Waxing Poetic ~ Mary Bohling

on April 4th this album went platinum (50,000 sold).  Its video has been viewed more than 19 million times. ...Soaring.
On April 4th this album went Platinum (50,000 sold). Its video has been viewed more than 19 million times. …Soaring.

Our baby birds have grown strong wing feathers and are eager to try them out, slowly at first, then as confidence grows, they soar into the heavens, singing as they go. Sing sweetly, lovely ones. Sing for the world to hear. We know your dulcet tones and thrill as they touch our hearts. Fly high with joy and send your sweet notes back to those who love you and wait for your return. Fly cautiously. Be alert. Be wise. Be aware of dangers along the way. But also be fearless in your quest to bring your glorious music to the world.

You are love. You are our loved ones. We watched as you spread your baby wings and moved to the edge of the nest, looking eagerly out upon the endless sky. We watched as you bravely took the first steps out of the nest and into the unknown. We held our breath and silently cheered you on. We kept our eyes on you,watching each new adventure with pride. We saw your wings get stronger and stronger, taking you to new heights, sometimes out of our range of vision, but we knew where you were, and that you would fly back to us.

We tracked your flights, we held you in our prayers. We gloried in your successes and always held you in our hearts. You have grown well, our fledglings, into magnificent, beautiful beings. We have loved you well, and we long for the day when your journey will bring you back to us. So soar on. Fulfill your destiny. Touch other hearts as you have touched ours. Spread your vision of love to a world which so badly needs to hear it.

If we listen closely we can hear a soft whirr of wings overhead, and know that it is you spreading your message of peace, love, and joy. And we are listening for that whirr to become a gentle roar as you come home once more to our waiting hearts.


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  1. Lovely article. Thanks. “Letting go of someone your love isn’t something you do once. Letting go is a journey peppered with steps forward and steps backward, good days and bad days” I know we are a little sad that they are so far away and we have no idea when they will come back to our shores. BUT they will and until then we will “Ti voglio molto bene” (I love you very much). #3 on my 100 “I love you” list.

  2. Oh Mary, those melodious words were heavenly and so true. Thank you for phrasing our heartfelt thoughts and feelings so beautifully…..Onward and upward, Il Volo..until we can hug you once again. ♥

  3. Mary, Mary, Mary!! Such a beautiful tribute! Sometimes words fail me…apparently your’s dont! Thanks!

    1. Mary you and Marie have a way of putting my thoughts into beautiful words. Please keep up the good work. Peace & love to everyone.
      Alice in Florida

  4. Beautiful Mary, you’re words so painted such a flowing serene picture. You describe so perfectly how we feel just watching these young ones, but never with any doubt of their sucess. They have been raised well, guided & protected, until the day arrived for them to try their wings. Now, they have learned to soar, and ride on the winds, while ever approaching their destiny; and we, we will always feel the pride.

  5. Thank you Mary for those beautiful words about our beloved IL VOLO. They will come back to us again. Until that day comes, we will be very patient. It will all be worth the wait. I hope they read our posts so they can see how much they are loved and missed.

  6. So beautiful and heartfelt Mary. Tears flowed. As I’ve said many times ” We watched them grow–We watched them soar–Everyday we love them more and more.”

  7. Mary, your beautiful words came straight from your heart and into mine, and brought tears to my eyes. You have said it so perfectly, what is so hard for me to put into words. I love these fine young men very, very much. Come back to us, Piero, Gianluca, and Ignazio soon. We miss you so very much.

  8. Excellent post Mary, straight to our hearts & hopefully our guys, hope they read this blog

  9. The last line: from you pen may it be to their ears/eyes. Come back to us indeed. Thanks Mary

  10. Thanks for making me cry, Mary! (No, really, well said!) Yes, we miss them. But they’ll be back, because they miss us, too!

  11. Oh Mary. This is so beautiful. I have not had the privilege of attending a concert so must get my Il Volo fixes from YouTube and the few dvds that I have been able to get.
    The Grande Amore CD is so beautiful. I play it all the time. I also make sure I start and end my days with the YouTube video of it.
    My daughter finally saw the whole thing and pointed out that it is three scenes from classic movies. I knew there was a reason IBs part made my heart skip beats. I felt the same way when Patrick Swayse sat behind Demi Moore. I never saw the other two movies. I will just keep enjoying their music.
    Barb W also from Arizona.

  12. Mary, Nothing could be said better. I hope I get to see them once more before I kick off. Thanks Mary for your words. Hopefully the guys will read it. joanie G

  13. Ladies I just reread what Penina posted on March 25th of questions she wanted to ask the girls who made the video with the guys & if you want a good laugh go back & read what we said it is hilarious. Mary Bohling I didn’t realize you knew me so well. If our precious young men read those postings they will know how crazy we are & young at heart. In fact at the meet & greets they will be standing behind a 10 foot pole.
    I love he entertainment from this blog. The sense of humour that everyone has is precious. (Pirate your a treasure you always have some great ideas that you stumble over) funny & hilarious & I know you Marie. Your pretending you don’t want to look at #4 but you are peeking. These laughs are good for my constitution.

    1. I am so fortunate to have so much fun at this time of my life. I laugh here all the time. Thanks to all of you! Even with you Loretta (the other woman). Yeah, I looked at #4 again. It was still hot!

      I would love to be within a 10 foot pole range!

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