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Two features in a row on Piero? Yeah, that’s OK!
You folks send me the best stuff! I love this and the person who wrote it.
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Joanie’s comments got me to thinking and I felt compelled to put my thoughts down. I would have put them in comments, but it got so long, just thought I’d send them to you. ~ Mary


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Ten Reasons Why I love Piero Barone: Acts of kindness and thoughtfulness

1. (Closest to my heart) in Detroit : his friendliness in coming up to the cab/van when we pulled up beside the Il Volo bus, kindness in helping my daughter when she slipped trying to get out to talk to him, and climbing up into the cab to sit next to a crazy old lady (me) when told how much she loved him, and remembering her later at the M&G.

Mary and Piero in the cab
Mary and Piero in the cab

2. Kindness when seeing the young man standing in the wings of the stage in the handicapped section and immediately going over to embrace him and invite him onto the stage.

3. Sensitivity at the RAI show when Antonella was obviously touched at seeing these three young men and remembering when she had known them at the very beginning. He noticed that she was moved by it and was the first to go to her and give her a hug.

4. Thoughtfulness and caring during Bruno’s interview when Bruno suggested that they sing a particular favorite song of his, and GG said, “let’s do it later.” But Piero could see that it was important to Bruno and told the pianist to go ahead with that song.

5. His down to earth and sweet encounter with Marie when they met in the exercise room in Milwaukee.

6. When the paper money fell from the roof at the Mall of America during their performance at the album signing, Piero picked up $100 bill and handed it to a little girl who was standing in front of the stage.

7. The countless photos of him with his family, especially his sister, that show the love and devotion he feels for them.

8. The song he sang to his mother (at Taormina?) when he was sitting on the stage and she was standing in front of him. The love going between them was so real it could be felt through the computer screen.

9. When an interviewer asked the guys what they thought of when they were on stage, he said, “the people out there (the audience, fans), because their love is what
makes Il Volo.

10. Last, just seeing his beautiful face in a photo makes me sigh with pleasure and truth be told, makes my heart jump a little.

Really, just had to get this off my chest, but that’s all.
Il Volo  Mary

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  1. Thank you again Marie for posting Mary’s ten good reasons He is such a special person I only hope I get the chance to meet Piero one day at a meet and greet

  2. Mary you hit the nail on the head regarding Piero. I am so happy that you got to see and experience first hand the kind of person Piero has become. His family must be so proud of the type of man he has turned out to be. In my book, he is the perfect specimen of a man, and if you don’t mind I would like to add #11 SO SEXY!!!!

    1. Piero is so sensitive to other people’s feelings! When I went to the M & G I was more than a bit tongue tied, which he saw. He put his arm around my shoulders and started right away to talk to me, making me feel much more comfortable. He’s a dear, a doll and dynamite!

  3. What wonderful observations. I also think Piero is perfect. The first time I saw him on PBS special from Detroit he captured my heart. And to Karen Church – you bet he is sexy. I may be old but still recognize sexy. Oh if I was younger I’d be chasing that young man…..

  4. Thank you Marie & Mary for starting this Tues. morning with these beautiful thoughts about our Magnificent Piero!!I You have said it all, Mary! Love Piero for all these reasons!! I am waiting for the Tour schedule so we know when we will actually see (& touch) our fantastic Trio again!!!❤️

  5. Mary, I’m happy that my letter got you to write your thoughts about Piero. I intend to beat the crowd and be first in line at the M.and .G. Ho Ho. At my age I’m lucky to get help to even stand in line. Joanie

  6. I was with two of my sisters yesterday. I mentioned an article I wrote here. I said, “well, you don’t know who they are, but…” they looked at each other and at me and said, “of course we do”. I said, “then name them” . There was only one name they couldn’t think of…Ignazio! They’re my sisters, I have to love them.

  7. When I finally met Piero last June at a M&G my entire image of him changed dramatically !!! He is even more handsome in person then in his photos and so very charming and kind. They are all very charming and so much fun !!! I can’t wait to wrap my arms around them again !!!

  8. Mary, your words helped make me fall in love once again with Piero…not that I ever fell out of love with him I mean! Meeting him in Saratoga last year, getting that hug and hearing him murmur in my ear ” Ohh so sweet” was amazing, then I went and had the nerve to lay my hand on his chest as I told him how he was my “ThunderBarone”! Marie helped me turn into a pirate puddle when she met him last summer. Such a wonderful caring young sexy sexy sexy young man!

