A Couple of Things You Need to Know

Reading some of the great things you wrote yesterday, reminds me of 2 things we want to be sure you all understand.

#1 We, your Board, see this site as having a magazine-type format. Not just a “here’s the immediate news” or “here’s what the Boys just tweeted”. We try not to only bring you their professional and social goings on, but recipes, poetry, quizzes, lists, games, humor, pictorials, music notes, other things Italian, etc.

#2 We see this site as belonging to You, The Flight Crew! That’s why you have unlimited space for your thoughts. Also, please feel free to submit pictures, stories or just your thoughts on Il Volo to us at ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com and we will use them as featured posts. Just like we did with Mary’ Stricklers fond memories yesterday.

We also invite you to become a regular contributor and/or have your own “column”. I am not a writer, in fact, I have never used a semicolon in my life. They must be for something. I know some of you must cringe when you see how I use commas. Really having fun though and you are all very tolerant. Join me! How about “Dreams from Deanne” or “Kudo’s from Kitty” or “Just Jeannette” or “More from Mary” or “Penina’s Pretty Prose” (ok, that one was awful, sorry Penina.)

We really are looking for some help.  We like having variety.  Also, if you are not comfortable writing, we could use some clerical type help – labeling, filing, etc.  “It takes a village to run a site.” (or something like that)

Interested? Contact us.

Note: We will always reserve the right to edit, add notes and pictures we believe will enhance your post.

Below is a perfect example of what I mean. Jeannette added this to the end of a section of comments. Most of you probably missed it. We thought it could stand alone as it’s own post. With her permission:

A couple of years ago I truly thought I was losing my mind… I became obsessed with three young boys from Italy, and at my age? OMG, I am not going to let anyone know that I wake up to their music, search the Internet for information about them, save their pictures and then go to sleep with their DVD playing on the TV…. How can a woman my age just be so enraptured with three young boys in their teens… Like the rest of you, if I mentioned the name Il Volo to my family and friends they gave me a look like they were going to call the men in white coats at any moment to take me away….

Then like a miracle, I found The Il Volo Flight Crew… Everyone here had the same opinion of these three young boys from Italy… Oh, I am not alone or obsessed, here I am a normal fan of a mature age… Everyone here loves Il Volo and we watched them grow up before our eyes… They have shared their journey with us through facebook and twitter… They have shared their family… We know their parents, siblings, aunts , uncles, cousins and friends. All three are young men now each with their own unique personalities…They have shared so much of themselves with us as well as their love and devotion of music…We love them Yes, but we are not obsessed… Il Volo is a phenomenon that cannot be explained in simple words… The Good Lord has blessed them with more than just beautiful voices… He has given them a gift well beyond their ability to sing… They are able to bring peace love and joy to all their fans around the world, and we are part of that phenomenon because we have become an Il Volo family here on the flight crew thanks to Il Volo… THEY ARE LOVE


See what I mean?

45 thoughts on “A Couple of Things You Need to Know”

  1. Jeanette, you said it just right! I, too, have gone to sleep many nights to an Il Volo dvd!! I never admitted that before! I’m 83 and this voice of experience says…keep on writing and sharing! Honey, you don’t need that old semicolon!!! Just sign me, Dot in Texas!!

    1. Jeanette, a while back I thought much the same as you and thought people would think I was crazy, but then I shared my thoughts and how I thought I was the only one who was obsessed with these guys, but then someone wrote back and said we are all pretty much the same no matter the age, so it’s always nice to hear of others who feel the same way.

  2. Thank you both for your contributions to this site! My mornings are brighter for the love of Il Volo and the Flight Crew!

  3. Awesome guys!

    Public, open, no drama 🙂 Il Volo really for all! Il Volo per sempre!

    All About Il Volo team are with you guys! Our sites are very alike, the best of Il Volo but not only 🙂

    Kisses and count on us!

    Mari, All About Il Volo

  4. Jeannette, but I AM obsessed, at least that’s my family’s opinion! haha. I love Il Volo Flight Crew because it gives me some sense of normality…

  5. Jeannette- I said it before and I’ll say it again—you have so beautifully stated all that we feel and all that we do because of our love for Gianluca,Ignazio and Piero. I too go to sleep with the DVD on my TV !!
    And Marie – Without this truly wonderful site we would all be jumping out of our skins from holding in all our thoughts and emotions. Here we can vent our love, for our Guys, to our hearts delight and nobody judges us !!

