During the Sanremo period, many articles were published on Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca. Among the many, this one in particular has aroused my curiosity and I hope yours too.

Style 01

Taken from Donna Fanpage:

Over the years, the guys from Il Volo have changed their style: at the beginning of their career they were just teenagers, a bit chubby and awkward but then, over time, they changed image and style, showing extreme safety, taking care of their physical form and the look, which ranges from super-elegant dark suits, to official events, complete with ties and bow ties,

Style 02

to casual and trendy clothing that showed off at the Premios Juventud awards ceremony, held at the Watsco Center in Miami in July 2018, always paying maximum attention to their appearance.

Style 03

In 2015, on the stage of the Ariston IL VOLO triumphs with the song “Grande Amore” but also with the best of Emporio Armani’s Made in Italy.

Style 04

In the same period on his profile, Gianluca tagged himself in Via Manzoni 31. The address corresponds to the Milanese workshop of Giorgio Armani and the location is just a dressing room.

But even without tags, the look would have been unmistakable:

Basic t-shirts and trousers with darts and sports pockets scream the style of King George.

Style 05

And for the second photo another Armani classic: gray.

Leather jacket with slightly rock tones, trousers with tubular leg and British style lace-ups. Gianluca is not new to these clothes: on the stage of the Ariston, in fact, the three boys showed off a look by Emporio Armani. Their image has been studied ad hoc according to a game of contrasts: the lyric tradition that wears leather jackets. No jacket, tie or bow tie (reserved for the final): the classic takes on the look again, especially if the protagonists in these scenes are little more than twenty years old.

Style 06

Relations with Armani have always been very friendly. Armani has always been a good choice for them.

Milan Fashion Week 2015 Invited to the Armani fashion show: Il Volo

Style 07

Style 10
Il Volo with Armani
Style 09
Il Volo with Roberta Armani

Also for the 2015 Eurovision, IL VOLO chooses ARMANI.

Style 10

During the video, as they have done several times on several occasions, they will wear the new EA7 sneakers (Emporio Armani). The set of the new video will be the beautiful Arena of Verona,

Style 11

Even for the first night of Notte Magica in Florence, IL VOLO chooses Armani.

Style 12

The 2017 NOTTE MAGICA tour is about to begin, the boys visit the Lardini tailoring, here with Brenna Lardini.

Style 13

During the Notte Magica tour, they will always wear Lardini suits, marked with a flower-shaped brooch, placed on the lapel of the jacket.

Style 14

Style 15

But we arrive at Sanremo 2019.

IL VOLO, on the red carpet of the Ariston, parades with clothes designed by Manuel Ritz: the brand has joined the three young tenors for the return of the Ariston to the stage and their 10-year career. For the occasion, they wore tuxedos from the Evening line and jackets from the main collection.

Style 16

We arrive at the three evenings of Sanremo 2019.

Here are some of the comments:


First night.

Very elegant as always the singers of the trio IL VOLO, with pinstriped suits and Emporio Armani tuxedos.

Style 17

Second night.

IL VOLO in Armani.

The look of IL VOLO, of the second evening, convinces less.

Those baggy pants, too baggy.

Style 18

Final night.

IL VOLO in Emporio Armani

This evening we must reject the look of the three tenors who appear on stage with outfits that are too pompous and excessive for their young age. Either too casual or too elegant and baroque like in the final, a middle way isn’t it? (taken from Donna Fanpage)

Style 19

This is my opinion.

I loved the velvet jackets by Lardini, but my opinion is that when they wear Armani, they are simply unbeatable, especially in this outfit.

Who doesn’t like them to dress like that?

Style 20

And what do you prefer? Armani or Lardini?

I await the comments.


Credit to owners of all photos.

80 thoughts on “IL VOLO AND STYLE: ARMANI or LARDINI by Daniela”

  1. Daniela like you, I loved the velvet jackets by Lardini. I did not like the “too baggy” grey pants Ignazio wore, not the double breasted jacket. Other than those two missteps, my vote goes to Armani. I wonder if they still wear the Armani cologne?

  2. I thought those baggy pants were very unflattering, made Ignazio look huge, and I actually was wondering why nobody in the organization said something, or did something about it. Hopefully Ignazio never wears those light or dark baggy pants again. I didn’t care too much for the baroque jackets either. So my vote goes to Armani.

