39 Reasons Why Italy Is Actually The Worst

Our ever alert Ann (anncruise) found these jewels.

I hope you people, who are going to Italy in May, feel a bunch of guilt for leaving the rest of us behind! We don’t really care though because…

39 reasons

For the other 38 reasons CLICK HERE  http://www.buzzfeed.com/marietelling/39-reasons-why-italy-is-actually-the-worst#.mlZoylVap


OK, I lied….

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20 thoughts on “39 Reasons Why Italy Is Actually The Worst”

  1. Fantastic pictures. Thanks for sharing. Wish I could go. I have been thinking of getting one of my daughters and going to see by birth country Lithuania and stopping in Italy. Not sure my old bones would handle the trip but thinking,Europe is like the States you can go from country to country pretty fast. When we were stationed in Bad Kreuznach, Germany we drove to Italy and several other countries. All of Europe is beautiful and full of history. If someone is going to Vienna they will love the city. #4 Mi piaci molto (I really like you) from my 100 ‘I love you” list.

  2. Ew Marie !!!! Just horrible !!! Ugly vistas !! Horrible food !!! Ugh !!! I can’t wait to experience that awful country next month !!!! Feeling no guilt at all !!!!
    Seriously Marie — your creativity always amazes me and these are the most gorgeous photos of Italy I have ever seen !!!
    I feel very fortunate to be able to go to Italy next month. I only wish everyone of you could go too. It will be memorable !! Unfortunately I don’t think the boys will be there. They will most probably be in Vienna for Eurovision. I’ll ask them about that when I see them in Miami in a couple of weeks !!!! And hug and kiss them too !!! ( now I feel a little bit guilty-but not too much !!).

  3. I went to Italy in 2003 as my 50th birthday present. Best present EVER! Only problem is that it was the hottest summer in four centuries while I was there. I went by myself and I was probably alone for all of five minutes once I got on the tour….then when they found out what I did for a living I became like an unofficial historian tour guide! I fell in love with Italy. I want to go again. Seeing Il VOLO in Italy would be the BEST!

    1. Then you need to go again in cooler weather, Pirate. This time take me with you! Maybe we could visit an Il Volo or two. Finding Gianluca’s house would be too easy. Bet I could nose out someone’s new apartment though. I’m sure if we knock on his door we would be invited in to play Xbox then stay for dinner..meet the parents…move in with them…get a job…buy a villa…Have them all over for Sunday dinner… Maybe I’ve gone to far. Maybe that’s the reason my family worries about me.

  4. Marie & Ann, thank you so much!!! The photos are absolutely beautiful!!! Of course the pics just make me want to be there!! Joanie if you are going to bring back one boy just bring all three! There will be someone who can keep GG & Piero occupied!!!

  5. Ann, set a place for me on that balcony overlooking the bay. Raise a glass for me of the wonderful Italian wine. I tasted some at the Olive Garden and bought the whole bottle. Hugs. JoanieG

    1. Your welcome Flight Crew. Anything to keep us warm all year long without Our Boys! We’ll help them out and go there and save them a trip! I’ll help Gianluca’s mom make dinner and we can have Piero and Ignacio there too. Gian’s house is pretty big.

      1. No problem Marie. You’ve got it. I just want to help my future mother-in-law and see what Gianluca likes. haha

  6. All of you guys are hilarious. No wonder people think we are off our rockers. Love you all. Did I mention Gianluca is mine? Well he is. Went to Italy in 2008 and toured Pompeii, Rome, Florence and Amalfi. It was magnificent.

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