  6. Thanks Jeannette. You are #1. I wish I could express myself as you do. As I have said before. My friends hear about the boys from all the time. I think they think I am senile. Only you gals know what I mean. My day would not be complete without starting with the flight crew blog. I really feel as if we are part of their family. I don’t know as much about my own family as I do of theirs. I think I could go into their home and feel comfortable. I only wish I could speak Italian. I recently found a fellow in my senior group who speaks Italian. I will recruit him to translate for me. I don’t even have a camera on my phone so have trouble sending photos. Maybe I can upgrade some day. I love all of you for what you have done for me. Joanie g

  7. Jeannette, you have beautifully expressed how we all feel and I am so grateful to have this site to express my thoughts regarding IL VOLO. I too was thankful when I found this blog. This blog is the first thing I look at in the morning along with my FB and twitter accounts. And again I would like to thank the Flight Crew Board for their countless hours of keeping everyone informed on not only Piero, Ignazio & Gianluca, but anything to do with Italy. I was so blessed to have the opportunity to visit Italy this summer and I find myself constantly thinking about it everyday. The language, the food, the people and the atmosphere. (Can’t wait to go back). It truly is amazing how 3 young men and their voices have been able to bring so many people together world wide to share our voices with each other.

  8. Thank you, Jeannette and  Il Volo Flight Crew, for “SHARING THE LOVE” as all the love we feel for these 3 Amazing young men is indeed just as amazing.   I will never want to learn the Twelve Steps to cure this addiction.  I admit it, I do the same as Jeannette, cannot end my day without a “heavy” dose of Il Volo — scanning for ANY video I might have missed, looking at every post from Il Volo themselves, and/or the fans, for the smallest glimpse of their handsome faces, or a chance one or all of them might be humming or singing a little number.  Of course, then my nightly therapy and assurance of a wonderful night’s sleep = watch and listen to 2 or 3 of my favorite Il Volo performances.  Never fails to bring joy and the best ” high”  to satisfy my addiction.  WOW, so glad to be able to SHARE all this LOVE with all of you.  

  9. Thanks, Jeannette, I love it when someone like you
    writes the very thoughts in my heart. How do you
    know me? I think it is because we share the
    voices and love we feel for these amazing young
    men, Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero. They not only
    sing but they verbalize their love and emotions in
    the spoken word. I thank the lady that is doing
    the translations also. I read them over and over
    as time allows. What a fantastic help that is in
    understanding the conversations of Il Volo. I would
    love to attend a concert and m/g but so far as I know
    they have not been to Oklahoma yet. Also, I don’t
    know another person in my state that is following
    their career although I would love to be put in contact
    with someone. I’m a grandmother of 11 but still
    young at heart. Thanks to the il Volo Flight Crew
    Board, keep up the good work.

    1. Oklahoma? here I am! I was hoping there was someone else in this great state who adored Il Volo.

      1. Wow! I hadn’t read this post in a while
        and was surprised to find another Oklahoman
        who loved and followed IL VOLO. I’m in
        north Yukon so in the center of the state.
        Yes, I too adore IL VOLO. I can’t wait
        to read the morning blogs for any new
        thing about “our” guys.

  10. I don’t have any other words other than what all of you have said. I am glued to my computer for hours each day to see their faces especially Ignazio’s & listen to their videos. I try to save each picture, video, song especially of my precious so I know I must sound foolish saying how much I love ignazio but I do. He lights up my heart, my ears, eyes & soul.
    Whatever they do is perfect they can do no wrong & if I get teased by my family about my addiction it slides off my back & I turn & tell them I am in love & I now know what real love is & I wouldn’t change the way I feel for anyone or anything

  11. Thank you Jeannette, I’m not good at expressing my feelings in words, it’s not a gift I received. When I come to this site I’m on a high reading about the feelings we all share for Il Volo. My thanks to all on this site who share their thoughts of love and appreciation for the guys, you have touched my heart in a special way and I hope to one day be able to meet some of you.

  12. Yes Maria, I see what you mean!!!! Jeannette could not have put it better than that. it is exactly as she says EXACTLY! I have to ask her to send me a copy of that so I can look at it every day.

