SEAT MUSIC AWARDS 2020 by Daniela

Since this year there will be no other concerts of IL Volo, I was waiting with a little anxiety in front of the TV, to be able to see our beloved ones, live from the Verona Arena, on this beautiful evening in early September.


Already the first short videos, and photos of yesterday’s rehearsals, sent our hearts in arousal. 💓

I believe that Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero were also excited, to be back on stage, and also because the Arena always has its own charm.

We should have been there for the concert a few days ago, instead we have to settle for this performance, unfortunately due to virus.



In the video, Gianluca says, “We have just arrived for the rehearsals, the three microphone stands are already in position.”

(But how beautiful are Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio?)

I= (he says to Piero) What are you doing?

P = I look at you.

I = Damn!! What a great light there is.

G = Beautiful right?

I = A wonderful light. Gorgeous, gorgeous.




I believe that you have all noticed that the need for spacing has caused all the seats to be removed from the rows on the ground. In this way a large stage has been set up in the center of the Arena (which is usually leaning against the steps). The little public that will be admitted will be all around on the steps and well spaced. Only in this way could the show be done. Of course, the impact is very different, but let’s be satisfied ….. even if I have to say that having the central stage is really very nice: “Guys, use it also in your concert!!”





Gianluca = “See you tonight at the Verona Arena, on RAI1 official!”


Ignazio = “Finally we start again!”


Piero = “Tonight we will sing on one of the stages that is most dear to us, that of the Verona Arena, for us it is always an honor to be there. See you in the Arena or in prime time on Rai 1!”  


The boys were also interviewed by SEAT, sponsor of the evening.

Woman = We are here with Il Volo. I know that you have an international audience and therefore you know very well how much is missing from performing live on a global level, but above all you have defined the stage, your natural element, so how is it for you tonight, to go back to performing live?

I = It’s like giving candy to a child!

We are very happy because we were missing a live performance.

We missed it, a lot, but not only for our personal reasons, this is a message that the music is restarting …. slowly, slowly, with the safety measures, but we are starting again. All Italian music is starting to hit the stage again, and we hope it can be a message of hope, also for all emerging bands in the various cities, who want to start or continue making music. We hope it bodes well for a 2021 full of live concerts.

Woman = Thanks a lot, guys, see you on stage.

I + P + G = Hello, see you later.


Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca were also interviewed by Radio Italia, here’s what they said.  

Radio Italia = It was instead a relaxing summer for the three guys from Il Volo, who had to cancel their concerts initially scheduled: “We had time to rest, relax and sunbathe. Now we will commit ourselves to making music,” they told live on Radio Italia. For the trio, however, it is not the first live in compliance with all the containment measures: “We did a concert in Montecarlo and it was strange: between darkness and masks, you don’t understand people’s expressions,” said Ignazio, who he also wanted to send out a message of hope: “The music must restart,” he exclaimed to our microphones. “We will definitely be back in 2021, in compliance with the rules. We will continue to celebrate 10 years of career,” Piero then reiterated. The three boys, very young, finally invited all their peers to behave responsibly, to protect themselves and others.



And here we are finally at the evening.

How much emotion …….. I am sitting comfortably on the sofa with my husband and we are waiting for the long preview to end ……… and finally ….

HERE THEY ARE ……. IL VOLO ❤️❤️❤️!!! 

IL VOLO performance at SEAT Awards – Click Here

I = 2020 will be remembered as the year the world was forced to turn off.

G = For all show workers, the verb to turn off corresponds to the end of the show, when the curtain falls and silence is the wait for the next show.

But this time the wait lasted longer than expected and silence was inevitable.
P = Now the world is preparing to start again.

Now is the time to raise the curtain.

Now, let’s turn on the music.


Conti = Il Volo

Vanessa = What a moment you made us live, what can we tell you?

Conti = Thanks guys.

G = Good evening everyone.

Conti = I must say: You are always better!

Vanessa = Guys we were, Carlo (Conti) and I, in silence looking at you, with goosebumps, good!!
Of course for Puccini’s Turandot, but also for what you said at the beginning.

I = Yes, it is a doubly exciting moment, because we have been standing still for some months, with music on the stages. There is music on social media, but on the stage it is a different emotion, and especially it was a great emotion to remember all those who unfortunately left us, due to this Covid.

It was dedicated to them. My thoughts go to them and all their families.

Conti = You three are wonderful stars who travel the world and bring Italian music up in the world.

Vanessa = Singing live, of course you miss it, but what do you expect from this future?

G = Here I read a billboard that says: “Not even a pandemic will stop the music,” that’s the point.

This year’s motto is let’s turn the music back on, but in truth, the music has never turned off, and it has kept us company all these months. As Ignazio said, especially for us, it is our job and we missed it a lot, not being able to sing for all of you. Sooner or later we will start again, we will go back to singing in concerts, which are a way to escape from the world, two hours of joy and tears.

