I may have jumped the gun here.  Yeah, I would do that.  The more I think about it the less sense it makes.  Penina made me think.  Name just isn’t right. We think this may be something else. Sniff!  But…it could be a new song for us.

Here it is!!!!  


Translated to English:

The Flight = Il Volo (of course)

Sanremo Great Love =  Sanremo Grande Amore

Note 4th Paragraph



33 thoughts on “SANREMO GRANDE AMORE”

  1. I am so hoping that this is fact. 34 days! I cannot wait. Next we need that tour schedule. Am I being greedy? Hahaha

      1. Maybe this is the surprise that Gianluca alluded to a few days ago?
        I bet it is. And where is the Sony album???

  2. Marie–as my sister pointed out in the blurb it says these songs are all from San Remo festivals. Nor does it say Sony anywhere. THIS CAN’T BE THE ALBUM they have been working on for so long!
    Can it?? I think it is another one. Is there any way the blog detectives can find out?

      1. I hope you guys can find out what is going on. The name also got me–not their normal type of thing.

    1. The CD is titled SanRemo Amore Grande by Il Volo. So since all tracks will be sang by Il Volo, who cares if they are songs from previous Sanremo festivals. I assume they will the album they have been working on for so long will be released later on. Please correct me if you think I am wrong. I know I ordered their Sanremo Amore Grande CD from US Amazon 2 days ago so I will know exactly what it is when I receive it shortly after Feb 24.

      1. One song “Grande amore” is by Il volo: thanks to it they won the San Remo Festival 2015. The other songs are great sucesses of the past editions, re-arranged and sung by Il Volo.

  3. You Guys are about to be in a lot of trouble! This isn’t it? I have waited long enough. What little patience I have is wearing thin. Get your album out of the studio and into the hands of your fans! Do it now! I’m not kidding! Don’t push me! I hate to go this far, but crying, stomping and begging just isn’t working!

    P.S. I still love you Guys.

  4. I hope it works, Marie. They just can’t expect us fans to wait any longer for the CD. We will have to organize and march to the studio and demand they release this CD we have been waiting eons for. Yes, the one they release in Feb. sounds like it may not be just our much loved Il Volo.

  5. I’m thinking that if this was/is the new album, why are they using a picture from their Christmas album. Not that the guys are adorable in same but a new album should have it’s own photo shoot, no?
    Dory, who loves it when Ignazio says “no” at the end of his sentences. 😉

  6. I say we just wait and see what happens don’t be mad at the guys if the album we have been waiting for doesn’t get released I’m sure they want it as much as we do it’s Sony not them we should be miffed at. But let’s wait and see.

  7. It was on one of the Facebook postings, a short while back, that they recorded “Grande Amore”. Wonder if all the major 20 recorded their songs and they issued an San Remo CD.?

      1. But if that is the case, why put Il VOlo on the cover? Not to mention they are calling it their CD. I was thinking they are just singing past San Remo songs. I can be wrong (and probably am!)

    1. As far as I understood the article, the album is only songs that have been at San Remo during its history. The way it is advertised sounds to me like it is only Il Volo singing those songs. (Otherwise it would just say “San Remo artists” or something similar, not “Il Volo.”) It can’t be the album they’ve been working on for over a year, because they didn’t know they would be nominated for San Remo until only a few weeks ago. I think it is what they were recording last week. And that tells me that the other album (the long-awaited one!) is still to be issued. Not to mention the one commemorating Elvis. So we really can look forward to THREE new albums (they should only be issued SOON…)

  8. Heaven only knows, I’m not mad at our Guys. If the CD contains songs sung by Piero, Ignazio, and Gianlua of past SanRemo songs, I will be very happy. I guess it’s the not knowing that is driving me nuts.

    1. I’m right there with you Allene. I don’t care what they sing. They could sing Old Mcdonald classically and italianally and it would still sound great. Anything new from them would be pleasing.

  9. Karen, have you ever heard them sing OLD MC DONALD? Go to you tube, and type in OLD MCDONALD HAD A FARM (IL VOLO STYLE) 2014
    Just a small little portion of that, but also great shots of Ignazio & the guys singing O Sole MIO.

  10. Hmmm Well I think they might be covering songs that have been hits from SanRemo such as the wonderful VOLARE. There have been numerous wonderful songs from this festival….other than that,…I got nuthin.

    Oh and gee whizzers we have to wait an ENTIRE MONTH PLUS! I am both greedy and impatient!

  11. Are ya’ll voting for IL VOLO to represent Italy at the Eurovision song contest? If you go to ATIV’s comment section on the top left of the page, Dana gives the link for it. She posted a couple days ago saying they were behind, but since her post they have skyrocketed. We need to make sure that continues, because I read that they have risen to seventh place from 9th place in just hours, impressing the prominate bedding houses for the Sanremo Festival. Also, she said we could only vote once per hour, but it is allowing me to vote multiple times. This is again a MUSICONLINE site, but not the popular vote one from earlier.

  12. Yes I agree. This can’t be the new CD we’ve been waiting for for the last year and a half! If it is there will be many unhappy fans! Also not impressed with Sony. Think it was a really bad move.

    But after I saw them last year, I said they could sing the ingredients off a cereal box and they would make them sound great!

    So I’m sure it will be great even though we may be disappointed.

    Counting the days…

    1. I’m not really disappointed–IF they sing all the songs on there it is a bonus! We know there will be another one. Maybe that one they are saving until later in the year? Or maybe they really haven’t finished it–which I find hard to believe.

  13. If they sing all songs from San Remo and it is just il Volo singing, I will absolutely LOVE it! Great songs. I ordered it. Can’t wait. Is anybody sure that they will be the only artists on the cd?

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