  13. Enjoyed all the comments and expressions of feelings. I had to spend some time wondering why I have reacted to Il Volo so differently from other artists I have loved and admired. I may never really know but I do know they make me happy and that is good enough.
    My kids and family enjoy making ‘funny’ remarks and I go find a quote to e-mail to them. I love these two the best. “I LIVE IN NY OWN LITTLE WORLD BU ITS OK THEY KNOW ME HERE”. and ” WHEN IT SEEMS THAT EVERYTHING YOU DO IS WRONG AND EVERYONE IS AGAINST YOU –IT IS THE BEST TIME TO WEAR YOUR “I-don’t give a damn” TUTU. GLIDE GLEEFULLY IN THE DANCE FLOOR OF “this is me and my life.”

  14. I did enjoy the above story. I have a similar one, however, I’m 28 and perhaps see Il Volo in a different way. It has been one year since I began searching for information about Il Volo. Now I’m an avid follower. Perhaps I’ll share my story later.

  15. Oh my goodness, I cannot express to all of you how your kind words have touched my heart… I only write what I feel in my heart about Il Volo… I know that we all have these same feelings or we would not dedicate so much of our time to the Flight Crew Blog… This is home and we are family … Thank you my family for making me feel so at home and so welcome here… Il Volo brought us together… I wish they had a clue what their music and their love for their fans has done for so many of us… Maybe someday they will realize that they are more than just three guys with beautiful voices singing great music… Maybe some day they will realize that they are messengers from above spreading love and joy wherever they go and wherever their music is heard…
    Thank you all again for your kind words and enjoying my post…

    1. Here we are, our world in turmoil. I’m Catholic but that doesn’t matter in the way I feel. Il Volo came into my life in 2012. My dad was temporarily blind Christmas of 2012, I saw Il Volo on PBS singing Granada. My dad , 92 at that time, has always loved Granada. I ordered the CD and gave it to him for Christmas. He loved it – he’s a 95 year old little Italian man today and he still chokes up when he hears Il Volo or watches the DVD. He loves them as if they were his grandsons – or sons!! (So do I ). But my point in writing to The Flight Crew is this: the world has Il Volo, these boys from lovely, wholesome Italian families, they tell us repeatedly that they love their families and their fans, they strive to remain humble. I think there is some kind of divine guiding that these boys are on Earth with us at the same time as Pope Francis is on Earth with us. Such goodness in the face of the horrible things our world is faced with each day. I pray they retain their values and I pray that Pope Francis and Il Volo stay safe and continue to spread their beautiful spirits with us all.

      1. Amen Gerri! I’m Catholic too. The Boys couldn’t be any more Catholic. Nice, but I would still love them if they were Baptists. Someone “up there” did a real good job inventing these Guys!

    2. My dear Jeannette, I share with you the very same feelings of wonderment in the deep emotions these 3 Italian young men have stirred within me. It is great to be able to share with you and all the other Il Volovers..we are of the same mind, so to speak. Love you all for all you do to spread the love of Il Volo. ♥

  16. Jeannette, you nailed it perfectly…well said! I stopped caring a long time ago about what certain friends or family think about my “obsession” with Il Volo…all that matters is that they make me HAPPY! Thanks for stating so eloquently how a lot of us here feel about “Our Guys”…this is the place to meet kindred souls!

  17. Jeannette, those words of yours “maybe someday they will realize that they are messengers from above spreading love and joy” we feel the touch of Heaven with Piero Ignazio and Gianluca and even more when we see their devotion to their families and friends. it makes us think that Heaven has come down to earth and we don’t want it to end, and we just want everybody else to experience it too.

  18. Dear Jeanette: I read you comment this morning and of course I cried. I am a great grandmother of 93 years of age. i could sign my own name at the end of your beautiful comment and it would be my very own feelings completely . I have 14 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren but I have plenty of room for 3 more gorgeous grand- children!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Jeanette!!!

  19. Oh Mary Ann,
    Thank you for your sweet post… You certainly have been blessed with a kind heart and a beautiful family … I am so glad that Il Volo brings joy to you as they do for so many of us… Their music is food for the soul… So keep in listening To our guys and please continue to post, I feel like I have just added another beautiful member to my Il Volo family… I too am a grandmother of 4 beautiful grand children and a great grand mother of two… We are blessed for sure…

  20. My sons say I’m obsessed !! My friends say I’m obsessed !!! I guess I am !!! But who cares !! I’m so darn happy since these three remarkable young men came into my life !!!! And if I’m happy that should make everyone that knows me happy too !!! I love my sons and my beautiful grandchildren with all my heart but there is still room in there to love three more !! And I do!!