Vanessa = For you and the entire audience, it’s obvious.

P = When we leave the house, our fans often ask us when the concerts will resume.
We want to say that this is an evening of hope, and to tell everyone that in 2021, in any way, we will return to the stage.

Vanessa = Good.

Conti = You were supposed to be here just a week ago in concert, instead it’s postponed. It’s just, all just postponed, but we’ll be back. Thanks, Gianluca, thanks Piero, thanks Ignazio.

Vanessa = Thanks for being here with us.

G = (addressed to the audience) We love you.

G+P+I = Bye!!

Conti = Great protagonists of this evening, they had the task of starting the official part.



What skill, what elegance, what beautiful words!!

And what about the final high note? They kept it very long ….. congratulations guys!!! My husband and I looked at each other in amazement, that final VINCERÒ was amazing ….. they never stopped emitting their voices ….. great !!!

Only one song, unfortunately.

There are many singers who perform and I remember that they all sing for free, and that the evening was a fundraiser, to support the families of the show workers who have not worked for months and are without salary.





The audience of the Arena, standing for Il Volo.

And here is Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, visibly happy after their performance, for a small video for the Arena.

I = We send a big greeting and a big “good luck” to
See you soon, we hope to start again, the music has to start again.

I + G + P = Bye



But it’s not over yet ….. when everyone finished their performances, Seat Music Awards, showed a beautiful video in homage to Il Volo, as the final theme, and on the beautiful music of GRANDE AMORE, the final titles flowed.

IL VOLO Tribute Video – Click Here


What can I say, when the NESSUN DORMA ended, I was literally speechless, unique emotion and endless chills.

Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero were impeccable for execution, and for their messages and elegance.

Great pride for us fans.

While they sang, I was chatting with my Italian friends and also with:
Pat = Missouri
Susan = New York
Ineke = South Africa
Albertine = Holland
Who else can unite us like this? 

Only them – IL VOLO ❤️❤️❤️



I will wait to send the next post, because Il Volo today, Sunday, will still be in the Arena for another link.

But in the meantime, let’s also enjoy this short close-up video of our beloved boys!!

IL VOLO Closeup – Click Here


Credit to owners of all photos and videos.

37 thoughts on “SEAT MUSIC AWARDS 2020 by Daniela”

    1. I’m glad you liked the translation, also your comment proves even more what I wrote, Il Volo unites, from one end of the world to the other !!
      A hug from Italy.

  1. Thank you so much Daniela for bringing this to us, Il Volo ,followers. It was wonderful to see and hear the boys once again in concert…such powerful voices.Now looking forward to the concerts of 2021.!!

  2. This was wonderful, Daniela–thank you, thank you! I had seen some things on social media, but of course, could only understand a bit of the words. I really appreciated Ignazio’s message of hope for all bands who want to continue making music, as our band is going back into rehearsal in 2 weeks and hopefully it will be ok! This was a perfect performance, and I, like you, Daniela, just about fell out of my chair at the “ce” in vincero–twice as long as usual!! Very impressive and effective!

    1. Judi, you are always kind.
      The guys gave great messages and I’m glad your band is back on stage soon. Fingers crossed!!
      ………… that acute ….. oh my God !!

  3. Grazie Daniela, I was so frustrated not understanding what they were saying, except for bits and pieces. They are so wise, their thoughts coming from the mouths of such young men are so uplifting and full of hope. They are great, just great examples to the people of the world, young and old. May Bel Canto and Il Volo go on forever. I am looking forward to the concerts of 2021. Hopefully I will be in Taormina and who knows where else.

    1. Rose Marie, they were excellent in everything, in singing, in elegance, in words ……. what can I say, they are Il Volo.
      You will come to Taormina and it will be fantastic.

  4. Sure was good to see the boys on stage again so elegant and sounding as incredible as ever. And you my dear so lucky to be able to see it on tv lucky you.

  5. Grazie Mille Daniela!! I was waiting for these translations and you never disappoint!!❤️ Our three loves were more spectacular and endearing then ever with….their heart stopping performance!! ….elegant attire and meaningful messages that resonated with their fans of all ages worldwide!! We miss them and hope to see them performing again very soon. I feel fortunate that I have Taormina to look forward to in 2021!!

    1. Joan it’s nice to know that when your job is waiting, it encourages me to do it again.
      Thanks for your compliments and Taormina …. what a dream !!

  6. Thank you Daniella for this round up of pictures, videos and translations! We would know much less without your efforts. Unfortunately I was unable to watch the Tribute. Facebook said it wasn’t available, whatever that means. Do you think it may be posted somewhere on the Rai1 website? I did look there for a few minutes, but not knowing Italian didn’t help!

      1. You’re welcome Penina! I’m so glad it worked. I am more than happy to be able to help with the Flight Crew blog site. 😀

    1. Penina, I am happy that you enjoyed it and happy to have helped you with your understanding of Italian.
      To review the whole show, I saw that our Pat has already come to your aid.

