“MUSIC NOTES” ~ By me this time!

Here is my unprofessional, unknowledgeable review of how Il Volo works:

(Don’t look Myron!)RSCN1013 - nameFirst, Gianluca opens a song, any song, and lulls you in with his beautiful baritone. That old, smooth, romantic soul sets you up to grab the nearest person and kiss them on the neck (if you live alone a kiss on your dogs nose kinda works). By-the-way, He’s the best singer of the three.

RSCN1000 - name

Now, here comes Piero. Even this novice can hear those open vowels and those long notes that come out of that young man. I am in awe! You have to just freeze in place to assure yourself that you won’t miss a single one of those incredible vowels! By-the-way, He’s the best singer of the three.


Then BOOM Ignazio! That high energy, edgy tenor pops in as a surprise and not only raises the pitch, but pulls you right off the ground! Heart pounding! And Jeanine, his grunts and growls are back! Boy is going all jazzy lately too. By-the-way, He is…well…you know.

RSCN1008 cropped name

Then all three come together and OMG it’s life changing! (Can you see how slyly they brought you to this point?) Personally, it takes me to a place where I don’t know if I can take anymore, but wouldn’t stop listening if my heart burst or my ears fell off! I just figure that it’s as close to heaven as some of us are gonna get. By-the-way, They are the best Cantanti in the world!

I may not be able to fold a fitted sheet after all these years of trying or pull out just one baggie from the box without stuffing three back in, and I sure don’t know music like Myron, but I know what I like…  THESE GUYS!!

(Myron, I told you not to look and stop rolling your eyes!)


47 thoughts on ““MUSIC NOTES” ~ By me this time!”

  1. Yes Marie, I agree, Gianluca is the best singer of the three, Piero is the best singer of the three, and Ignazio is the best singer of the three!! 😂 Such fun!

    1. Marie, this is PERFECT!!’
      Gianluca IS the best singer!
      Piero IS the best singer!
      Ignazio IS the best singer!
      Could not have expressed it better myself!

  2. I agree too! Marie, this is so fantastic it should be on our permanent website! I should have this on a plaque next to my picture with them in Elgin!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with you, Marie!! Each is the best & together they are an Angel Trio!!! You have such a gift with words!! I love everything you post!!! These charmers take me out of this world each time I hear them!!! They are singing Ancora now & I have goose bumps & chills running up & down my spine!!! I certainly have a bad case of IlVolovitis!!! They are coming to the humming, I love it!!! Just love them!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Marie, what a great post! You DO have a way with words as the other girls have said. Hope to meet you in person some day at one of the concerts.

  5. Marie, you must be a mind reader!!! I feel the same way about these amazing young men!
    Thank you SOOO much for putting into words how we all feel!

  6. OH Marie,
    You are giving Myron some real competition here… I know for a fact that he has never written his Musical notes quite like this… What I find interesting is that you got the facts exactly right…
    Gianluca is the best singer
    Piero is the best singer
    Ignazio is the best singer
    And the are the best in the world… Facts are facts…

    I looked up and saw how I started this post… “OH MARIE ”
    I cannot resist, so this is for you!

    1. Marie, stupendi!
      That’s you, and all 3 best of the best cantanti!

      Jeannette, what a treat you shared with Marie and all of us!

      Miles of smiles (and yes, lovin’ Ignazio’s growls),
      ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

  7. Once again, Marie has outdone herself. 🙂 Geez, I think you are about the smartest lady I know in that you know everything we think at any given moment and can write it out so perfectly!! You are a mind reader…a genuine genie!!! And I’m so glad to have met you and can’t wait for you to come and have some fun with us again!!! 🙂 Love the Dean Martin song, Jeannette!!!

  8. Did you all vote for the Eurvision Top Male Model??? Gian needs our votes. He is in second place, but first place (Lithuania, I think ) has tons of votes!