    1. Pirate, yes, he is all that. The examples that I wrote about are only a few of the many times that he has shown that caring, intuitive, sensitive genuine person that he is. Here’s to getting another hug at a M&G this year.

  9. I wish I could express how he made me feel last summer. There was absolutely no hint of “I’m being nice to you because you’re a fan”. It was more like he was having fun talking to me and was interested in my opinion. You won’t agree, but I’ll bet if you sat and spoke with him for an hour you would forget he was famous at all.

    1. Every time you mention that special time with Piero in the gym it just makes me like him more (and of course makes me just a little envious). I don’t doubt at all he enjoyed speaking with you and valued your opinion. You’re something Marie! I’m sure he will always remember you.

  10. Mary, thank you for your wonderful thoughts on Piero. He is everything you say. How thrilling for you to have him come and sit in the van with you!!! I am so hoping to attend my second concert this year. Maybe at the M&G, I’ll not be having a mind fog come over me…Piero was very sweet when I gave him his little b-day card, it surprised him when a little happy b-day confetti fell out of his card….oh, such nice memories of meeting all the boys that special evening last June. I wish I had known Marie was there in Milwaukee, it would have been so good to have met her. Love, Harriett

  11. Mary, What you wrote is so true of Piero , I have not made it to their concert yet, but can’t wait till I do !

  12. Mary, it’s 12:30am and I can’t sleep, so thought I’d put a thought or two down on this most wonderful of subjects – Piero.

    You have listed the most delightful characters of this young man, who I have watched since falling in love on 9-4-11, while watching the MDA Telethon Labor Day Weekend. At first I was astonished at his youth and outstanding talent, and have watched him grow into a terrific young man whose talents have only begun to be developed and revealed. At first I wanted to adopt him and take him home with me, but soon realized that He Has Enough Love In His Heart to take us all in! Keeping him for myself would just deprive the rest of the World of this great gift from God!

    I love all three members of Il Volo, but like you, was immediately drawn to Piero as a stand alone treasure. Together they are a power to be reckoned with, and I wish for them careers lasting many years past my ability to hear them on this earth. As said somewhere above, Heaven will be brightened by their voices and will be a treasure forever!

    I, too, hope to make it to a M & G this coming season, and pray for presence of mind to say something sane to them, not some gibberish from a frozen brain! Love to you all from Texas.

    1. It’s 7:30 am. This is the first thing I’ve read today. I can not tell you how great it is to wake up to your words this morning Linda P. Thank You! I am so blessed to wake up to this group every day! I am one of the happiest people on earth! I have a great family, wonderful friends here and the worlds best music. Oh Happy Day!

  13. It’s 7:20 am. here in Phoenix and I was on my facebook page and there was an announcement that the long awaited IL VOLO album (CD) will be released Tuesday Feb 24 and it is titled SanRemo Grande Amore.

  14. Mary, this is a beautiful article. Thank you! And, now, you are famous, too!! I’m sure that Piero is reading your article right now (on the bus – hee hee) and will be calling you soon!!

  15. Mary, This is a wonderful tribute to our dear Piero. Thank you for helping me understand why I love him so much. I, too, am waiting for that next M & G where I can see him in person. I have never done a meet and greet so anxiety sets in every time I think of it.

    1. Joyce, Plan ahead just what you want to say at the M&G–memorize every word and action, promise yourself that you will keep calm and cool when you actually stand next to him, and then be prepared to lose it all, blubber and stammer and wonder how it went by so fast and you forgot all of your plans. BUT it is worth every second, so go for it.

  16. Beautiful, Mary. You have such a special way of putting emotions into words. I know you have all 3 of them etched in your heart with Piero’s pure love glowing so bright. Can’t wait til we can all see them again!

  17. I agree with everyone on what a special person Piero is and it seems that all of you had special attention from him at various places. My only thought was, how did you get so much time with him at the M&G to experience all this love. We were hurried through so fast, I barely had a chance to say hello. Hope this year is better. Nice to hear all the positive comments.

    1. Jeanine and I were both hurried through our M & G at Saratoga but I just wish I could recapture those precious seconds once again…..and again….. you get the picture

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