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Il Volo Flight Crew Jan 15 at 2:18 PM

Subject: Story
From: joaniegxxxx
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 12:48:24 -0500

Hi Kelly or Marie, I started to compose my personal story of my devotion to our boys, but now I have second thoughts.

Like most of us I first met them on PBS Miami. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. Such talent. Such youth. Anyway, I focused in on Piero and have been with him ever since.

He bears a remarkable resemblence to a son I once had. I’m not maudlin. I feel warm and fuzzy and joyful whenever I see him. The similarities are inumerable. It gives me great joy. Piero will rise to great heights and be one of the great tenors of our day, but I wont be here to see it. With that said, I am grateful to have been in on the beginning.
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All three of them have touched my heart, but Piero has also touched my soul. It is not only his glorious voice which is God given by way of his grampa, but his whole persona. I will kill to get to see them in concert this year. This time with M. and G. I will melt. No need for kleenex. The men in white will be here soon enough. Thanks for this opportunity to express myself. Love to my sisters in the flight crew.

Ciao Joanie G


To: Joaniegxxx
Subject: Story
From: Marie
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2015

Thank you for opening up your heart to The Crew. You are amazing. Piero has already “risen to great heights” in our book and we are, indeed, here to see it. When the guys in white come, I wouldn’t mind going with you. You would be great company.
See you at the M&G!

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  1. Thank you Joanie for sharing your thoughts and emotions. I felt the same way when I first saw them on the PBS special IL Volo Takes Flight in Detroit. I too was drawn to Piero. He holds a special place in my heart and I can’t begin to tell you why. When I first saw them I thought that they may be the sons of The Three Tenors, Pavarotti, Carreras and Domingo. I find it kind of funny that here we are at our ages and we are acting and feeling like girls did back in the 60’s when they met The Beatles. I also cannot wait for my first meet & greet. I hope I’m with a veteran m&g member of the Flight Crew family to help me through it.

    1. While Gianluca is my favorite, I adore Ignazio and Piero. Gianluca reminds me of my late son–a perfectionate when it came to his music. Put these three voices together and there is a WOW factor!! That in itself, is their strength.

  2. Thank you for your lovely story, Joanie! I try to not have a special one but have inter acted more with Ignazio! Not my doing, usually have brain fade& unable to get much out of my mouth!!! He started the conversation! How wonderful that Our magnificent Piero reminds you of your son. Must give you comfort being able to listen to the amazing music & recall other times!!! I love these young men very much & feel so thankful they are in my life!!!

  3. Dear Marie I know exactly how Joannie feels about Piero because I feel the same way not that he looks anything like my son but man oh man that voice of his and his whole persona just knocks me out. I just thank God for bringing IL Volo specially Piero into my life and making it even more richer than it already is.

    1. There is something about him. To see him he’s just a really cute guy. Then he opens his mouth and you’re awestruck! Many times I have just frozen and not moved waiting for that Piero sound I love so much.

      Thanks Joanie G. for reminding us that we are all ok. And if not…we’re in good company.

  4. Thanks sisters for your comments about my story. I now know that I am not alone . Hope I see someone of you at a concert. Joanie G

  5. Oh Joanie G your letter just really hit me in my IL VOLO heart. I remember watching them on PBS in that famous Detroit concert and I just fell in love with the guy with the HUGE voice and the spiky hair, the other two were tied for second place! At the time I thought I was crazy to be so nuts for such young guys and IL VOLO was my guilty pleasure until I met the Flight Crew and found people just like you and others. Your line ” I won’t be here to see it” really struck me, I’d like to think God in heaven will let us attend IL VOLO concerts because they are so heavenly good, only we will have to crowd out the angels for the best view!

  6. Oh my, Joanie. You expressed EXACTLY how I feel about Piero. I fell in love with the guy with the red glasses the first time I saw him. How do you explain to your family that you are in love with a young Italian with a glorious voice? And me in my – er – 70s. Of course I love Gianluca and Ignazio, too, but Piero is closest to my heart. How wonderful it is to be able to express this love with others who feel the same.

  7. I have loved these guys for so long. Gianluca has captured my heart and when I met them in person (8/27/13), it intensified. They are not only handsome, talented but so sweet. Gianluca’s baritone voice is so strong yet very soothing. I love this boy.

  8. Ah, ladies, I love you all SOOOO much! I”m 62 (and a half!) and our Guys (especially MY Igny…sorry, Marie!) make me WISH I was 20 again…but no, ’tis not to be. My two grown daughters look at me like I’m loony when I talk about them and play their music and “swoon” about it (shades of my Beatlemania days!)…but then, my oldest said to me one day, “Mom, I’m glad they make you so happy.” Seeing them last June in San Diego and meeting them afterwards was a dream come true (Ignazio put his arm around my shoulder and I was about to hit the floor!) Go figure, I’m literally old enough to be his nonny, but I ain’t DEAD yet! And I love coming here with all of you beautiful women where we can talk freely about our feelings for these beautiful Italian guys…I call them “beings of light” because they are. Some people are put here to spread love and beauty (with a good dose of “goofy” thrown in) and Il Volo does that perfectly. There’s nobody else like them, and I thank God I’m here to enjoy them, and all of YOU!

