A Magnificent Concert:Marostica, by Daniela

And finally the big day of MY concert of my guys arrived … yes because that’s how I feel this event, a concert, all for me, performed by my dear guys Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.

First of all I tell you that it was a FANTASTIC concert !!!!!
The things I want to tell you are many, but let’s go in order.
We arrived in Marostica in the afternoon of a very hot day. The soundcheck was scheduled for 6 pm.
I had never seen Marostica before and I must tell you that it is a beautiful little fortified city, that is, crossed by the boundary walls that had to protect the city.
Now, these walls enclose the city center and the beautiful Piazza degli Scacchi where there will be the concert.
Piazza degli Scacchi is so called because it has the shape of a large chessboard, where every year there is a game, made with human chess.
At 18: all ready in front of the entrance, check the pass to us, there is an incredible heat, unfortunately we will wait outside for an hour, because the security was not yet present, the guys are already on stage, we see nothing but we hear them.
What incredible voices.
Someone had the nice idea to record at least the voices.
And while we waited for them to open their doors, look who I met? Wendy and Joanie who have just finished Naro’s tour with RoseMarie.
When they finally opened the gates, they told us that it was absolutely forbidden to make videos or photos. Only the people of the fan club could do it.
In this video fragment without audio made by the fan club, there’s also my husband and I. Who can find me?
You could not get close to the boys who finished the rehearsals with the orchestra, and they greeted us. 
And finally I take possession of my place.
And here we are at the time of the concert.
Piero advises that they are ready to enter the stage.
From this point, start my videos, I took almost everything, even the dialogues between one song and another, until I filled the memory of the video camera.
followed by GRANADA, which I did not record. 
In the next video, before presenting the next song, Ignazio and Piero present, joking, the orchestra teacher Parmeggiani, saying that he is tall with blond hair and blue eyes, just like them.
They present the entire Filarmonica Veneta orchestra, and then present the next song, ARANJUEZ, solo by Gianluca.
In the next video, Ignazio, begins a speech, which will resume several times during the evening, making everyone laugh.
The square is bordered by houses of at least 3 floors, the house that is on the right of the stage, has a large balcony on the first floor, and that balcony is full of people watching the concert.
Ignazio starts by telling Piero that he is studying to become a surveyor, and so he will raise the walls, so there will be no more evaders …… because these people are watching the concert without paying the ticket. Everyone laughs.
Piero then says that these people have bought houses, so they are in their homes and can watch the concert.
Ignazio says to Piero: “what’s the reasoning?” So I buy a house inside the football stadium, so I can watch all the games for free “.
Everyone laughs.
Piero says: “You know I tell you, let’s go on singing”
and Ignazio replies: “but the fact remains that they have not paid the ticket” !!
Now, Ignazio tells Piero, “Do you know the rest of the warrior?”
Piero = What does the warrior’s rest have to do with it now?
Ignazio = It has to do with it, because you are like a warrior
Piero = To be with you, yes, I am.
Ignazio = That is, you are a great warrior, even if you are smaller than me
Gianluca = Where do you want to get there?
Piero = Ignazio, we’ve known each other for 10 years, where do you want to arrive, say it in your own words.
Ignazio = Rest a little.
Gianluca = He’s sending him away
Piero = I go, I’m sorry for you (to the public), but I’m going to rest (then asks Ignazio) but then I can come back, after this song?
Ignazio = If you want, you see.
(while Piero leaves the stage, he plays the tubular bells)
Ignazio = What is it?
Gianluca = Piero goes away, with the sound effects. He leaves with style.
Ignazio = (to the public) This new song, for me, is one of the most beautiful songs, sung in a musical, because precisely, it is part of one of the most beautiful musicals in American history.