    1. This is the link to vote

      Gianluca was in first place since the begining of the poll, but in the last two days Lithuanian Vaidas had more than 15k votes.
      There are people saying that lithuanian news website is promoting this poll thing, that´s why a lot of lithuanians are voting for Vaidas.
      This contest is unofficial, so just for fun let´s make Gianluca win.
      * Ignazio is the third and Piero the fifth.

      1. YES YES PLEASE HELP US EUROPEANS VOTE FOR GIANLUCA !! as Lithuania seemed to have taken over the site in just a few minutes !!

  9. My #5 of the 100 “I love You” list is for the boys. “Ti adoro” (I adore you). Marie I also learned how to say ‘cute”. BELLINO.

  10. Myron has to love this Marie !! I certainly do !!! What more is there to say —- the Best,the Best and the Best in the whole wide world !!!! There is no one vocally or in any other way like Gianluca.Ignazio and Piero and there never will be again—Ever !!!!

  11. As I listen to the guys, as each one sings his part I think be is the best then the next and so on. And when all three sing together, it is another world of pleasure. PS my family thinks I’m nuts. WHAT EVER!!!! It’s a happy place.
    Arb W

  12. Marie, that was a perfect definition of our guys. I was about to do battle with you when you said Gianluca was the best singer. But then I read the rest, and saw that you said each of them was the best singer. I agree with you 100%. And not many of us have been sung to by Dean Martin!

  13. Marie, NO ONE could have said it any better. I have never felt like this about ANYBODY! Who else would I get a Plane ticket To Italy for??? My Family, My Friends think I am Possessed, Obsessed, well you know …but I don’t care. Eurovision is in for the BEST thing that they have ever heard.

    1. Hey donnay, I get the same thing from my sisters. Both were with me to IL VOLO concert on 8/27/13 and also during the M&G. They were blown away by the guys but they say I’m too crazy and obsessed by the way I talk about them all the time and how I follow everything they do. Also, sending videos to everyone. I’m just so proud of them as if they were my grandkids. Thanks Marie. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I adore these 3 beautiful guys.

  14. Thank you all so much! What fun it is to write for you what we all feel. Here is where we hide from family who look at us and cock their heads. I am with my own kind. I know I’m Obsessed/possessed, but so are you Prese and Donna and Allene and Joanie and Mary and Ann and…

  15. When you said Gianluca was the best singer in the world I was thinking “how can you say that, its PIero….WAIT…She didn’t name Ignazio first!’…and then it became crystal clear. They are the BEST in the WORRRRRRRRLD. My family, friends and work partners all think I have lost my mind for them. I admit it, I have. I told someone at work that I had no plans for my four weeks of vacation this year but what THEY didn’t hear was me saying ” I don’t have any place to go see IL VOLO this year” The Flight Crew is my refuge, my port in the storm of “normal” life So thanks again Marie!

    1. Pirate, I also have not made any vacation plans yet, just waiting for announcement from Il Volo when and where they will be in the U.S. this year. Family and friends are so annoyed with me ’cause I’m making them wait to make plans, too! 🙂

      1. Oh Gal’s! Same here…annoyed family. Third year in a row too! They’re getting use to it. Every year the Boys schedule for US/Canada is made later. Nothing to do but wait.

        Don’t I sound like someone who is patient? Nope…just sound that way!

  16. You could not have described them any better !! it is exactly how i feel when i hear them sing !! well i am sure we all feel that way, by the way i am from Malta which is in the Mediterranean sea very close to Sicily and will be going up to beautiful Taormina for their concert there and first time to be able to hear time singing live ! followed them at sanremo and looking forward to seeing them in the Eurovision in Vienna – please do encourage all your friends and family who live in Europe and Australia ( as this year Australia is also taking part , to vote for IL VOLO as it is a very tough competition and IL VOLO needs all our votes. Hopefully Malta will give its 12 points to Italy / Il Volo as Malta is also taking part in the Eurovision so we too can vote well i will be doing so for sure 🙂 keep those posts coming really enjoying reading them and thank you IL VOLO for coming into my world !!