    1. Ruth, I agree with you and everyone else. I am 61 and 1/2 and I think I am crazy to love these young men so much. they are a gift from heaven and they make me feel young again. I hope they aren’t too stressed with this whirlwind life they have come into and not too overwhelmed by such fame. I am sad that i probably won’t have a change to see them this year since my daughter is getting married and most of our money is going into her wedding. I will feel very lucky if I hear their new CD and maybe on a TV special.

  9. This sounds like a Piero fan group, and I’m most definitely part of it. I adore him. His voice, his smile, his everything. And yes, I’m much too old to lust after this cute boy, but what can I say? Joannie, I’m so sorry for your loss, but if Piero reminds you of your son then you had a wonderful son.

    I don’t often make comments on this site, but read every email the Flight Crew sends.

  10. Pirate I must add also if we have to fight with the angels then we won’t have to pay to see them its all free & I intend to be in the first row & if I can’t do that then I’ll float above them on a borrowed pair of wings.
    Ruth next time ask Ignazio for one of his special hugs. HEAVENLY

  11. Also everyone is anyone voting Dear Jack is only about 20-25 votes over Il Volo so how about VOTING.

  12. What a lovely way to remember your son by seeing him in Piero. My favorite is Ignazio but I do adore that mischievous look Piero gets on his face.

  13. Joanie, thank you for sharing your story. I cannot begin to imagine the pain of your loss, but I am so glad that sweet Piero has come into your life to remind you of those happy, joyful times with your son. P.S. You are still very young and will no doubt see many more years of Il Volo’s and Piero’s soaring success. I, on the other hand, am one of those “older” ladies who will not. So I plan to be at their concerts every year until I kick the bucket! LOL

  14. Mauimom wel said my sentiments exactly. My hearse is going to ride down the middle of the street with Il Volo playing their music

    1. Brilliant idea there Loretta! I shall have to change my funeral plans to have IL Volo played 98% of the time at my funeral

  15. I too share all your feelings, especially yours, Joanie. You were one of my first Il Volo face book friends, Piero touched me also the first time I saw him on the PBS special. He was not all polished up, but his appearance, spiky hair, his larger ears and red glasses…then the powerful, passionate voice , wow, drew me in and I was hooked. Ignazio and Gianluca are fantastic too, don’t get me wrong, I love them as well…and I could be their Nonna too. For some time, I was feeling a bit odd, as many of you have said, with these feelings I had for three teenagers, so after being welcomed by other Il Volovers, I knew I wasn’t daft in the head. The boys touched my heart. After seeing them in concert and meeting them last June in Milwaukee, it will be something I shall never forget…They are so sweet and kind to all their fans…they are just amazing, handsome, Italian young men with voices and emotions that come right through and touch our hearts. We have been blessed to have them in our lives keeping us young and joyous. I’ll close now, I have rattled on much too long. Thanks to all of you wonderful friends. Love, Harriett P.S. I made up for all the times I have not posted here. haha ♥

  16. OMG !!! Do you know how much I love all of you !!!!!’ Almost as much as I love Gianluca !!!! Boy– we are so far from dead it isn’t even funny !!! Sometimes I feel like my heart is going to fly out of my chest from all the love I feel for these beautiful young guys –especially my sweet GG. Even my son said ” Gee Mom –I think it’s great that your a groupie at your age ” !!
    Joanie thank you for sharing your heart with us. I’m so happy that Piero brings so much joy into your life. My mother wrote a beautiful song and in that song it said ” Run little girl,run,run. run. Catch the sun little girl,catch the sun and hold it in your heart. That’s what we all have to do. Hold on to whatever it is that brings joy to us everyday.

    1. You are so right! My daughter doesn’t get why I have a terrific picture of the guys as my screen saver. She says it should be of my grandchildren. Never mind that pictures of my grandchildren and children surround the computer!

      1. They don’t get it !!!! My sons have bets with each other that it will take no more then 3 minutes when I’m with them before I start to talk about Il Volo !! They are so right !! At least they have a good sense of humor about it !!

  17. Isn’t it amazing that the younger generation are on the same wave length. My older son has been calling me a groupy also & my other sons friend has been saying I’m a stalker.
    Joaniefl2 DON’T take the pictures of the guys down & just tell your family you have never felt so young & healthy in your life than you do right now & that’s where the pictures are staying.
    For the last couple of years my elder son who got married again 3 years ago had a party for the last 2 years on his anniversary & for me he played 2 Il Volo songs during the night. He is the one calling me a groupy. So he has changed his tune and when I was in Illnois last year & I phoned him & told him Ignazio gave me a hug & the fun I was having he got to look at me a little differently. So now they both laugh when I say I’m in love with a 20 year old & I feel GREAT

    1. Joanie, thank you for sharing your heartfelt feelings about the boys, especially, Piero. My family now just smile and accept how I feel about Il Volo…I am selective about who I share my feelings with, I have to admit…some sort of give me a look….not my close friends, they are happy for me…some enjoy IV too. It give us such joy and so many smiles to see and listen to our young Italians, right? Love all of you!!

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