Practically Perfect Poetry

Oh, I like this!

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  1. That is a grand poem with such accurate thoughts on how we all feel about these three angels. I wonder if they know how really much they are loved. By the way does anyone know when their will be a new cd released. And has anyone heard of any tour schedules yet?

    1. This morning I saw on “All About Il Volo” that The Guys are going to be in China (!) for a contest to be televised on Chinese tv, on
      January 26 – which is BEFORE San Remo! Also, Gianluca posted a Tweet that said he is looking forward to going to New York, but he didn’t say when! So far, that’s the only schedule I’ve seen.
      And yes, rumor has it that the new CD will be issued at the time of San Remo. Furthermore, Ignazio stated in an interview that they have already recorded the song they’ll be singing. So I think we can assume that it will be on the new CD! Wow.

      1. Sorry but I think the tweet you saw from Gianluca is a fake account (@GianGinoble_ ) the real is @GianGinoble

    1. I wish to publicly thank Marie for not calling my prose purple!
      And for telling us when the CD is to be released! Nowq, does anyone know when the Elvis one is to be released???

  2. Thanks for our daily uplifts. There are many of us that get a boost for the day early in the morning.
    QUESTION: for the our leaders. Are they no longr with Brioni and someone else will dress them now? I do not know if Giancula is meant for the pink color.
    Maybe my old age has not caught up with new trends.

    1. Well Gina, I don’t know. They wore Brioni recently. I think they say, “real men wear pink”, but I’m not crazy about it either. However, I am crazy about who is wearing it!

    2. I think is not pink but purple. I do not like that color either, but he is dared enough to wear and looking good on it.

  3. Can’t hardly wait for their new CD. I wish our guys much success with SONY. I pray they will be happy with with the new record label. As far as their wardrobe, no matter which lucky designer gets the nod, we can all be in unison that our gorgeous men will look FABULOUS.

  4. Thank you Marie for the wonderful poem!!! You always say exactly what is in our hearts! You either say it with passion or humor, love all your blogs!!! GG had said one time that the CD would be released when they go to Sanremo! I guess we can all wait till then!!! Have had trouble commenting yesterday & day before! My IPad problem not FC. I would be writing away & I would barely touch the darn thing & my writing would disappear! Completelly gone in cyber space. I decided I wasn’t supposed to make any comments those days! No matter the designer who is clothing our guys, they will look fabulous!!! I also need to say I love each one very much!!! Happy Sunday to all the IlVolovers!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  5. I loved the poem, Marie… You may have not written it, but you put it here for us to enjoy… Thank you…

    As for colors of the rainbow… Gianluca has always gone far beyond Black, Navy blue and brown… I put a collage of his beautiful color pallet together for my facebook timeline, and he just looks so brilliant in his color choices… We have to get used to the fact that these young men are just that and subtle colors are not for the young or the young at heart… Bright colors are happy colors and I love any color that makes Gianluca and Il Volo happy… Il Volo is enjoyed by all of us and their music puts joy in our hearts, and their colors they wear just brightens our day when we see the beautiful pictures of them…

      1. Well Maria, you are pretty good with Clues…
        Penina’s Pretty Prose and I think Penia said “I’m pretty prosy”
        Thanks great poem …

  6. Thanks for the poem!
    I really don’t care what color our guys wear!! They are handsome in any and all colors!
    Waiting impatiently for the new cd!

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