    1. Anna, I assure you that when I saw Ignazio in Milan closely, he is much thinner than he looks. Those pants didn’t do him justice.

  3. Armani without doubt. I understand wanting to change BUT as they say, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

    1. I agree whole heartily Donna. Maybe once in a while a little change, but still go with Armani.

  4. Armani they are handsome no matter what the wear but in Armani they are elegant.

    However I did love the Lardini velvet

    1. Camille, but of course, that they are beautiful anyway, there is no discussion about this …… but it is also certain that when they wear Armani they are very elegant.
      I see that velvet … like …

  5. Thanks Daniela. I will now stop bugging you. They always look great in simple line clothes. I believe they try to give Ignazio more loose pants because he is always moving, bending etc.

    1. Regina, you don’t torment me at all, on the contrary, you inspire me … thanks <3
      Of course you will already have understood the topic of the next post 🙂
      Ignazio can wear tight-fitting stretch pants …. wow

  6. I also favor Armani, classic! I like the leather look, too. I think the pant leg on some should be a little longer, more fitting with a tux. Other than that they look good in everything, except the baggy pants.

    1. I agree Susan, sometimes the pants seem to me a little short, it’s the fashion here in Italy.
      I love those tight leather-like pants.
      With everything, I like them, but in classic Armani, even more.

  7. Oh definitely Aramini did not like the baggy pants, still don’t they are not becoming at all.

  8. Armani 💯.. Did not like the baggy pants on Ignazio. It made them look old. Not classy like they are! ❤️

  9. I like the suits of Lardini. Modern, but sophisticated. (For concerts)

    Gianluca and Piero look after their bodyby doing sport and running, but Ignazio seems to have difficulties with his weight (again) lately. You see him grow every time a little bit.

    So they?(advicers) give him wide clothes to wear at the moment. I think he also looks better in a suit.

    Nice regards , Tineke

    1. Tineke, among the many who voted for Armani, you are almost rare.
      In reality, we like these guys, in every way they dress.
      It is true that Piero and Gianluca do much more sport than Ignazio. But as I said, I saw Ignazio up close and he is thinner than he looks and those pants made him look even bigger.

  10. Daniela you know my vote.
    (i did not like the lardini velvet jackets. reminds me of something. you know why.)

    1. Cynthia, I already knew what your choice was, there was no doubt about it, and I remember why you don’t like the velvet jacket 🙂

  11. Armani hands down. Didn’t care for the velvet jackets–just didn’t present the simple elegance of Il Volo. Love them–they look good in anything but Arrrrrrrrmani suits them. (no pun intended)

    1. Lynn, that Armani suit of the last photo ….. wow…. dresses them impeccably …. or are them that wear well that suit ?… in short, the result is excellent !! 🙂

  12. Armani–no contest! But I did understand the baggy pants having been at a concert when Ignazio tore his pants! And it happened more than once as can be seen in various videos. But they are not flattering at all, to say the least! When they dress up in Armani, they are just gorgeous!

  13. Definitely Armani ! They exude elegance when they put on those suits ! I also love the leather jackets they wear also ! Gianluca came out of his shell the first time he wore one at concert in Verona ! I wish Armani would give them contracts for individual cologne lines ! Let’s see … Gianluca could name his Amore, Ignazio could name his Surrender & Piero’s could be maybe Splendida ! Can you imagine being able to smell those !

    1. Chris, but what beautiful words you used …. in Armani they exude elegance.
      Nice idea the names for the Armani individual cologne lines: Amore, Surrender and Splendida. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Armani for sure. I do not understand all the negative remarks about Ignazio s baggy pants. Who is responsible for dressing the guys at their concerts or do they make their own choices. All that being said I love them in whatever they wear. They are thee handsome, talented and loving guys.🥰

    1. Blanche, in reality the complaints are that the pants didn’t do justice to Ignazio. For the rest, they are always beautiful and elegant, it’s not just a question of clothes, but of innate elegance. Armani is like a cherry on the cake.

  15. No question – they look splendid in the formal Armani suits – but they are young and variety is the spice of life! They always look amazing in whatever they wear – clean cut and with a gorgeous smile.

      1. Like everyone here I have been a huge fan of IL VOLO since the start and I know this is off the subject but ……. I have just received my tickets to the concerts in Taormina and Lecce coming up July this year.
        What about anyone else on this loop – would be nice to meet up?
        We are coming from New Zealand – our last trip was May 2017 to see them in Taormina.
        If anyone is wondering if this is a good idea – we more than highly recommend for any IL VOLO follower to make the effort and visit Italy if you can for these fabulous concerts in these magnificent venues!