  21. Hi Gerri, I’m Catholic too, but what’s more important is the message these boys are sending out by their actions. it speaks louder than words, and that they having met Pope Francis is no co-incident. I am sure He is very aware of them and one day they will sing for him. I actually some time ago wrote to Michael Warsaw who is the head of EWTN who knows me because I support them, and told him about Il Volo and that they should have them on one of their shows when they are in the US. He replied to me that He had given my information to the relevant department, so we will see what happens. they have definitely been sent at this time in our history and they have more than a singing career to achieve, they have a mission, they have an awesome burden on their young shoulders , that’s why our prayers must carry them.

    1. Oh yes, no matter what religion they are, I mentioned Catholic because of Pope Francis, it is so inspiring that these young men have values and morals. I’m so proud of them.

  22. I too am an “obsessed” grandma; must be if all my family and friends say so. (Threw in the semi colon for fun, I don’t know if it is correct usage). My signature could also be at the bottom of Jeanette’s message. Il Volo has been part of my daily life since their PBS Detroit special, their voices, their music, talent, families, personalities, values, everything these beautiful boys have brought to the world. I listen each day and read all I can about their lives, their work, their progress in their careers. I hope and pray, as do you all, that they keep their humility and are always guided by the values instilled by their families and teachers through their young lives. THEY MAKE ME HAPPY! If that’s obsession, so be it. Long live Il Volo! Grazie mille.

    1. Hi Donna (I assume), Besides their safety, continued “humility” seems to be among the top of our wishes for them. It’s such a large part of what makes them, Them!

      LOL, thanks for semi colon. Thought maybe it was just a spot to rest your little finger.

  23. We all have obsessions, some of us like to go shopping for things we do not need… A few of us cannot pass up a garage sale…How many people have been watching the same soap opera for years? The stories get recycled but we still tune in… We do not get told by our family or friends that we are crazy for doing these things… But let it be known that we follow the lives of three young men and suddenly there is something wrong with this picture… Not to worry my friends, there is safety in numbers and when you come here you realize you are not obsessed with the three young men of Il Volo, you just find that you love the most amazing music on the planet and appreciate the charm and the love that Il Volo shares with their fans every day…We are part of their family… They share themselves with their fans, they take us into their world because they love their fans, THEY ARE LOVE

  24. Hi! Yes, I too share the same feelings as Jeannette and everyone else who has commented. It is nice to see a “younger” fan in our midst!! I also feel they possess some power beyond the humanly possible; that they are a special gift being given to those of us that will accept them into their hearts. I love reading all the comments… I have only been a fan for about 2 years now. I had never heard of them until I saw them on their Detroit PBS special – that was a repeat. I’m not even sure when it was on? I just know that when I saw them I was immediately in love and thankfully, my PBS channel repeated the show, and I watched it a second time! immediately following the first one!) I even listen to them all day, every day, 8 plus hours a day at the office! I keep it really low and replay the same CD over and over. I will admit to turning 50 in May, and my mother, who will be 75 this year, unfortunately, does not share this passion. She says, “don’t you get tired of hearing them over and over?” How can you answer a question like that when speaking of Il Volo? But we know the answer…. we never tire of hearing their voices! But why is that? Is there really such a thing as “too much of a good thing?” I’ve even downloaded Instagram to my phone and every so often, throughout my day at work, if I need a break or a mental pick me up, I pop open the app and “what to my wondering eyes do appear,” but a smile or a picture of our guys, grinning, from ear to ear! 🙂 I can then go back to work with a smile on my face and keep going til it’s time to go home. I’ve also converted a few of my female co-workers, and most recently, my father’s wife. My passion is spreading Il Volo love…. thank you to all of you that share this passion (obsession?) with me. it is nice to know I am not alone…. 🙂

  25. You are not alone, you found the right place to call home… Sharing our love for Il Volo is what we do here… Thank you for sharing your story with us… And I love that you are helping to make new Il Volo fans along the way… Now what can we do to get Mamma on board… LOL…

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