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Artists Acknowledge Il Volo As Serious Contenders

Mans Zelmerlow; Bing Images
Mans Zelmerlow; Bing Images

We know that Ilvolovers the world over recognize that our guys belong at Eurovision and that many artists and critics have been vocal with their opinions to the contrary.  We also know that The Guys are keeping said criticism in perspective, choosing to ignore it until it comes from some of the artists they have met and hold in highest regard.  But still, how nice it is to see some fellow artists giving Il Volo their due?

Mans Zelmerlow, representative for Sweden, is very excited to be representing his country and thinks that Eurovision 2015 is going to be a tough competition.  In the article below, it is noted that he specifically mentions Il Volo, saying that they will be equally tough to beat.

Mans Zelmerlow Speaks about Eurovision and Italy’s Chances ~~ All About Il Volo

And as you can see, Conchita Wurst, 2014 Eurovision Winner, agrees:

“In Sanremo I heard the flight [Il Volo], and I think ‘ Big Love ‘ [‘Grande Amore’] was an excellent choice; they may do very well.  Good luck Italy!” (translated by Bing)


 “Canzone per te”



The fourth single on the San Remo EP, “Canzone per te” has been released to Italian radio as the next single from the record.  I think we’ve all listened to the album enough that we know the song fairly well.  What are your thoughts on it?

New Single Released On April 3 ~~; All About Il Volo


“Is This Real?”

Bing Images
Bing Images


In an interview post on, Il Volo talks about their rise to fame and the aftermath of San Remo.  I can only imagine the changes in their lives — probably even more than they dared to dream as young boys six years ago!  We’re so proud of you guys!  Read the translation below, provided because of the hard work of our affiliate, AAIV.

Interview in La Stampa ~~translation by All About Il Volo

Original Article on La Stama Website;


Daniele Barraco;
Daniele Barraco;


Pre order the Eurovision 2015 Concert CD

If you are interested in having the Eurovision 2015 music as a keepsake, Pre-order the CD using the link below.  The price is listed in Euros, so please keep that in mind when figuring out your cost.

Bing Images
Bing Images

Pre Order the CD from the Eurovision Shop

(All About Il Volo; Il Volo Links and News for April 4, 2015 )


 Soccer For Charity

Bing Images
Bing Images


On May 4, Il Volo will be playing in a charity Soccer Tournament.  The fundraising will go, in part, to cancer research, and will be televised in Italy.  They are hoping to exceed goals set in the past, and I heartily wish them well!

Translated Web Page for Fondazione e Listituto di Condiolo

 Il Volo to Play for Partita del Cuore~~ All About Il Volo


Gianluca Visits More Children

All Things Il Volo
All Things Il Volo

On April 1, Gianluca visited the children of Associazione Genitori Bambini Emopatici, an organization for parents dedicated to the support of their children diagnosed with various blood diseases.

(All About Il Volo; Gianluca Visits AGBE Onlus Pescara).  I could imagine, before I read the article, how much his being there meant to them and how much inspiration he gave, and I was not at all surprised to read some of the following quotes:

Massimo Parenti, president of the AGBE said: “A clean face, a serene guy that, despite the stratospheric success, he keeps his feet on the ground. Humble, modest, at times shy and excited in front of children… It is not everyday a meeting so pleasant. Thank you, Gianluca.”   (from All About Il Volo;  Gianluca Ginoble At AGBE Onlus Pescara )

In life we need to fight to make a dream come true, you did it and succeed. We fight for our lives and perhaps one day we can make a dream come true and flight to the success. The boys and girls of AGBE wish you can continue to flight  (translated by All About Il Volo, Il Volo Links and News for April 3rd; [photo gallery included])

The Children Sing “Grande Amore”

You can learn more about AGBE at their official website here:  Translated AGBE Homepage .

AGBE logo; Bing Images
AGBE logo; Bing Images


 Hints of What’s Next



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  1. If they are going to Miami I wonder if they might get to sing “Conzone per te” in honor of Roberto Carlos. Like they did at the awards for Jose Jose. They supposedly made a video of this song and might release then too.? I hope they only sing at half time at the soccer game and not play. They can not afford to get hurt. The grandmother worrying. I have never been one for dangerous endeavors. Wish them the best at whatever they are going to do in the next few months.

  2. This is slightly off subject, but I’ll forge on anyway! I’m sure that others share my question – what movies were being represented in the Grande Amore video? I know two of them, but not the third one. Anyone?

    1. Which of the guys are you wondering about? I believe they are, “Ghost,” “Back To The Future,” and “Spiderman.”

      1. Thanks, Kelly. I was sure about “Spiderman” (that was easy). A friend recognized “Ghost”. But I was baffled by “Back to the Future”. Still am. (Now I’m going to have to find that movie and watch!) Thought it looked more like a “James Bond” scene! Shows you how much I pay attention to movies, huh? Thanks for your help! Go Il Volo!

  3. The theme song from the movie Ghost is one of my favorites. I think the guys would do it justice to sing it. How about it? Joanie G

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