    1. Welcome Christine! Know that we will do all we can in our part of the world. If you can think of anything else we can do to promote the Eurovision win, along with contacting friends in those participating countries, let us know! We’re in 100%!!!

      1. I wanted to say thank you to the persoh who posted this video (Youtube Il Volo a Le Zagare-2 Marzo 2015) and now I can’t find it again….anyway, Thank you for guiding us to this video. The sound track is a wonderful background for watching the guys interacting with the fans. Such a treat to see how patient and sincere they are with each and every one as they come up to get their kiss, hug, and autograph. Even after countless embraces and puckers they maintain their sweetness and warmth.

        Thanks, too, to you Marie for your critique. The miracle is that they were discovered at the same time and someone had the insight to put them together to produce that perfectly heavenly sound. I admire your impartiality considering that little voice inside of you was probably saying, “Ignazio rules!” Separately they are amazing–together the sound is what the angelic singing in heaven must be like. I trust that Myron, like the rest of us, is saying, “Kudos, Marie.”

  17. “Music Notes” ~ Dal cuore di una Donna. I love your version and I so hope that the Il Volo guys read it too! They are the biggest treasure in today’s music world.
    Marie please, never stop entertaining us with your amazing talent!
    And, OH Marie, no CD yet!!!!

  18. Marie,  You are absolutely RIGHT… They are “as close to heaven as some of us are gonna get”  Thanks, always enjoy your write ups.

  19. I agree They are the best singer of the three, truly three as one. Everyday I rediscover a “new” song, even though I’ve heard it a lot of times.

  20. Marie, I like this review very much, couldn’t agree more. I can’t listen enough to the new CD. They sound better than they did 2 years ago and I don’t know how possible this is when 2 years ago they were already perfect. Is there a thing as “more perfect” every time a new CD comes out ? I enjoy your poetry and whatever it is you write about. Please keep writing, thank you.
    By the way does anybody know if the guys are no longer working with Humberto Gatica and Tony Renis ? I don’t see their names in the new CD.

    1. Torpedine, their manager, recently said there had been a parting of ways with those two. Something else along the line of “interests and egos”. Sad to hear it but its their loss!

      1. Well, honestly, early on I saw the ego situation with T.R.
        I don’t know about Gatica. I do know that, in my opinion, he’s the best mixer / sound engineer, and he never would have mixed songs with moments where the instrumentation overplays the Guys’ voices. Losing HG’s expertise is, to me, a real loss. I wish that element were repairable with humility, expertise, and respect coalescing.

        I do trust in angelic forces supporting Our Guys, so if this is how it will be, perhaps a new sound engineer / mixer will step up to a new level of expertise. You can learn more about who has worked with which artists by going to allmusic.com

        Celebrating IL VOLO and all the best for Gianluca, Ignazio, and Piero!
        ~ Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

      2. Gianluca had mentioned that they have had no contact with Tony Renis for two years, and that was when they were still with Interscope. I wonderful if Renis and Gatica were upset with ll Volo signing on with Sony Records instead of staying with Interscope Records. My opinion is Interscope did very little to promote the guys.

  21. Pirate, Jeanine, thanks for the info. I’m sad to hear this. I hope the separation was amicable. I’m grateful to them for bringing Il Volo to our side of the world. Yes, Jeanine a good mixer is very important.
    I think that the percussions in Grande Amore are too loud. I’m no expert and maybe this is how it is supposed to sound., however the voices are great . Thanks again.

  22. Victoria, I agree with the too heavy percussion. Bothered me at first now I’m ok with it. Of course, I’m pretty much ok with anything they do!

  23. Jeanne Thomas I have to agree with you. Interscope did scant little in terms of promotion in my small opinion. Now if only Sony gets it together and produces the “other” CD we are waiting for…this time one with more than 7 songs and no repeats. A full CD…. yeah I said it, What do you expect of a pirate? We can be greedy!

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