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  1. Thank you and a Happy Easter to you Marie, all on this site and also Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero and their families. Marie beautiful message and love the tulips!

  2. Lovely, as always, Marie! I went to a church I don’t normally attend today and they had prayer cards. So, I added my intentions…. “Pray for Il Volo to come to Las Vegas.” And told them to check them out on You Tube! Lol! Happy Easter to all!

  3. That’s beautiful! Thanks, Marie! A happy and blessed EASTER to all Il Volo lovers all over the planet! AND to Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca and their families!!!!!!❤️

  4. Thank you Marie for the lovely thoughts this Easter. I pray that all the
    Il Volovers were able to attend church services today. God’s blessings
    on them and especially to Ignazio, Gianluca and Piero and each of their
    respective families. The tulips are so beautiful.

  5. Thnk you, Marie, for the beautiful words! May you have a blessed Easter and may Il Volo always be safe!

  6. Happy Easter to all who celebrate Easter today, and Happy Passover to all who celebrate the passover… May God watch over you and your family’s and have a blessed Holiday… However way that you celebrate Gods Love…

  7. Thanks Marie. Loved the tulips! As it turns out, I got a dinner invite last night from a parishioner family….so while its not the Barone’s or my family, at least its from a family! Hope you have a lovely day and spring to follow

  8. Thank you sooo much, beautiful Marie…and to you and all of my fellow Il Volovers “Felice Pasqua”! <3

  9. Thank you Marie! Went to my son’s yesterday & spent the nite( which I hadn’t intended to do! ) so I had two days of Easter celebration!! Hope you & all Flight Crew Board have had a beautiful day!! Before the blessed day is over, Happy Easter to all the IlVolovers !! A Happy Easter to Gianluca, Ignazio, Piero, & their beautiful families!!! Love the tulips also!!! ⛪️. 🙏

  10. Allow me to join with all the rest of Il Volovers, Marie, and send my Happy Easter wishes to you and many sincere thank you’s for all the Flight Crew does to spread the love of Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca…Buon Pasqua to our boys and their dear families. The tulips are beautiful, grazie sweet lady. ♥

  11. Did I miss something or didn’t il Volo win Who’s Your Favourite Eurovision Act (March 5) (Poll Closed)
    Il Volo – “Grande Amore” 17.24% (2,050 votes)

    Nina Sublatti – “Warrior” 16.5% (1,962 votes)

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