Italian, the Il Volo Way – Lesson 1, Part 2

Teach Italy.jpg final one ~JanaLesson 1 – Part 2

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Class, for part 2 of your first lesson, I leave you with a video of “us” teaching a little Italian to Min. This video is from a few years ago. Listen to the pronunciations of our names and other words. Listen for the consonants…


 For your next lesson, we will go over some verbs and new vocabulary.

 Vostro Professore, Ignazio! (your professor)

13 thoughts on “Italian, the Il Volo Way – Lesson 1, Part 2”

  1. I just received my cd Sanremo Grande Amore, and it is everything I could hope for. They just keep getting better all the time. Love it!

  2. hello all!! I think my Lesson 1 was accidentally overwritten when I submitted Part 2. Lesson 1, part 1, was just uploaded! Grazie to Kelly!

  3. Thank you so much, Jana. This is going to be so fun. What a great idea. Thank you again!! 🇮🇹🎼💗

  4. Would be nice if I could try out my pronunciation on Ignazio. I will now listen more closely when they talk on the videos and RA1 shows. I missed the English grammar when I came to US since I went to 11th grade and when I went to college they sent me to take an “English for foreigners”. Wish they would teach Italian in one of the Colleges here. THANKS FOR GIVING US THIS OPPORTUNITY to learn and give us a push to check out other areas. I went on the internet and by accident found this site that will send you e-mails, for free, with lessons. That is were I got my 100 ways to say “I love you” in Italian. I told Marie that I am so happy to have found this site and all you ladies to learn and share.

    1. Gina – you will have to share that site about 100 ways to say I love you in Italian?? Sounds interesting!? So, how are their lessons? I’m curious…

      1. Jana, the site is Italian
        They are places to sign up for free e-mails. I have enjoyed his comments and some stories by others and Italian lessons thrown in.
        If you ever want to “evil eye” someone you say malochio. Funny story about some travelers in Sicily.

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