Il Volo Professional ~~ Spring in New York

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The Guys have hit New York with their Zio Bruno, taping segments for a special airing of Porta a Porta to air in June.  There is soooo much to see and to listen to and to talk about, so jump on in and enjoy!

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Perhaps we see where Gianluca gets his love for the art of photography….


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Il Volo in NYC

by Jeannette



Il Volo and the Il Volo Management Team has been in NYC to honor Zio Bruno and to also be on his TV program that will air in June…

Il Volo shows so much respect and gratitude to Bruno Vespa, Antonella Clerici and Massimo Giletti … These are the people who helped them each step of the way to their success…Yes, their Management Team set up the interviews and negotiated for them to be on their shows… But it is the honest love and respect that all three young men of Il Volo show to them that we know is not demanded of them by their management team, but is coming truly from their hearts…

Il Volo is so much more than three young men with great voices… They are three young men that show the young people of their generation, that you can be respectful and still be charming… You can be charming without being vulgar… You can show genuine love to your fans rather than expect your fans to just love you without giving back…

Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca give back to the people who put them on top of the charts… They give love, respect and their presence when asked by Zio Bruno, Zia Antonella and Massimo… They give back to us fans every single day, with pictures, videos and tweets, sharing moments of their lives with us so that we can feel like part of the family and friends…
They have so much love to share with the world and for that reason, the world loves IL VOLO…

I also would like to give an honorable mention to their Managers Michele Torpedine and Barbara Vitali for their mentoring and loving support to Il Volo, not just their expertise in managing them… They are family to these three young men not just managers… The Il Volo management team is a family to Il Volo not only when on the road but at home as well…So this goes to the Il Volo Management team, including everyone behind the scenes as well…Thank you all …


17 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional ~~ Spring in New York”

  1. Wonderful article. Loved every sentence and photo. So fun to stay in touch with all they do and where they go. Thank you Flight Crew team for doing such an outstanding job of keeping us informed!!

  2. Thanks for all your writing talent. You do such a good job of keeping us informed. Now the guys are off to Madrid. Gad, what travelers. Joanie G

  3. I feel like an armchair traveler watching all the places our boys – just can’t seem to quit calling them boys – have been going to these days. Just loved having them on US soil if only for a short time, and hope that we WILL have them back sometime this year. Thank you Jeanette, for a wonderful article and pictures of Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca in NYC.

  4. Nice pictures Kelly. Setting my house on fire now! I’ll try anything!

    Great news from AAIV ( We are lucky to have them as an affiliate. Always up-to-the-minute news. In fact, too up-to-the-minute. I believe one of the below is true:
    1) Il Volo reads AAIV in the morning to find out where they’re going. or
    2) Mari Russu is a tiny fairy who rides around in Gianluca’s pocket.

    Jeannette, your usual awesome take on the Boys. Your N.Y. piece was awesome. Have I told you you were awesome?

    1. Thank you very much Marie, that is very kind of you… This is just the very best place to be to share my love for Il Volo with all who love them as much as I do… So writing about them is just me relating to all of you the love and joy I feel since Il Volo entered my life… Having y’all enjoy it is such a gift that it makes my day worth while…

  5. Thank you, Flight Crew for all your hard, but enjoyable, work you do and share with us about our precious ‘boys’ . Their travels take them all over the world spreading their joy of beautiful music with adoring fans. May I also say to Jeannette, you always express SO well our deep feelings for Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero, thank you, thank you. So sweet to express thanks and recognition to the entire management team/family of Il Volo!!!!! I hope the boys and their families take a look at this wonderful, supportive group. Grazie!!! ♥♥♥

    1. Thank You Harriett, I am glad you enjoyed it…
      I wish I could get the message to all of them, of how much we appreciate the love and support they give our three guys… That recognition is well deserved…

  6. Yes Harriet I also hope that the Il Volo guys, management & family read how our guys are supported with love & encouragement for whatever they want to do or are planning. There is no other better Il Volo site than this one. Always up to date, spontaneous & willing to go the extra mile. Our guys deserve only the best & that’s what we are.

  7. Great work! I must say I have some envy that all this news is getting out and I only now hear of it. Out of the loop, I guess. Glad they are doing something in New York but the TV work is not aimed at the USA audience if I follow correctly.

    1. I am sorry Myron, I will have to do a better job of keeping you informed… I cannot have you being LOOPLESS…LOL
      I keep thinking you are the one with all the information … I think I can handle this task rather easily… We need you back in the loop my friend…

  8. I wish they would have taken time to expose their new songs on American TV like Today Show and others. They have been off of American TV for over a year and half.

  9. Thanks Jeannette for bringing such a nice article about Il Volo, family and loyalty.
    One of the reasons I love the boys is because I am traveling with them thru their journey and by doing that it brings back many memories I had ‘shelved” in the forgotten closet. Statue of Liberty reminded me of our entrance into NY Harbor in 1950. We had one week in Brooklyn with friends who came before us and then on to Cleveland, Oh and our sponsors. Later in the 50’s and 60″s I made several trips to NY. It was a different City but landmarks are still the same with some new ones added. Marie can not have the “Fireman” all to herself. Sharing is a virtue.

    1. Kelly you just outdid yourself in putting Il Volo’s visit to NYC together… What a great job of moments and pictures to document each exciting thing that they did while they were here… I want to thank you for adding my little contribution to the article… You did an outstanding job and I want to thank you for that…

      Also thanks to all of the flight crew team, you work hard every day to get news out and fun stories to keep us all entertained.. Thank you and a big hug from this Ole Italian… You know how us Italians love to give hugs… So here’s a big one for all of you…

    2. Thank you Gina, I am glad it brought back some good memories for you… You did the same for me…
      My Father came through Ellis Island with my grandparents and two baby sisters back in 1920… I was born in Brooklyn and saw the Statue of Liberty from afar in the many times my mother took me on the ferry… We moved to Ca. when I was six so I did not see many landmarks in NYC until I was an adult…
      I love NYC, and have been there many times… I took the all day bus tour so I could see the sights and the history of NYC… On one of these tours I went to the stature of Liberty and to Ellis Island for my father’s 80th Birthday… I had his story of our family put in the record books with his own words describing the heartaches of the trip to America in steerage, and then the wonderment and thrill of seeing the Statue of Liberty for the first time and he knew his life in America would be better than he even dreamed of when he first stepped on the ship in Naples Italy, where his parents had told him they were taking him and his sister to America for a better life…

  10. Thank you so much for this one since NYC is my hometown. I was actually in New York this past week visiting my family after not being there for many months. It was perfect spring weather. But once again, I missed the guys. Literally. I was every place they were on Thursday and did not see them! Even walking along Central Park. ARRGH.

    Like Myron, I wish they had done a TV segment. i-Italy is great and was started out of the Italian-American Institute of the City University of New York (both my sisters work for CUNY and my brother and I are graduates). I am sure they will do a piece, but it’s not the same as the network morning shows.

    I discovered Il Volo on Good Morning America. This amazing kid (Gianluca) opened his mouth singing ” O Sole Mio”, then another amazing kid (Piero) and then a third amazing kid (Ignazio.) A fan was born. But I don’t need to tell you…

  11. Thank you Kelly and Jeannette for these wonderful photos and article. When I discovered Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero on the Take Flight PBS special my life changed forever !! And when I discovered the Flight Crew my life changed once again. All of this change was for the better and has filled my heart with more love then I could ever have imagined. I love our very special guys and I love my Flight Crew Family for always sharing and understanding this special love with me and each other. Just know that your very hard and time consuming work is so very much appreciated and never taken for granted.

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