Gentlemen and gentlemen (then he correct) ladies and gentlemen, we are gentlemen……. from West Side Story:
In the next video, Piero asks Wendy Campbell and Joanie Greenspan, to get up, then says that Wendy, today is at her 62nd concert of IL VOLO and Joanie at 65th, people applaud.
Ignazio asks Wendy and Joanie to get up and then adds “in practice, they, their retirement, instead of going to the casino, come to our concerts”.
Ignazio adds a sentence in Sicilian dialect and Gianluca says: “Ignazio was born in Bologna”
Piero starts talking but Ignazio stops him and addresses Gianluca “Why is it a disease, born in Bologna?”
Gianluca = No, but from the accent, one would not say, why …
Ignazio = (to the people), I will tell you my story, if you have two seconds.
Piero = Now the brioches for breakfast arrive …..
Ignazio = I was born 8 years after my sister, in Bologna, and after 9 years we moved to Sicily and as soon as I set foot there, I became Sicilian.
Gianluca = And you have completely forgotten the Bolognese accent
Ignazio = yes, I forgot it in Calabria (on the way arriving in Sicily), the Sicilian accent has become part of me …… we want to present the next song?
Gianluca = I would say that it is the case to go on.
Piero = (to the crowd) Now you will be alone with Ignazio, who will sing for you, especially for the Americans so be careful with the pronunciation:
O SURDATO NNAMMURATO, I’m sorry, half the video is out of focus, then I changed the batteries!
At this point the classical part of the concert ends, the boys get rid of the jackets, the pop part begins …….you will also hear my voice, Ignazio asked the crowd to sing!
In the next video I resumed a comic situation, that now I translate for you.
I = We were, eating at the Castle, and it was very good.
P = Where there is food there is Ignazio.
I = Anyway I like it all, in this city …… apart from those who do not pay on the balcony, I have to say two little words to the mayor.
G = Look, the mayor is here in the front row.
I = you and me (to the mayor) we have to talk for a moment.
P = Mayor, give Ignazio the keys to the city, so he will be happy.
I = Let me finish (he tells Piero)
P = What worries you?
I = It ‘s the second time that while we are here to do one of our concerts, because I remember, that is displayed a billboard written PIERO WANT TO MARRY ME? ……… (Ignazio goes to the girl) not it’s convenient for you.
P = But he is still young
I = Where is your dad?
P = Is it here in the square or not?
I = she will be 18 (the girl answers 14 years) …… what ?? Go home!! Come back in 4 years.
G = Better between 10.
I = You’re beautiful now, I imagine in 4 years.
P = (responding to the girl), Honey, I’ll think about it but ……. (he looks at the sign) but are there already answers? SI SI SI.
G = You have no choice.
P = ok, I will answer you SE
G = Let’s applause this sweet girl.
P = She wants a kiss
I = Go and give her a kiss
(sweet hug and kiss, and Piero detaches his hands to show, to the father of the little girl, that he does not touch her!)
and at this point the memory of the camera is filled, end of the games …… I tried again to film but it continued to turn off. Sin.
Then they sang O SOLE MIO that I have not resumed and then Ignazio says that we can approach the barriers, and asks everyone to sing with them, start VOLARE .
I can not even record the ending with GRANDE AMORE with all the front people singing and moving their phones with the light on.
But I propose you this little video filmed by the fan club.
And now, look how wonderful the square full of people is.
It seems impossible to me, but I was in the second row.
What do you want me to tell you …… it was a FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL, UNIQUE concert.
They are exceptional professionals, good, nice, beautiful, we say “beautiful outside and inside”.
I tried not to lose any detail, only to be able to tell it to you.
Too bad not to have been able to approach them.
But it does not matter, there will be a next time and maybe I will be more fortunate ….. but what I say, I was already lucky, I saw a beautiful concert performed by our treasures, IGNAZIO, PIERO and GIANLUCA, our beloved IL VOLO .
I hope you enjoyed it too: Daniela
Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

