Il Volo Professional ~~ Photoshoots and more Guest Appearances

Hey Everyone!

Last week, Il Volo made a few guest appearances and started work on a new music video.  Thanks to All Things Il Volo and All About Il Volo for their help on this!

~~ Kelly


Video shoot ~~ Next up: “Canzone per te”

Il Volo Recording New Video Gallery ~~ All About Il Volo


L’Areana Protagonista


L'Areana; All About Il Volo
L’Areana; All About Il Volo

Il Volo Apperance on L’Arena (translation included) ~~ All About Il Volo

L’Arena Protagonista Photo Gallery; photos curtesy of Giuessepe Rallo ~~ All Things Il Volo

Striscia la Notizia.

Il Volo on Striscia la Notizia ~~ All About Il Volo

~~ Il Volovers Italy Official

~~ All Things Il Volo

4 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Photoshoots and more Guest Appearances”

  1. Happy belated Easter to everyone. I was at my sons in Dresdan Ontario having Easter dinner & learning of the different parts of Easter dinner & the blessings. We had a dusting of snow overnight but all iin all not a bad day & not too cold.
    All everyones Easter recipes sound interesting.
    Il Volo if you are reading this hope your Easter dinner & celebrations with your families had loads of fun thrown in.

  2. Thanks Kelly. Love staying caught up on all the goings on. Anyone care to speculate on why they will be back in Miami soon? They have not been nominated for the Latin Billboard awards this year, but am wondering if they would have been asked to be presenters as last year’s winner of an award? These awards coming up in April. Just a thought.

  3. Thank you Kelly for giving us all this interesting info – including making me aware of the translation of Il Volo appearance on L’Arena – very interesting. Our Gianluca is such a perfectionist, always insisting on giving the correct details at all times!

  4. I have watched and read the translation of the show L’Arena. I feel that I need to apologize to Il Volo and their families. I had made a comment after Sanremo about the “Grazie Italia” that was never meant to be taken the way it was. I am profoundly sorry for my comment, as I hope any other poorly stated comments would be, I would NEVER want Il Volo to not have the greatest love for their country. Please do not be angry with us here in the Americas we were spoiled with having you all to ourselves. We love you dearly and Italia and hope one day you will visit us agin.

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