statement that takes any negative professional critique to task. Thanks again!

    1. Grazie Andrea, I just said the same thing to Janet, a couple of comments above. It is true this statement contains a great truth.

  10. Thank you Daniela for this interview translation. I have
    followed IL VOLO since 2014 and this is the first time I
    have read just how many plans and persons it requires
    for a concert. I am happy also that everyone works
    together to bring forth the wonderful concerts that we
    have the privilege of viewing on line and in person.
    IL VOLO has learned so much from the very beginning
    that has been so beneficial and they just keep on
    learning. I LOVE IL VOLO.

    1. Yes, Gale, I have to tell you that some time ago, during the GRANDE AMORE tour, I saw a photograph of IL VOLO with all their team, and they were really many. Too bad I could not find this picture again, I would have gladly attached it.

  11. This is an excellent article showing us fans what has to be done for three young men to come out and entertain us on stage … They make it seem so effortless and yet reading what goes on behind the scenes to make Il Volo’s performance spectacular is just amazing to me…We all know they are spectacular by themselves… But in concert it takes all these elements to make their music soar and stay in our hearts till the next time we see them in concert… Thank you Daniela, you again did a wonderful article for the Flight Crew…

    1. Jeannette, I agree with you, the boys make everything so easy, they do everything with extreme simplicity and to us who look, it seems easy to be able to sing like that, it seems easy to move on a stage while you sing. In reality it is not at all. I saw very awkward singers on stage, they looked like robots. Certainly Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, are very good and have learned very early to juggle on stage, but also the team that supports them, has his job well done, and even if they are invisible people to us, their work is well done . When I attended NOTTE MAGICA, I saw in a side street to the square, all the street full of wooden boxes with the IL VOLO mark, full of equipment, in the article it says that following the tour there were 5 equipment trucks, an incredible amount of things to carry.
      I often read the thanks of the guys to their team, and their team responds to them, with professionalism and sincere affection.

  12. Thank you Daniela, this is great. I love to hear about the behind the scenes work. It’s also great to hear from other people who work with Il Volo. Apart from being fantastic singers and lovely people, they have a great work ethic and professionalism. More reasons we admire and love them.

    1. Sue is completely right, it’s really nice to find out, how much they are admired by their own collaborators who have only nice words for their “way of being”.
      And of course, we love them more and more.

  13. I love their style of music and their manners. They all have a gift and each have their own personality. Guinluca, handsome, great voice, serious minded. Ignazio, full of personality, laughter, handsome, and a voice that rocks me to heaven, Piero… a beautiful man who appears a bit shy maybe… his voice is magnificent, his smile adorable. I think of them as cuddly teddy bears. God bless them always and may happiness follow wherever they go. Hoping to see them when they come to the U.S. Please notify when they are coming date wise, I will have to travel…they are on my bucket list. Ciao <3

    1. Certainly Sassylady, stay tuned on this page, as soon as there will be news of the tour, we will report immediately.
      Beautiful, your appreciation to the boys.

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