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  1. Daniela, thank you, thank, you for taking us all to the concert.You have given us so much information and so many beautiful pictures and especially the interplay between the Guys.They really do have fun between themselves. I am sure it was a concert that you will never forget,(in spite of the heat) and so fabulous that you had such a great time. It is amazing that no matter how big the venue it is always filled to capacity.!! So envious of all who were able to attend. Thank you again Daniela..

    1. Thanks to you Marion, who have read this very long post.
      I tried to remember as much detail as I could, and yes, the boys have fun during the concerts, and they keep everyone entertained.
      It’s a concert I will not forget.

  2. Daniela, that was the most amazing job you did in capturing the concert for us. The videos came up in YouTube and everything was out of this world beautiful. The setting could not have been better. The interaction between the boys was fun to watch. They are truly great performers and dear human beings. I will go read everything again and watch all the videos once more. This was heavenly. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I do not know how you got so much and still watched the concert. Sending grateful hugs? Victoria

    1. Victoria, I have to tell you that I really enjoyed the concert, while I was filming the videos, I saw the guys so close and I did not even realize all the people I had behind me.
      They were fantastic, and you’re right, they interact with the audience in a wonderful way, people laughed and enjoyed themselves.
      Thanks for the compliments and hugs, I’m glad you liked it.

    1. But you all, were there with me that night, everyone at the concert, Alice, thanks to you.

  3. A big “Thank You” from me Daniela on your detailed account of the Marostica concert! How you managed to not only enjoy the concert but to record and translate the concert is quite a feat! Now that is a true Il Volo fan. I especially liked the translations of their interactions between songs! Ignazio is just too funny! Thanks again!!

    1. A big thank you to you, Annette for the compliments. Did you see that wonderful concert? The boys were in great shape, Ignazio is a born entertainer, truly unique as well as talented singers.

  4. Daniela I can not say anything better than AMAZING PICTURES of the concert. Thank you your pictures where so perfect & also not moving,. They are the best pictures that have ever been posted.Thank you thank you & so many more. I so enjoyed the singing the pictures & Il Volo in general & how they interact with each other & are on the same fun with each other. You were so lucky. I noticed Ignazio had his beautiful stylish hair done the usual way he used to always have it instead of his hair being curled. I like it better when it is not curled. Have you noticed how more relaxed & more comfortable they are on stage? I so wish I had been there at least I can see your pictures whenever I want. They are so comfortable with each other now so we can see how perfect their concerts are getting. They must be so happy that Italy is filling the theaters to hear them sing & hear how their voices are becoming better & better constantly. I for one will be opening my arms wide when I am able to go to a future concert either in the States or if I am so lucky they also pick Canada as well. Thanks again for taking the time to give us the pleasure of seeing these wonderful pictures of the concert & our precious sweethearts.

    1. Loretta, I’m glad you liked everything.
      Stratospheric concert, a lot of fun and very talented.
      Ignazio was adorable, beautiful with straight hair, I had it in front of me a few meters away, it is thinner than it appears on TV.
      I’m so happy to have you recorded these songs, I almost managed to do the whole concert, so for you, it’s like being seated there in Marostica.
      A friend of mine was able to photograph Ignazio very closely, I try to send it to you.


      I hope you see it!

  5. Dear Daniela,
    I knew you would come through for us with wonderful commentary, videos and photo’s. It’s wonderful what you do to make us feel as though we are there too! I hope the guys go on to sing Bel Canto in every town and city in Italy. Thank you!

    1. Mark, while I was watching the concert, the boys were elegant in their suit jacket and tie, but it was very hot, I noticed that Piero, turning his back, opened his jacket and moved it to let in some air and Ignazio gave him a look as if to say “resist”, at that moment I thought of you because, they, they were serious with their program, until the more pop side started.
      Of course today you will have seen them in the Juventud award, and it seems strange but they seem, other people, because these guys, as well as being good artists, are also chameleonic, can sing from the opera to the Latin rhythm, without effort, and it is not for everyone .
      Do not worry, Bel Canto, will always be part of them.

  6. Thank you so much for posting these wonderful videos & translating what they said between songs! I just love hearing them sing & listening to their banter back & forth! Again thank you!

    1. Dear Daniela,
      What a great concert that I attended,with you and Beppe. I can see the two of you sitting at the sound check. I wish they had a meet and greet in Italy like we have, it is like you are seeing two shows in one night. As you can imagine Ignazio keeps everyone laughing😆
      I too, like his hair smooth. Thank you for all you do for us. A kiss

      1. Dear Jill, you found us, what a magnificent sight.
        Ignazio was SUPER in all, in beauty, in singing the songs, in entertaining the audience, what a nice prankster.
        After the soundcheck a girl had to deliver a present to Piero because he had had his birthday. Ignazio said “I too, I had my birthday in October”, everyone laughed.
        Look at the photo of Ignazio I attached in response to Loretta, it’s beautiful.