  7. I have to tell you that the end of Nessum Dorma, in this performance last night, really made me emotional. I could see the emotion on all three guys faces….more passion than ever before. VINCERÒ = I will win! they sang at the end and I think they were saying “We have won! We are back!”

    Instead of giving me chills, the ending almost made me cry……….in a good way, of course, because I was so happy for them.

    And we know performing last night made all of them very happy – being able to sing in a concert setting again.

    We all can’t wait to hear more wonderful performances by our guys. 😍

    1. Yes Pat, in every way, they managed to provoke sensations that everyone experienced in their own way.
      You’re right, we can’t wait to see them again, again.

  8. Daniela thank-you for the translations and the beautiful photos. I was looking forward to understanding what the boys were saying. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to watch it live. Their performance was so amazing and so emotional. Thank-you Pat for the link to the Grande Amore tribute. I also could not find it on RAI. What a nice tribute to the boys. I agree with you. I also was tearing up. I have never seen a more beautiful performance. There is no one who can compare to Il Volo !

    1. You’re welcome, Cathy. Glad you could finally see the tribute video. I agree, no one can compare. I have never followed a music singer or group who has been able to bring out the emotions in me that these young men do. The guys of IL VOLO are in a class of their own for sure!

    2. Cathy, glad to have helped you understand what was said.
      The final tribute was very beautiful and unexpected, of course, of all those singers who performed on stage, very few are known outside Italy !!!

  9. I was also one of the lucky ones that was able to see the concert on TV via my Rai Italia channel in South Africa. It was so exciting to finally see them live and when they started singing it was exquisitely powerful!!! After watching both evenings of the SMA, it is save for me to say that Il Volo was totally the best singing talent that performed over the two nights!!
    The icing on the cake is Daniela’s instant translations and Pat’s quick processing of the post. Many thanks to these two great ladies.

    1. I also saw them perform live on RAI 1. It was exhilarating to hear them and to see the passion on their faces and in their gestures. It was powerful! You are too kind, Ineke, and you are welcome. I know how starved we all are for any news, photos and videos. Daniela does such a great job of putting these posts together so we can bring them to all of you! 😊

    2. Hi Ineke, it was so nice to be able to exchange impressions of the evening with you right away.
      I bet you didn’t think I would mention you in the post !!
      A hug. 🙂

  10. Pat, I just want to say that I think you, and Daniela, and probably the other gals involved in this site, are technological geniuses compared with what I can do with the computer, and we are the grateful beneficiaries of that.

    1. Thank you, Judi. I am by no means a technological genius although I did raise a son who I think is! He must have got those “smarts” from me and he has also taught me a few things once he passed me up in knowledge. I just like computers………..well, when they do what they are supposed to, that is! 😂

    2. Thanks Judi, too kind, but I just write and set the photos and videos, everything else: the choice of fonts, color, shape and the technical part for the publication is the work of Pat.

  11. Thank you so much Daniela and Pat for the beautiful photos and translations and giving us a much needed update on our beautiful guys. They look healthy, well rested, relaxed and their voices are all the more stronger and powerful during their time off due to the virus from their concerts and hectic work schedules. Honestly I first would like to say seeing them and hearing their spectacular voices takes my breath away. Even in this time off, you can clearly see they have been working very very hard at their craft as they always do in their pursuit of excellence in their careers. They sang Nessun Dorma with a new strength in their voice and as one of the fans noted with a strong resolve to return back to their concerts and appearances with a renewed vitality and commitment to their fans. The Tribute Video was a wonderful and special ride through their career- it was heartwarming and very special especially with their signature song Grande Amore playing in the bsckground – that song will always be theirs and theirs alone.
    I am excited anticipating what our guys have in store for their devoted fans and I look forward to more surprises and excitement and moments that take our breath away.
    I’d like to add one more comment – can they get any more HANDSOME?

    1. You’re welcome, Margaret! I agree that the guys sang with a new strength. And I don’t know how they could get any more handsome!

    2. Yes, Margaret, the boys are in really good physical and singing form. They certainly kept their voices rested, but they also trained their voices, otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to hold the note for that long. Fantastic. We all want to know the news they have for us and every time they know how to amaze us. I can not wait.

  12. Thank you Pat and Daniela for the videos and translations. It was wonderful to see them and hear their warm and heartfelt messages, especially Ignazio remembering those “who have left us”. Just as we are so eager to see and hear them, they also have a great need to sing and entertain. I was amazed at their Nessun Dorma. It was stronger and more beautiful than ever! They have always been so well spoken and wise beyond their years. They are three wonderful young men and great role models for everyone!

    1. Margaret Ladolcetta, I must say that Ignazio’s words in memory of all the people who left us, touched the hearts and then, while there was the chorus refrain, he pointed their finger in the sky, always to remember who is up there. What dear guys.
      We also like them for this, for the emotions they can transmit and also for their sobriety, elegance and genuineness.

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