Fond Thoughts ~~ Mary Strickler

First is a photo of Ignazio which I took with my iPhone at the taping of the PBS We Are Love Special at the Jackie Gleason Fillmore Theatre in Miami. This photo was after the concert and when Ignazio came down off the stage to meet some of his fans and sign a few autographs. 

Mary Strickler photo 1

The very next night the Christmas Special was taped and everyone was asked to come back and wear Christmas colors. These tapings were done in late spring and it was pretty warm in Miami. Il Volo was not allowed the second night to interact with the audience. Instead fans had to go outside and try to meet them. Had to wait months for PBS to broadcast these programs. I made sure to pledge enough money to PBS to get a DVD and CD of both programs.

The other photos were taken at the Wolf Trap, VA concert earlier this year.

One of my favorites is the one I took of the guys (shoes only).

Mary Strickler photo 2

mary strickler photo 5mary strickler photo 6mary strickler photo 7mary strickler photo 8

mary strickler photo 3

mary strickler photo 4

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures Marie. I like the shoe picture too. Is Ignazio’s shoes the middle ones?

    1. Yep, just answered may own question. Looking back at the picture’s those are Ignazio’s, the big ones. lol….. I even love his shoes.

      1. Thank you Mary for clarifying whose shoes are whose! I looked at the picture and I said to myself the ones on the left are Ignazio’s and when some of the girls said it was the middle pair I looked again and thought–I never saw Ignazio wearing shiny pants like that, but Gianluca has a few times. It was also obvious to me from the get go that those on the right belonged to laid back Piero (the pants & the shoes!). So I am glad you confirmed what I thought!
        We can put that picture in a future quiz Marie!

      2. email from the traveling Mary Strickler:

        “I don’t know my right from my left.😱😫😠 Ignazio’s shoes are on the RIGHT.

        From Il Volo’s perspective Ignazio was on the left.😋😄😃

        Mary “

  2. Great pictures Marie. Can we not get the last video of them on page 6 anymore? & the translations. All About Il volo doesn’t have the full translations as the video on this site did from Madeline. If you can come up with that again I would appreciate it.

  3. you know, as I continue to read Madelne’s translations of the Unici video, it has given me a lot to think about. firstly, it has completely enrapped me in the whole story of their journey, I get very involved in the every details as it unfolds. many thoughts come to mind, especially when hearing the fathers talk. this whole “thing” is a phenomenon, it is really incredible. it brings out feelings in me of sadness that they are not having so much of their adolescent lives with their families and friends, especially as they are so close to their families. it shows me a wonderful example of what a true family unit can do for the young ones, how important it is. I compare them to so many other young people who don’t have a father figure, or whose parents are divorced and the children have to be shared. they are such a wonderful example to the world of how necessary it is to have a family supporting you. I also see the hardships that they have to go through. we see the rosy parts. to get to what we see, there is a lot of hard and long tiring work. I was happy to hear Barbara Rossi say that Michele was a good person and looked after the boys well. I was happy that they decided to stay in Italy this year and spend more time at home and come down to earth for a time after 5 hectic years. and yes, it is true what Gianluca said: that the most liked were when we get photos at home, playing with their dog, or lying on a tattoo table or swimming in the sea. I think the boys have realized that they have so got under our skins that we just genuinely feel we want to be part of their everyday lives just like their families and friends, because they have so captivated us with their goodness that we want to be part of this new revolution that we see them ushering in, and so everything they experience we experience too,whether hurt, joy or sorrow. we really feel we are part of their lives, and the hardest part of this is when you go to a concert, after sharing their lives everyday for years, and you sit in your seat and they come out on stage and an electric current runs through you and you cannot believe they are really live in front of you, and it hits you that they don’t know who the hell you are. you are amongst 5,000 faces! that’s the hard part – that’s the part that hurts – because of course they cannot know everybody, its impossible. and you go back home and you feel happy again as you sit infront your computer and watch their videos and their everyday posts and their picture “Il Volo- we are love” on the wall up above your computer. and you comment on the posts, and you are in contact again. you are part of their world once more

    1. Wow, Deanne, Those are my feelings, too! So much emotion goes into loving and following these three wonderful guys! Thank you for writing all that! <3

    2. Deanne, you have expressed your feelings and our feelings so well. These boys share so much of themselves with us, it is difficult not to feel as if we are maybe distant relatives somehow….seeing them come on to the stage and there we are just in awe of them…such unique, deep feelings, Thank you for expressing these thoughts so well. ♥

  4. Awesome observations Deanne. Your feelings are right on! Except maybe for the sadness. They are living their dream and sharing it with us. Thanks Guys!