    2. Lois, I’m very happy to have done it, and I thank you for the compliments.
      Now you too have seen the concert!

    1. Thanks Penina, it was memorable. The fabulous guys and Ignazio was at the top.
      I think I gave you a good view of how the concert was!

  7. Beautiful post Daniela. You covered every aspect of the evening. It looked like an amazing night!! Grazie!!

    1. Jane, I would have loved you to be here, but I have kept all of you, ideally around me.
      Thank you for the excellent work you did in a short time.

  8. Hi Daniela. Thank you so much for taking us to the concert with you. The pictures and videos are the best. I especially loved having you translate what they talked about between songs. They are so funny and entertaining , and yes they seem completely comfortable with each other and being on the stage in front of such a large audience. Your description of Marostica was seductive. It seems there are enchanting towns and villages and sights all over Italy. No wonder they are so proud of where they come from. I look forward to your posts every day.

    1. Thanks for the compliments Janet, yes, the boys are also skilled entertainers, and I thought to also film the funny stories that make between one song and another, because they are too nice.
      And the poster for Piero, a nice idea, right?
      Marostica is not far from Brescia, only 93 miles.

    1. But thanks to you, Valeria, I did not think to find you here, thanks for the compliments.

      1. Your work was so excellent that I could not express it here too!

  9. Daniela, this post is wonderful!! It is the next best thing to being there with you. Grazie!!

    1. Thank you so much, Mary. You will see that next time (in Taormina, we hope) there will be time to be together and enjoy a fantastic concert.
      Dreaming is always good, right !!

  10. Daniela, I feel like I was there with you. What a wonderful job you have done with the filming, story telling and translating; thank you so much. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to see Il Volo in concert, but I will treasure this article that has transported me to your concert.

    1. Jeanette, maybe you’ll see a concert, but in the meanwhile enjoy this, I just thought, while filming, to all the people who could not see them. I’m glad you like them.

  11. Thank you so much dear Daniela for these beautiful pictures and videos and for inviting us to share Marostica with you. You did an incredible job and I am amazed but so happy that you still enjoyed the concert! Thank you also for letting us know what they were saying between songs. It is a true gift to see them so close and feel like we were there. Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca never disappoint. They always sound and look perfect regardless of the weather. Marostica is another beautiful venue to hear and see Il Volo. Italy certainly has the most beautiful piazzas. Il Volo’s concerts there always look spectacular! I know I will be watching these videos over and over again thanks to you.

    1. Margaret, the concert was beautiful, and the intermezzi of the boys between a song and the other simply tasty.
      I had never seen Marostica and I must tell you that it is a beautiful town and the public is very warm.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

    1. It’s true Luckylady they are amazing and each time they give us great emotions.
      Thanks for reading .

  12. Daniela what a perfect picture of Ignazio sent to me & us, he is so handsome, you always give us what we need to see & hear especially me, bless you. You fill me heart with joy.

  13. Daniela when I leave my computer Ignazio’s picture is on my screen bending over reading something, thank you, he is so precious to me.

  14. Loretta, I’m very happy that you enjoyed the photo.
    At that moment, Ignazio had approached the barriers, coming down from the stage, because there was a girl in a wheelchair.
    Always full of attentions, our golden boy.


  15. First of all you gave us the feeling that we were also being part of the concert as we went through each of the videos with you. Secondly, very seldom are their banter recorded by fans ~ you did it for us AND you translated it for us too!!!! Their dialogues were spontaneous and very amusing. Thank you Daniela, your input is so much appreciated. Big hug from me..

    1. Thanks Ineke, it was just what I wanted to get, the feeling that you were there at the concert with me.
      As you can see, it was fantastic.
      I kept a lot to record their dialogues and to translate them for you, they are always so funny, I also noticed that the automatic translator under the videos, often does not grasp the meaning of words.
      Thank you for your compliments.
      At the concert, I surprised my friends by telling them that I have a friend, a fan from South Africa.

