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Fun Tidbits From Ann (anncruise):

The Italian-American page
The Italian-American page

Who would like to join me?

The Italian-American Page
The Italian-American Page

Good Morning From the Trevi Fountain in Rome

The italian-American Page
The italian-American Page

Italy from space …………..Priceless

ann - keep warm...

Gianluca? Ignazio? Piero? Are one of you available?

ann - kurt v

This one, because I love it! ~M

Ten things we love about italy

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Thank You Ann for these!

27 thoughts on “Something Else Italian”

    1. Can any of you Italian speaking women help me translate a word: I found it when looking for English translations of the songs in the album. I can’t find it in any dictionaries, or on Google. The word is rispoglio, and it’s in Ancora. Anybody?

      1. Mary, I did a bit of searching around for that back when I got my CD. I decided that the ri at the beginning was a prefix–like re-read, re-do something. Then it became a question of looking upthe rest of it, and finally –I am not Italian–I came to the conclusion that it means he got undressed. He got dressed, and then undressed–poor guy doesnt know what to do with himself! If anyone knows what it really is or whether I guessed right, please tell us!

      2. I have an Italian lady friend in Florida and she needs to know the whole sentence of “Ancora” to give a fulll translation. Where can I get th words to Ancora?

      3. Just google “lyrics to song Ancora” and see what comes up. or use that site Jana mentioned I have them if you want me to email them to you–you can get my email from Marie.

      4. Couldnt get the words to Ancora but here is what she said.
        SPOGLIO used as a verb to undress or bare. RI ( before spoglio) means AGAIN , it may be used a an idiomatic expression thai im not familiar with and cannot be translated word per word, how is it used in a sentence ?
        So I guess it does mean to undress.

      5. That’s how I figured it! It makes sense–the lyrics are telling a story of a guy who is so upset and disturbed he can’t sleep, he gets dressed, changes his mind and gets undressed, etc. Glad to see my detective skills are still working! 🙂
        If you want the lyrics just email me–I have a translation also.

  1. there is an extremely interesting post by Jim Douglas on “All Things Il Volo” about the booking agency for Il Volo and how things work like hiring and fees etc. he has put the connection for the agency. I think everyone would be very interested. Incidentally, Jim has just started posting on “All Things Il Volo” and his posts are very interesting. one of the things he said that I thought was very novel(Marie note!), He said that he spent a lot of time trying to figure out how they were able to tuck their angel wings under their jackets so well that nobody could see them!

  2. Deanne and Marie, don’t you know? Angel can make their wings invisible to mere mortals! We can hear the swoosh and feel the breeze, and that’s that!!

  3. Well this was just a delightful post and video to wake up to this cold Tuesday morning. Now I shall go to my boring staff meeting and hear a little Italian folk song in my head while I smile to myself about certain angels and their wings.

  4. Loved this post. when do we go? Everything about Italy seems magic including our boys. Joanie G

  5. Thank you Ann for the tidbits. I liked the “Keep warm and cuddle with
    an Italian” especially. Is there somewhere we should be voting?

  6. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! I just loved this post and all the comments. Where do I sign up to go to Italy to bring back a certain Italian singer to cuddle with me?

  7. Love postings of Italy and their traditions. Thanks. In one of my FREE e-mails I received from the “Learn Italian” site there was a story about some people traveling and their experiences. “The cannolo–she is Sicilian” was one part. The original version is hard to do (or time consuming) so I checked and found an easy way “Cannoli Poke Cake”. I am going to have one of my cooking family members make it. If interested just go on internet and put in “Cannoli Poke Cake”. Good to know in case there was a chance to run into Ignazio and Piero.

  8. I love the video, it makes me feel Italian and want to be in Italy. I think they know how to live life not like we do. I like all the yummy food that was shown. Thanks for the taste of Italy.

  9. I love all of this post, not the least of which is the Vonnegut quote. Well said! Grazie, Marie!

    1. Secretly Ruth…when I write something I always have doubts. With my finger on the “publish” button I remember that quote, and the “even a lousy poem” part, and push. Truly.

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