      2. Annette, I’m so glad you received your tickets. Taormina is a fantastic place and I really wanted to be there. Unfortunately, due to so many events, I haven’t been able to book my tickets yet.
        Meeting with fans from around the world during these concerts is a beautiful thing.
        I believe that Jana, when we approach the dates of the concerts, will publish a list of all the people who go to the concerts, who follow this site. So there will be a way to meet each other.

  16. I like them in Armani but also liked them in the Lardini
    velvet jackets. They make the suit complete rather
    than the suit makes them. I am sure it gives them
    confidence when they step on stage looking so
    handsome and so full of talent just bursting to come
    from their lips and hearts. Oh, I hope I get to go to
    a US concert while they are in America. Thank you
    Daniela for all the good information you furnish to
    we fans. I love you (sight unseen) and God bless you.

    1. Gale, I thank you for the wonderful compliments.
      I think you’re right, when they go on stage, they know are even more admired, in their beautiful suits.

  17. They can wear anything from a swimsuit to a Tux and they always stand out in a crowd as three men of class and elegance… But I have to say all three are gorgeous beyond compare in Armani…

    1. Jeannette, it makes me laugh because a friend of mine sent me by e-mail, a photo of 3 beautiful swimmer boys, in swimsuits, that imitating the three tenors …… yes, I believe that even Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca would be beautiful in swimsuits. Who knows if everyone would hear the pitch or look elsewhere?

  18. I too, like the Armani look, they look so elegant in
    their attire. The dark suits really do compliment
    their appearance. They are three very handsome
    guys. Thank you Daniela, I love you. God bless

  19. They don’t only wear ARMANI formal. i have seen pics of them in past USA concerts sporting casual black T-shirts with leather patches.
    I’ve seen those in Armani stores and presume they are Armani

    1. and they look good.
      thus, for me as well – ARMANI – hands down. both formal and casual

    2. Yes, Cynthia, even casual clothing, is often Armani.
      I had to tell you that before Sanremo 2015, the boys dressed Brioni.

  20. I am sassylady and I don’t mind what kind of suit they choose, they can wear their birthday suit and that would be fine also. Their voices speak, their manners speak, and their clothing is just a covering. I mean nothing derogatory about birthday suit… these gentlemen can stand alone or together and still resonate happiness and love with their singing. I’m 82 years old and I appreciate the voice, the person, and thanks be to God for their marvelous voices. Ciao <3

    1. I love your “birthday suit” comment, sassylady! I’m sure a lot of us feel the same way! 😉

    2. Sassylady, I believe that what you wrote, agrees with all of us, we are talking about frivolous things that go beyond their “being people and artists” on which there is really nothing to say. We are talking about another added value, the beauties for our eyes … as well as our ears and our hearts! <3 <3 <3

  21. Definitely Armani, but Gian has a great sense of style and love whatever he wears. Hugsssss Carol 🇨🇦

  22. Armani is definitely the best but when I saw them in Los Angeles two years ago, they were gorgeous in those Lardini jackets. Ooooohhhh!

  23. I agree with everyone with their choice of suits & whatever they choose to wear. These beautiful young men are class personifide. Whatever they do or say or wear is tops with me. All I see & hear is perfection & I so wish I could work with Barbara & Mr. Torpedine to gujde them in the right direction & protect them from the crazies out there. And I would definitely love to meet their families & congradulate them on raising 3 perfect young men. whom I adore. I met Mrs. Boschetto & spoke briefly to Pieros Dad years ago. So what my son said they wont be performing in Canada or the States for a long while which is breaking my heart. So Daniele if you hear anything better than what I posted please keep us informed. As usual you are always doing a terrific job of keeping us up to I have mentions before. Keep up the good work.

  24. Does anyone know who makes the dress shirt that Gianluca is wearing in the picture on the top of the page (The straight up collar with no top button)? He wore this on his most recent US Tour and I’ve been looking for it for so long so any info would help!

  25. in my opinion
    ARMANI and (Yves Sait Laurent) FOREVER AND EVER

    LARDINI very elegant but still a bit too classical for them

    D&G too excentrical and often not too elegant

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