    1. I think the sadness comes when I realize that while we love them so much and they are so good to us that they share much of their personal lives with us; they don’t know who most of us are among the crowds. Also, as a mom of two grown boys, I know too well that the time they are young and carefree goes by SO fast, and I feel for the sacrifices these three and their families have gone through to make this all happen for us. The joy far surpasses the sadness, for sure, and I hope they always know how much we appreciate what they have done and are accomplishing!!!

  5. Marie & everyone I have read some of the translation of the video Ignazio made in Marsala today & he said he is hurt by the fact that Marsala hasn’t recognized him in some way as Abruzzo has recognized Gianluca & Piero has been honoured as Ambassador of Naro. So I am going to try & find out who the president of Marsala is & ask him to give Ignazio some recognition as well as the other boys.
    So how about a few other people joining me to write letters or if someone else has a better idea of how to get someone in Marsala to wake up. I am thinking of you Marie & Kelly & Michelle. You girls have some fantastic ideas what do you think?

    1. I agree with you Loretta, that it is sad that Marsala has not recognized him like the others. I think that the head of Marsala is Governor Dr. Antonio Mario Augusto. Another person that may be able to help find out who we need to contact is Nina Boschetto, and of course Marie, Kelly and Michelle probably tight with Barb Vatali and Michele Torpendine.

  6. Deanne, my feelings match yours exactly. Thank you for putting these feelings into words.

    And I, too, ask: What happened to the translations? That has me feeling very sad.

  7. Two other things: Ignazio looks wonderful in that color blue in the picture above and: How do you pronounce nonno? Is it non no, or is it no no? Thanks It bothers me that I don’t know the correct way to say it.

  8. Deanne, you have composed a beautiful post! I enjoyed reading every word and share the feelings, as I think most of us do. Thank you for writing that!

  9. Deanne, I so agree with all of your feelings 100%, Regarding what they have had to give up, and their families as well, I’m sure that all of this was talked about when Il Volo was a thought in the minds of those who knew from experience just what the sacrifices were going to be. The first decision had to come from the boys themselves. How big a part does music play in your life? Is singing something you see yourself doing professionally, or randomly? How much of your teen years are you willing to curtail towards a career, etc.? I can imagine they were asked to think long and hard, and mentally put that scenario into play. Quite a decision for 3 very young boys, and truth be known, even with their amazing success to date, there are probably those occasions when……, and……”if I have to pack this suitcase one more time, I’m going to…………..!!” Next, there’s the family, but I can’t even imagine all the aspects in play there!
    I also began to realize just how many others are directly , or indirectly involved in the decision once made to proceed. Those who produce, promote, or provide. Those who plan, protect, photograph. Those who manage, guide, teach, accompany(musically), direct, and on and on, and on. These are people on whom they depend to insure, and particapate in , the making of a dream becoming a reality.

    Yes , we love them, and we enjoy the fact that they care enough about us to bring us into much, but not all, of their personal lives. So much so that we have allowed them into ours. We get upset when we feel someone has hurt one of them, we get irrate when anyone dares to speak a word against ; we smile when they smile or not, we laugh with them, and cry, and yes sometimes advise when we overstep, but isn’t that what we do when we show love, even when it’s not asked for, and we have no place. Even so, THANK YOU GUYS FOR KEEPING US SO CLOSE TO YOUR HEART. Because that’s were we feel we are.

    1. Thank you Kitty and Deanne for expressing so well how we feel about “our” boys. If they only know how much love is sent their way every day, I think they would be overwhelmed.
      And while I am at it, kudos to the blog board and all the participants for making our blog our Il Volo home.

    2. Oh Kitty! That was so wonderful! Thanks for laying it all out that way! Thanks for being here. That’s definitely where we are!

      I hope you, Deanne and you too Penina, pay attention to my next post.