    1. Grazie mille!!
      RoseMarie, you were there too with us, with the thought, you were definitely there.
      Did you see how wonderful the boys are? Ignatius was stupendous, charming and prankster, a force.
      But you already know this, do not you?
      I liked meeting your friends, they seemed to know me, it was nice, too bad the language barrier.

      1. Yes I know that the boys are the best. You know how I feel about Ignazio. I am happy you got to meet Joanie and Wendy. I mentioned your name many times to them. Was Suzana there? I don’t remember if she was going to this concert.

      2. I did not see her, I thought you told me she was coming, but I did not see her. Did you tell Wendy and Joanie that I filmed the piece where Piero talks about them? Yes, when I introduced myself to Wendy and I said my name, I understood that she knew who I was and also Joanie.

  16. Daniela who can I contact I presume in Italy to see if the boys will be coming to the States or Canada

    1. Loretta, do not worry, the news that IL VOLO comes to America in concert has already been confirmed, as soon as there will be more precise information on the concert cities, or if they will come to Canada, I’ll let you know immediately.
      But you also have the profile on facebook, I long ago I asked you the friendship but you never confirmed it.


  18. Daniela please forgive me I honestly don’t remember about facebook but I will try & see if I can find facebook & when you sent me something. Something must have come up for me to be so forgetfull. I’ll be in touch

  19. Daniela I also have to mention I walk with a limp & when the boys were first here in Canada I met them on the street in Toronto before I saw the show & spoke to them briefly. I had been at the theatre to buy a ticket.Then when I saw the show I was in the front row & Ignazio came off stage & ask me if I got home alright. So I can understand how he cares for others. He is caring & outstanding in my books & will always be my hearthrob.

  20. Loretta, I’m very happy that you like the pictures that my friend took.
    Do not worry about facebook.

  21. Daniela I went back on my facebook but could not find a request to join your facebook or you asking to join mine. If you will pardon my stupidity I would love to join with you now. If you decide not to I apologize again. My loss of your friendship will upset me for a long time. Sorry.

  22. well I went through the concert 3 times now it was as it I was there in person so I don’t think I missed a thing thank you Daniela without you we would have very little & few pictures instead we had the whole concet. THANK YOU

  23. Daniela I have asked my son how to send you my facebook so I am going to try to do it now & if it is not right then my son will be here tomorrow to help me.

  24. Sorry for the late response but just incredible Daniela and I loved Tonight, but he always says miracle wrong!

    1. Thanks Jana, you saw that beautiful concert, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

      Please I also asked Kelly, each of my comments is confirmed, can you solve this problem?

  25. Jill, I’m sorry but I honestly do not remember. It was coffee, brioche and lemon granite not lunch as we know it. There was talk about his sister Mariagrazie and how she just finished her high school final exams, she stopped to see us right after and she was so relieved that she was finished. His brother Franz stopped after his visit to the dentist. Then they left to go to his parents house. The other times he stopped to talk were at the beach and at a friend’s house. I asked a couple of personal questions but did not ask any Il Volo questions because he was on vacation. He did say he has over 200 pairs of glasses though.😁


  27. Grazie Daniela and Jane! Bellissimo! I felt as is I was right there with you, Daniela! It is good to see the guys continue to do well and have a great time signing for us! Their voices are getting better and better! 😁 Abbracci e Baci! ❤️

    1. Dear Pat, the concert was beautiful, and it is also the way to meet many people who only know each other virtually. We have to organize ourselves better for future concerts !!

  28. Hi Daniela I just read on the many sites I have been reading that I Volo is going to be in the States in 2019 & I so want to go to their concert next year PLEASE if you get any information in the near future email me at Loretta Foley 914@gmail.com. I never realized until until reading the various posts again that I missed them in the States last year & am heartbroken. I was listening to the videos from your posting of their performance you saw & they were terrific, your videos were superb. Thanks again & again

  29. Dear Loretta, I have already told you not to worry, as soon as I have news, I warn you immediately!
    Thanks for the compliments to my videos.

  30. Thanks Daniela. Magnificent description and beautiful videos. It seems to be present!

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