    3. Deanne and Kitty — Thank you —You have expressed so beautifully how we all feel. We love these three precious human beings beyond words and only want them to have happy and successful lives. And although they share so much of themselves with us they also deserve to have a measure of privacy when they are home with their family and friends.

  10. As the others have stated, I too feel the same way. It’s like with “Our Guys” their motto is Three Voices One Soul. Well here amongst our IL VOLO family it seems like our motto is Many Minds One Thought, and that is for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca to have their cake and eat it too. And I’m sure with the help of their management team and their families that they will have it all someday.

  11. Wow! You gals are the greatest, and so eloquent. I could not have said it better. I also feel we are part of their family. Its true that we are lost in a sea of faces during a concert, but each of us is tuned in to their souls. When I am in the audience, I am the only one there. All else is a fog and I am with the boys. If the people around me could know about that they would sink into their seats. I tell my friends that I have adopted three boys. That raises their eyebrows. You all know what I mean. I spend every morning on facebook looking for new news. Thanks for all your comments. Joanie G

  12. We all have our three young men from Il Volo planted firmly in her hearts… We love them as if they were part of our own family… The Special brought them even closer to our hearts if that is at all possible… It made us all realize the sacrifices they have made to be where they are today… Their family’s have made painful sacrifices as well… For the most part the three fathers had to leave their family, their homes, their jobs to be on the road constantly for most of the five years… They had to not be there for their other children… In most family’s this would cause a break down of the family unit… But it seems to have made these three family’s stronger… They are all working behind the scenes to make sure that our three young men from Il Volo know they are loved and supported… Piero’s young sister is always posting pictures of her brother and you can see the love… Piero and his brother are as close as can be, its beautiful to see the family closeness… Gianluca loves his little brother with everything he has… He shows it in so many pictures… Gianluca’s family, aunts, uncles and cousins are always there when Gianluca comes home to show him how much they love him… Ignazio and his family have that same closeness and love… The pictures they post are fun pictures you can tell where he gets his great sense of humor from… His family is just so outgoing and charming just like him… Can you imagine having your family member away from you for five to ten months out of the year? All three family’s have given up so much to give these three beautiful young men to the world… Their stars are rising high in the sky, but the love their family’s give them keeps them grounded… Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio are blessed in so many ways, more than just with their great voices and extaordinary good looks… They are blessed with a family that supports them in every thing they do and these three young men appreciate their family’s sacrifices and their commitment to their careers… That is why we love them so much… Because THEY ARE LOVE…

  13. I’m not sure that the Il Volo guys had any idea of the world they were entering when they signed on as a trio. I would venture to say that as they traveled together, worked together, laughed and joked, they also cried together because each boy knew what the other was experiencing. When one was missing his mama so bad it hurt, the other two could feel that pain. It’s that bond that made them a unit, Il Volo. It’s my hope that that bond sticks with them for the rest of their lives, and hopefully their careers.

  14. You ladies have expressed our love for Il Volo so beautifully. Thank You. I can only say ditto to all the above.

  15. I’m so disappointed that we don’t have the translations. They were fantastic. I read them over and over as I watched the Unici program, and am frustrated I won’t be able to know what was said in the entire program. Can someone please ask Madeline to reconsider? I know it was very time consuming and an effort of love, but it was so appreciated.

  16. I have been busy & am now catching up! You precious FC friends have all expressed with eloquence what is in my heart!!! All so beautifully written with every aspect of this wonderful journey completely covered!!! I have to wipe the tears from my eyes before I can continue. Thank you for all the wisdom, joy & happiness that each of you have shared! On a lighter note I love the blue shirt Ignazio wore in the We Are Love Special also! At the Gibson Concert when GG & Piero took off their jackets, Ignazio said if they were taking off their clothes he would take off his shoes! He sat on the steps & took them off! He then performed a few songs in his socks. Gianluca wore the shiney blue suit which he seemed to love! He wore it frequently! The fabric of that suit was very soft to the touch! We were close together at the M&G for the photos & when they sang Happy Birthday to me!!! A most wonderful nite!!! I wake up with Il Volo & go to sleep at nite with them on my mind& in my prayers!!! We Are Love!!! 💖💖💖

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